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If you’re in the mood for a game of pool, 8 Ball Pool is a fun iOS app that lets you play ball and challenge friends or random opponents online—jukebox music and cheap beer not included.

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Ios

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8 Ball Pool is an addictive pool app for iOS with colorful graphics and a strong online community. Developed by Miniclip and optimized for iPhone 5, this pool game lets you play with friends from the Miniclip and Facebook communities.

8 Ball Pool for iOS has a polished look, accurate and responsive game physics, and is easy to play even if you don’t play pool in real life.

Despite a few issues, 8 Ball Pool is an addictive, simple pool app that will provide endless entertainment whether you’re a pool shark or not.

I have to admit, before I started playing 8 Ball Pool, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t have any luck against other players. I play this game in real life about as often as I go to the dentist, not because I don’t enjoy it, but because I rarely get the chance.

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Fortunately, I found that no matter how bad you are at pool, it has little bearing on how good you are at the game. This is because the app is so easy to understand that casual gamers like me find it challenging but not daunting. In addition, the game includes advanced options for more experienced players, so they won’t get bored either.

You can start playing as a Miniclip member, Facebook user, or (my favorite) guest member, and no registration or username is required. After logging in, you can play with your friends or battle with random users. There is a third option to enter the tournament, but the game says this feature is “coming soon.” Oddly enough, I noticed on other users’ profiles that they had already played in tournaments. Maybe this is a bug, or maybe the option to play in tournaments is still in beta testing.

The game consists of five levels: London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo and Las Vegas. To play a round, each player pays a buy-in in the game’s currency. levels have progressively higher fees. If you win the game, you win double the amount you paid – essentially, you get your coins back plus your opponent’s share. If you lose the game, you may lose coins, but you will not go down to zero.

You can use your finger to adjust the angle of the pointer. You can see the trajectory of both your cue ball and the ball you are aiming at. Screenshot: Lynn La/

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To play after the cue ball has hit the rack, simply adjust the angle of the cue with your finger. Two lines will then appear, one showing the trajectory of the ball you are aiming for and the other showing the trajectory of your target ball. When everything is to your liking, slide out the power meter (originally on the left side, but you can move it around) to determine the power of your shot. The lower you pull and release, the harder you will hit the cue ball.

Each player has 30 seconds to prepare and strike to continue the game. If it takes longer, not only will you lose your turn, but your opponent will be able to move the cue ball to wherever he wants (called “ball in hand”). To win, pocket all solid or striped balls and be the last to pocket the eight ball.

The app has a strong community. At any given time, I saw anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 online players at each of the five levels. In addition to in-game currency, every game you play, whether you win or lose, will earn you experience points. Earn more points and you’ll be able to level up (indicated by the number on your badge’s star), which will unlock more difficult game levels.

You can quickly determine how good another player is before the game starts by looking at that player’s star number. If you want to know more about your opponent, you can always click on their username to get more stats like number of games won, number of games played and total number of goals. Similarly, your opponents can get the same information about you. You can also talk down to your opponent somewhat, using preloaded terms like “Oops” and the subtly condescending “Nice try.”

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As you earn more coins, you can get some extra features like beauty tips. You can also spend real money to buy more coins or gain additional powers, such as the ability to perform more exaggerated spins, extend your target range, and increase your overall skills. These powers cost 99 cents for 5 or $2.99 ​​for 20.

While the extra skills add another layer of dynamic gameplay to your experience, I think you should skip buying different tips. They can look great to your opponent, but having a fancy view also means you end up playing a lot, even though it literally brings nothing else to the table.

While I was never completely put off playing 8 Ball Pool, I did encounter some difficulties. For example, after I broke a rack and hit a solid ball, the game froze and said “Waiting for server”. Before the game started, my turn ended and my opponent pocketed his balls, denying me a legitimate first turn.

The second issue I ran into happened more than once and involved the app crashing while searching for an opponent. Typically, a small wheel with rotating user avatars spins until an opponent is found. However, there were a few instances where the wheel would spin endlessly and I had to go back to the page to start the process over.

Aiming Master For 8 Ball Pool

Sometimes the app would struggle to find another user to play with and the opponent wheel would spin endlessly. Screenshot: Lynn La/

Other than these minor issues, the game is great. The physics are responsive and accurate, and the touch sensitivity of the pool indicator can even be adjusted. I especially like the realistic sound effects and the relaxing, steady pace. There are no distractions like background music or dialog boxes, and the interface is colorful but mostly clean.

I also think the competitor match system is pretty fair. Often our statistics were on the same level. Although I have to admit that after four consecutive defeats I began to doubt (it turns out that this game is simply hopeless).

There are a few things I would like to add to 8 Ball Pool. First, it would be nice to have a chat feature where users could type their own words instead of choosing one of the limited phrases available in the app. There were also times when I was adjusting the angle of the control stick and my finger would hit the power meter, which certainly posed a risk of focusing all the controls on the screen. If I had been careful enough to reset the power meter to its idle state, I could have avoided accidentally hitting the cue ball before I was fully ready. However, if there was a switch I could use to turn the power meter off completely before I was ready to use it, it would certainly prevent a few misfires.

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For a casual pool player, I was surprised at how addicted I became to the game. Because of the timing, the games go pretty fast and I often found myself thinking, “One more game and I’ll get some of my money back.” While I admit this isn’t a particularly healthy mindset, each round of 8 Ball Pool always left me either excited or nervous, especially when both my opponent and I had a chance at eight. Whether you’re a real-life amateur or pro, 8 Ball Pool is a polished pool app with plenty of opponents to test your skills and plenty of replay value. PMT FREE MOD Kings of Pool – Online 8 Ball Ver. 1.25.5 MOD APK |: Unlimited guides

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Ball Pool (ios) Review: Entertaining Pool App Is Polished, Approachable

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