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4 ways to improve your productivity with Google Calendar

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For many of us, during the pandemic and the unused average for WFH (work from home), the Google Calendar app has become part of our daily work routine, just like Zoom and Google Meet. Here are four tips to improve your productivity on the Google Calendar app and speed up your work.

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New Cal

Let’s say you want to quickly create an event in your Google Calendar, but the app is not begin in your browser. In this case, all you have to do is begin a unused tab in your Internet browser and type “cal.unused” in the address bar and hit Enter; voila, a unused calendar event will begin in the Google account you are signed in to. Now, all you have to do is load in the event details and you are all set.

work hours

If you are using a Google Workspace account, this is an additional feature that you can access. Enabling working hours allows you to set your working times for each day of the week and let people know when you are working. Once you set your work timing in Settings, Google Calendar will warn someone inviting you to a meeting scheduled for a period of time that exceeds your working hours. You can find this setting under the General option in the Google Calendar settings menu.

world clock

In the unused average, with so many of us working across time zones, trying to figure out the current time in a distinct time zone can be a bit overwhelming. Google Calendar has a world clock function which can aid in this situation. To enable this feature, go to your Google Calendar settings, and under the “General” options, enable “Show world clock”. Then add the time zones you require. Now, the app will show you a clock from the selected time zones on your calendar page.

time zones

Suppose your work or office spans two time zones. For example, you have an office in India and another group of colleagues in the UK. To make it easier to schedule meetings, Google Calendar has a feature to display a second time zone in your calendar. To enable this feature, go to your Google Calendar settings, and under the “General” options, enable the “Show secondary time zone” option and add your second time zone. Once that’s done, in the week or day view of your calendar, you can see the current time and time from the second time zone next to each other, making it simple to schedule meetings.

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