2 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Floor Plans

2 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Floor Plans – Designed by a single mother with long-term living in mind, this fully functional home has two enclosed bedrooms, all standard amenities and plenty of creative storage space. High ceilings and windows in the main living room make the home feel open and spacious. This tiny house is a great option for those who want to downsize but still want the option of privacy in their home. Notes from the designer

I can personally attest to the comfort this tiny house can provide to a family looking to downsize but want to offer their child(ren) their own space. After designing and building this small house, I lived in it comfortably for three years with my teenage daughter. He stayed with his friends, we had friends and family visit and stay overnight, and eventually my partner and his son would stay with us part time and even full time while we renovated our bag – that fixer upper. The feeling I always get when someone visits my tiny house is that it feels bigger than they think and they can easily see themselves living in it. Although I designed this space just for myself and my daughter, this house can sleep up to five or six people, making it a great choice for families, couples and individuals who intends to use it as a full-time residence, a vacation home, rental. , or guest house.

2 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels Floor Plans

Shalina’s 2-bedroom tiny house on wheels provides about 350 sq ft of usable space. Unique to this design are the two closed private bedrooms with stairs, standing room next to the loft bed and closing doors. Each bedroom can accommodate up to a queen-size mattress and has a closet, extra storage spaces, and lots of windows. Continuous fans and transom windows above the doors help circulate air from below into the rooms.

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The bathroom has a bathtub/shower, toilet, sink and laundry with washing machine and dryer. The kitchen has an apartment size, dishwasher, microwave and plenty of storage space. The fridge and roll-out chamber are built into the stairs, and additional storage bins fall between the ceiling beams.

The living room has 11 high ceilings, a standing desk for working from home, a fold-out dining table, room for bookshelves and storage cabinets, a bug- os size sofa, and lots of windows to bring in natural light. Shalina built this house knowing she had access to full hookups, but a composting toilet, freshwater tank, and solar panels could be added for off-grid functionality.

These plans were created to illustrate Shalina’s 2 Bedroom Tiny House design in a way that is easy to understand for DIYers and experienced builders alike, with 20 pages of detailed drawings, notes and references. photo.

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Free (or Very Cheap) Tiny House Plans

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“If I’m lucky enough to buy one one day, it’s one from these guys. Their designs are my favorite.”

FeaturedTHOW$39.00Salsa BoxThis is some text inside a div block. This is some text inside a div block.1189 sf (12’2″ x 7’4″)

FeaturedTHOW$199.00Terraform OneThis is some text inside a div block.This is some text inside a div block.11250 SF (8’6″ x 32″ x 13’6″)

Bedroom Small House Plans

FeaturedTHOW$379.00Sol HausThis is some text inside a div block.This is some text inside a div block.11140 SF plus 80sf loft (23’x8’6″) These small house plans were created to illustrating Shalina’s original tiny house design in a way that is easy to understand for DIY builders and experienced builders alike, with 20 pages of detailed drawings, notes and reference photos . The house was designed by graphic designer, Shalina Kell, for herself and her teenage daughter with long-term living in mind, with two enclosed bedrooms for privacy, a full kitchen and bathroom with all standard appliances and laundry facilities, and uses approx. every additional square inch of storage space. High ceilings and windows in the main living room make the room feel open and spacious.

Approximate specifications: 350 sq ft, 13′ 3″ length, 8′ 6″ width, 34′ 8″ height (without tongue/storage), 32′ trailer height

Plans will be provided as a digital PDF by download and NOT a hard copy. The purchase included permission to build a structure based on Shalina’s small house design. These plans are not for commercial use. If you are a contractor and would like to discuss using this design for your business, please contact Shalina

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Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft

This house was designed to fit the specifications of the trailer I purchased from Tiny House Basics. Josh was really helpful and explained all the technical terms and what I needed beyond my requirements. I ended up choosing a 32 x 8.5 foot trailer with three 7k axles. Remember that with this size and weight, you will need to hire someone with a Class A license and/or obtain a permit to move your tiny house. Check your local laws.

NOTE: If you choose to go with a different trailer than the one I purchased, you will need to make the necessary changes to the plans. Keep in mind the weight, height and width requirements. With experience designing, building, teaching workshops, and years of full-time tiny house living, I’m so excited to share all the tiny house tips I’ve learned with you! I offer my tiny house plans for sale, as well as a photo book that illustrates the entire construction process. For more information, please visit my FAQ page. I continue to blog about tiny houses (the joys and the challenges!) To receive exclusive content and special discounts just for tiny house plan subscribers, sign up HERE.

These award-winning tiny house plans include nearly 40 pages of detailed trailer specifications, diagrams, floor plans, blueprints, photos, and building materials lists. you to the same specifications as our original modern 8×20′ tiny house on wheels shown on. on this site.

I look at tiny houses a lot — this is definitely one of my all-time favorites — partly because of the sinks and the “boat” stove, and partly because I can say that there is one who actually lives in it! It’s really encouraging.” – csc76

Incredible Tiny House Floor Plans With Loft (ready To Build)

We believe that propane-on-demand water heaters are the best choice for a small home. What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor model? Housing style vs. RV style? Learn how to prevent freezing and other important water heating considerations.

Need help learning to build? What questions should you ask yourself before you start designing your home? These resources will tell you! Each one is created by a small house expert and is offered with my strong recommendation. Enjoy!

Each of these tiny house planswere used to build actual tiny houses of high quality. The people who sell these plans live in their tiny houses full time and are great examples for the rest of the tiny house community. These plans are all carefully researched, planned and tested, meaning you can be sure that any finished home built using any of the plans will be safe and efficient with well thought out features and space utilization.

This 62-page photo book contains nearly 200 photos of the entire Tiny Project construction process, from start to finish, including framing and construction, utilities, interior finishing, travel, and completion. pictures of the house.

Pros And Cons Of Downstairs And Loft Tiny House Bedroom Designs

This is a beautiful little house. I love how much planning goes into it

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