40 X 60 Pole Barn House

40 X 60 Pole Barn House – The Maple Plan from The Barndo Co is a perfect layout for families who need a bit more space and want that country feel. With 2,400 SF of living space and outdoor space adding up to 3,663 SF U/R total space, this property is perfect for families who enjoy indoor-outdoor living. See all plans.

Maple Plan is a plan solution for a farmhouse-style nursery. It is a 40 x 60 barndoinium floor plan with shop and garage options and with a 1000 square meter porch. It is a three bedroom, two and a half bathroom that includes an office. You can add a loft and/or additional bedrooms upstairs, even if the original is a ranch-style floor plan. The master bedroom is a spacious 15 x 13 that leads to a large master bathroom with tiled shower, separate sink, flush toilet, separate shower and linens. Make your way through the master bathroom to the spacious attached closet and his.

40 X 60 Pole Barn House

An added feature of the closet and his is the Murphy door that opens to the safe room. So you have a place to store things that you want to hide. The second bedroom in the house is 12 x 11, and has a master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom on the guest side. The main area is 22.5 meters wide and 40 meters deep. Therefore, the kitchen, dining room and living room are open with high ceilings, with a central beam of 22 meters in the ceiling.

Common Pole Barn Sizes

Maple Plan has front entry, back entry and side entry through a laundry and mud room. Side entrance is convenient as we have the option to add a garage to this plan. And then you can have a covered hallway that connects to the laundry room and leads from your garage to the back of the house to make it easy to remove dirty shoes, bags, etc. before entering a large house. There is a large pantry just off the kitchen for storage, as well as a large work area with three windows with an unobstructed view of the backyard. There is a large 4 x 11 foot island perfect for seating height for six, as well as a large prep work surface in the kitchen with an island sink.

The maple plan also has a fireplace in the living room. Standard is a gas stove without vents but can be converted to wood with full smoke. At the back of the house there is also a separate mechanical room that can be accessed from the yard, so it is suitable for the sprinkler system and other equipment in the house. Another addition to The Maple Plan, in addition to the addition of a garage or carport, you can add a shop or a mother-in-law suite that can be completely separated or connected by air to the house.

All Barndo Co kitchens are supplied as standard with full wood assembly, finger dovetail, screwless, RTA wood cabinets. These cabinets come in a variety of styles from gray shaker style cabinets, white shaker style cabinets, natural wood, dark stained wood. We also have several carbon shaped cabinets. We have traditional cabinets. We have a modern cabinet. And we have a cupboard in between. We have cabinets that range from antique white to pure white, from light gray to antique gray, from dark wood to light wood.

The worktops we use are first-class granite. The colors are huge and we have over 16 options for entry level granite. They range from Luna Pearl to Black Pearl. You can have worktops in leather granite. You can have round cut stones, square cut stones. You can have a backsplash full of bookshelves with the same stone as your countertop. You can have a four inch backsplash. You can choose a custom tile backsplash. You can also upgrade your countertops to quartz. We offer seven premium quartz options. And then we have more affordable upgrades that let you go from two to four levels of granite and quartz.

X60 Shop Houses

Cabinet pulls come in a variety of designs from knobs to handles, pull tabs to pull lids and come in black, gold, brushed nickel and other colors. When it comes to sinks, you can have a farmhouse sink, a round sink, a simple floor sink. You can have two pools, split 50/50, or split 60/40.

When it comes to kitchen faucets, you can choose anything from chef-style brushed nickel to more modern brushed brass. When it comes to your kitchen appliances, we have everything from chef-line kitchen appliances to standard appliances you find in a hardware store. You are in complete control of this kitchen experience.

Roof and cladding. The standard roof and siding options on Barndo Co Barndominiums are 26-gauge steel, solid batten, mechanical grade materials. These panels come three feet wide with 3/4-inch ribs every nine inches. They are mechanically attached to your housing with screws, with a protective cap on the screw to protect that screw. The screws are the same color as the metal you’ve chosen for your siding or roof, giving it a seamless, flawless look. You have many color options, from galvolum to metallic black, metallic white, as well as red and blue. Other siding options include Masonite siding, Hardie board siding, vinyl siding, brick and/or stone, as well as the ability to provide brick or stone wainscoting for all options.

To reinforce your siding with traditional metal siding, it is necessary to cover your house with plywood material beforehand. So, in addition to the price update for the siding material, you will also update the price of the mantle. All children’s diniums are wrapped in the highest quality materials. We use R-type houses for every project we touch. The choice of roof is 26 gauge, rigid steel panel, but they can be upgraded to steel seam standing in 24 gauge steel and 26 gauge steel. You can also install slate roofing, asphalt roofing, copper roofing, or any other type of composite roofing of your choice.

Osceola 1,560 — Sunrise Housing

Barndo Co.’s selection of exterior windows and doors. Standard windows are single wall white vinyl flooring. We have the ability to install contractor-class slatted windows, fixed windows and double-hung windows. You can also choose to upgrade your windows to black, all aluminum, composite windows or black and white vinyl windows.

A standard option for exterior doors are fiberglass doors, with or without glass, which can be painted any color you like, matching or contrasting with your siding. We also offer a full range of mahogany doors, mahogany doors with glass, solid mahogany doors, which can be trimmed to match your porch post or left raw and clear for a light wood finish. We also offer alder doors that give a more rustic and knotty look. Al doors are also available with glass panels and can be full glass, half glass or traditional artisan glass doors. We also offer a full range of custom patio doors, from folding triple doors, triple sliders and custom glass vinyl sliding doors.

When building a nursery, you may have many questions. Feel free to check out our FAQ or contact our team at (864) 571-4433 if you have any questions.

A good workplace! 🤗🤗 Happy for the opportunities he gives us every day! We strive to be the best in customer service and experience. We love helping people get started with Barndo Build today! Best in the UPSTATE 🙌🏽All steel kits from General Steel start with the basic kit. You can then choose from a variety of interior and exterior components to ensure your 40×60 shed reflects your personal taste and functional needs. You can also add your own color or choose popular options like charcoal and ash gray as shown on this bag.

X60 Pole Barn Kit Prices

Partition doors are opened by hand or with a motor in a direction parallel to the roof. Slide the door into the drum above the door.

The insulated panels are available with pre-laid stucco or you can add GenStone fake stone directly to the metal cladding.

Use the map application to locate your property and measure the size of the land. You can even install different irons…

Is the Quonset hut kit the best choice for you?

Pole Barn House Cost Breakdown

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