16 By 40 House Plan

16 By 40 House Plan – Need a good 16 x 40 house plan but still haven’t found it? We understand if you are frustrated. It is not easy to find a house design that perfectly fits our idea of ​​the ideal!

Designing this 2 bhk house plan is not a one step affair. It was a process where the first step was to understand people’s problems with floor plans and the next step was to get them.

16 By 40 House Plan

Bad structure with bad orientation is one of the few recurring problems. Disproportionate distribution of area between different spaces is another. Our goal was to provide a plan without such inconsistencies. That’s why a lot of research and time went into creating our house plan. Read the detailed description below.

House Plan For 40 X 70 Feet Plot Size 311 Square Yards (gaj)

Right at the entrance to the premises, there is a waiting room with dimensions of 7.9 x 6.8. The stairs are on the left. In no way does it disturb the atmosphere of the drawing and dining area. The kitchen, which is to the right and measures 7ft x 6ft, opens into the dining room. A window is planned to be installed on the front wall. Therefore, good ventilation would not be a problem. As for the food drawing set up that is 12’2ft. Bright is up front by the waiting room. Two windows are planned for each wall. Because of how huge this space is, you can use it as a living room and a dining room at the same time. It is possible to manage the seat settings for at least 10 people. And since the kitchen is also nearby, you can have a dining room set up right in front of it. You can also use the small passage that leads you to the rooms.

There are two bedrooms and one bathroom in this home plan. Both bedrooms are the same size, measuring 11 x 10 feet. A shared toilet is planned in the corner of the house. It is 7.7 feet by 4.9 feet. And it is at a comfortable distance not only from both bedrooms, but also from the living room and dining room. There is a 4.9 foot wide passage that takes you from the drawing area to the bedrooms. At the end of this passage is the bathroom. It was designed to ensure adequate distance between the kitchen and the bathroom. This is due to the fact that people often do not want to have their kitchen and bathroom close.

As for the passage, it is wide enough to be used as a cozy prayer space. And both bedrooms are spacious enough to accommodate not only standard-sized built-in wardrobes, but also other pieces of furniture. There are two windows in both bedrooms. You will not complain about the rooms being damp or smelly at any time of the year.

You can also look at house plans of different sizes, such as the 15 x 40 house plan, to get an idea of ​​room placement and orientation.

Modern Cabin House, 1 Bedroom, 16′ X 40′

Download the house plan PDF from here. And write if you have any questions or suggestions for us. Download now

We put a lot of time and effort into creating a house plan to help you decide on the type and design of home you want. The ventilation system planned in this house is exemplary and so is the orientation. The drawing room and its proximity to the kitchen will make meetings above your room even easier. Every aspect, no matter how small, is planned with utmost care. We hope it will suit your needs. You can also modify the plan. More than 60 cities in partnership. Czechia, Czechia, Czechia. You can see…

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File:third Floor Plan

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Buy 16×40 House Plan

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Sq. Ft House Plan Design

The app will provide a better user interface so users will have access to a variety of architectural and interior design ideas for their homes, according to a press release.

The floor plan can be adjusted according to the requirement to change the room features such as doors, windows and room size etc., taking into account the technical aspects.

Detailed drawings such as door-window, staircase, structure, electrical and plumbing etc. can be purchased which is mandatory for any structure to be followed on site.

A CAD file of the floor plan can be purchased with complete dimensions and furniture layout, which any engineer or architect can modify for further changes

House Plan 2bhk With Car Parking

This lovely escape bungalow has everything a summer house needs: benches in front of the living area, an open kitchen perfect for a flapjack breakfast and plenty of room for visitors. The kitchen island on the main floor offers bar seating for light dinners. The adjacent great room opens to the terrace through French doors. The guest room has a fully equipped shower. Step upstairs from the main room to your private gallery to appreciate the fresh breeze or walk up the stairs from the interior window. Another bedroom and full bath complete the level

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“Floor plan of this large 16′ x 40′ 1 bedroom 1 bath cabin home. This modern designed cabin house has an open floor plan with large windows, high ceiling, large living room and kitchen. With its wide sliding doors, it gives you the opportunity to have a bright interior and see fascinating views. When you purchase the product, it will provide you with complete architectural drawings of the building in PDF format.

• Size: 40′ L x 16′ W •

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