1200 Sq Ft Restaurant Design

1200 Sq Ft Restaurant Design – Tucson, Arizona, is an affordable city with many attractive sites. Its sunny skies, warm weather and safe communities attract young families and retirees alike. Additionally, Tucson has a healthy job market, attracting young professionals looking for greener pastures. The city also offers a popular culinary scene. There are many great dining options and restaurants in Downtown Tucson. If you’re thinking about getting into the restaurant business in Tucson, Arizona, check out the list below for the top seven restaurant contractors working in the area.

Founded in 2004, Barker Contracting is an award-winning Tucson-based commercial contracting firm specializing in construction services, helping Arizona clients realize savings on their projects. The company was founded out of a commitment to value engineering at the forefront of projects. It also strives to build sustainable business relationships with diverse clients. For 18 years, Barker Contracting has positioned itself as a leader in providing design and construction services.

1200 Sq Ft Restaurant Design

It hires experienced professionals and works in a variety of fields, including education, healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants and retail. The team is led by Brian Barker, who has extensive experience of 35 years in construction. He is past board president of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Arizona Builders Alliance.

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LGE Design & Build is a full-service commercial general contracting firm with nearly three decades of experience in industrial, office, restaurant/retail, mixed-use, education, medical and adaptive reuse/TI design projects. Since its founding in 1994, the company has aimed to simplify its processes by using a “single source” method that manages planning, specifications, rights and construction under one roof. LGE has offices in Phoenix and Dallas, allowing them to offer their services throughout the Southwest.

Over the years, LGE Design Build has developed more than 1,200 projects totaling more than 28 million square feet. What started as a small general contractor in Phoenix has grown 315% in the past five years and has a current portfolio of projects totaling approximately $1.8 billion. This past year they received a Red Award for General Contractor of the Year from AZ Big Media, who also named them Best Retail Project of 2018 for their Whiskey Row restaurant project in Gilbert, Arizona. Includes media showing the best of the company’s work

Founded in 2012, Grill Construction is Southern Arizona’s preferred general contractor for residential and commercial construction and development needs. It specializes in retail, restaurant, residential, civic and educational projects, building quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. For over a decade, Grill Construction has positioned itself as an expert in utilizing its clients’ spaces to provide maximum value. The company is committed to continuity, regardless of the size of the project and the scope of the work.

Donna Smith is in charge of building a grill. Its proven track record over the years in value-oriented design and delivery ensures clients that their projects will be delivered with exceptional results. The company is licensed, insured and guaranteed, protecting customers after the completion of the project.

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Finally, the company is a LEAD EPA Safe Contractor and a member of the Better Business Bureau. In 2016, she was recognized as a finalist in the ethics award – Ethics Lapid of BBB.

Founded in 1979, Hidden Hollow Construction is a restaurant design and construction specialist based in Tucson, Arizona. In addition to restaurant planning and construction, the company provides general contracting, restaurant improvement, kitchen design and installation, and covert green practices. She is keen to support clients in all aspects of their projects, from site selection to interior design. For nearly 43 years, Hidden Hollow Construction has worked side by side with its customers, ensuring all their needs, while providing sound advice and a variety of alternatives to help them save money.

Ted Curtis is the principal of Secret Hollow Construction. The company proudly holds one of the oldest contracting licenses in the country; It has a strong reputation. The company hires competitive designers, architects and construction professionals and collaborates with the best subcontractors committed to meeting the customer’s schedules, schedules and standards.

Word Building Corporation is a family owned business specializing in retail and restaurant projects with national brand management. It has been serving the Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Colorado markets for more than three decades. On-time project delivery, budget-friendly services and quality projects have allowed Ward to acquire many clients from the restaurant industry, including Dutch Brews, Ono Hawaiian BBQ, Habit Burger, Salad & Go, Cafe Rio, Original Chop Shop, MOD Pizza. , Babbo Italian Eatery, Superstition Meadery, Einstein’s Bagels, Dunkin Donuts and more. In addition, it continuously strives to provide a unique, enjoyable construction experience while meeting the specific needs of the customers. Word Building Corporation is the #1 QSR General Contractor in Arizona. Word Building Corporation also provides national brand management for many regional and national brands and currently manages brand building for over 40 sites in 5 different countries.

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The company sees its employees as the stable backbone of the company. The team consists of professionals with extensive experience in the construction industry. All employees at Word Building Corporation share the same dedication to completing demanding projects and managing complex construction with professionalism as the company’s owners, the Goforth family.

Pate Contractors, LLC is a full-service commercial general contractor established in 2014. It provides pre-construction, general contracting and design-build services and specializes in restaurants, automotive, banking, hospitality, industrial, medical, office and entertainment. Religious and retail projects. For eight years, the company has served Tucson and Southern Arizona with a commitment to excellence. She works with integrity, honesty and responsibility, with the goal of exceeding the client’s expectations in all aspects of her work.

The team consists of talented professionals who skillfully provide unique solutions. Pitt contractors also strive to complete projects on time, within the client’s schedules, and always at the highest level of quality. Natalie Erzaga and Tim Pitt own and lead the company. Both have 25 years of expertise in commercial buildings, proud of the company’s excellent capabilities and proven integrity. In 2019, 2020 and 2021, the company was selected as a finalist in the Contractor of the Year award by the Corner Building Foundation.

For 63 years, Keller Design & Construction has been the general contractor of choice for clients in Southern Arizona. The company led the construction industry, providing design, construction and renovation services for a variety of facilities, including in the education, finance, restaurant, worship, government and industrial sectors. Since its founding in 1959, Keller Design & Construction has built hundreds of projects in Southern Arizona supporting client needs from initial project concept to client occupancy.

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With over six decades of experience, the company understands that its employees and partners play an important role in any successful project. Therefore, the company hires experienced project managers, architects and subcontractors to deliver projects that clients are proud of. Rob Keller leads Keller Design and Construction. He serves as the company’s president, and has 40 years of expertise in the field of commercial buildings. If a guest walks into the kitchen at Talula’s Table, a 12-person dining room in Chester County, Pennsylvania, owner Amy Oleksy might put them to work. “It’s not unusual for someone to want to photograph a dish in the making rather than a finished dish,” he says. “But if they’re in the kitchen, they’re in one of the few places where a chef can stop. So maybe we’ll ask them to decorate a plate, or hold a pot, or cook risotto.”

At less than 1,000 square feet, the size of any Tallulah operation, there’s no room for error. The dishes don’t leave, candles can’t get too close to the guests’ flowing clothes. Everything must be made to work like a well-oiled machine. Prep counters are placed next to the table. The chefs have nowhere to stand, and the guests must learn to get along with their neighbors.

From a practical point of view, a small restaurant like Oleksy’s is also a smart restaurant. Also cleans servers, saving one owner from paying someone else. The chef also puts the toilet in the back of the laundry, saving money that could have been spent on laundry services. If the food is good enough to charge patrons a small amount of money, a small restaurant can make a profit with less risk than a large restaurant. The rent is cheap, the construction is cheap, and the return comes a little faster.

“The business model is great. You don’t spend money you don’t have,” says chef Naomi Pomeroy, of the 24-seat Best restaurant in Portland, Oregon. “I didn’t take a loan to set up this restaurant, and I own everything completely.” Nearly 10 years later, Pomeroy has proven himself to be both cautious and versatile. “In the beginning [saving money] was the whole point. We didn’t even have a dishwasher,” he says. It was so crazy.”

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