80 X 80 Metal Building

80 X 80 Metal Building – Our 80×80 basic building package can easily be converted into a custom building system when you want to customize the components. The basic construction kit includes a main and secondary frame, as well as a cover, and is designed for your location. The components section helps you plan additional features such as windows, doors, insulation and exterior color schemes.

A sectional door is opened manually or by a motor along a track parallel to the roof. Roll the edges of the door into the drum, over the opening.

80 X 80 Metal Building

Insulated panels can come with stucco pre-applied, or you can add GenStone synthetic stone directly to metal siding.

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Use our map app to locate your property and measure your lot size. You can also have different steel…

“Great experience. I would have given 10 stars if the site would have allowed it. The salesman Doc was great. He really went above and beyond for my project. I am so glad I chose General Steel.” Patrick, Putnam Valley, NY

“Wonderful experience, I received many compliments, the build quality is amazing, the entire General Steel team did a great job, I have already recommended General Steel to others and will continue to do so, I will do better Can’t ask. Company. !!” Randy, Roosevelt, UT

“The experience was great. I was given a great understanding of the building and an excellent contract. I really appreciate the help he gave me as he guided me to the right size building for my goals.” Brenda, Richmond, TX

Commercial Metal Garage 30′ X 80′ X 12′

“Really good experience, the seller was great, he explained everything in detail without being pushy. I’m glad I chose General Steel for my project. David, Urbana, VA

“I am very impressed with the team at General Steel. Everyone I spoke with was very helpful. I am very glad I decided to go on this project with General Steel and would recommend General Steel to anyone.” In search of a steel building.” Charles, Ripon, California

“About the customer service. At all stages of my work, concern and support! Really appreciate all the attention and personal touch. I felt like I was talking and dealing with friends. Luca and Bruce really helped me Done. Thanks again. Last stop for metal. Garage/Building.” Chris, Felton, California

“Really good experience, the project coordinator was very helpful, it’s nice to deal with someone who is really interested in my project. He gave me suggestions that allowed me to get the accessories I needed and within the budget without stress Hi. Glad I chose General Steel. Gary, Floyd, VA

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No matter where you are in the construction process, General Steel has a solution for you. From our simple 3-step construction quote to our library resource project, General Steel is the company you’ve been looking for. You won’t find a sturdier garage than this 40’x80′ metal building. Built with a 3″ x 2″ steel frame and high quality vertical roof. Call us today if you have any questions!

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This 40×80 metal building is one of the most durable structures available on the market. The building is constructed with our sturdy 3″ x 2″ commercial grade steel frame. The walls and ends are constructed with vertical panels for superior stability. There is also a single 10′ x 10′ garage door on the front wall, with an entrance on the side wall at the rear of the building. The garage offers 3,200 square feet of storage space for large vehicles and equipment. You can customize this storage building according to your needs. Add or remove doors, adjust dimensions and choose from a wide selection of colors. The choice is yours!

We use only high quality materials in the production of durable metal buildings. The commercial-grade frame is American-made galvanized steel, and the roof and wall panels are 29-gauge heavy-duty steel plate. Our innovative truss design allows us to build 40′ wide and 80′ tall buildings without any internal supports. The vertical roof on this garage is the strongest roof option and is guaranteed to be leak-free. The building is also certified for severe weather and has added reinforcement on each leg and between the steel frames.

Fully Enclosed Garage 40′ Wide X 60′ Long X 16′ Tall

Elephant Structures is proud to offer both standard buildings and fully customized sheds, garages and commercial buildings. We can meet any need, anywhere, and you can be sure that you are getting a quality building. We also offer free installation and delivery on all our structures. For a building of this size, we recommend concrete pads or economical footings. However, we can install it on almost any level of your building. As long as the construction site is within 3″ in either direction, we will build your new garage in no time! We also provide concrete specific anchors at no additional cost. Do you have any questions? Call us or use the live chat on our website to contact a construction consultant today!

A commercial grade 40′ x 80′ x 14′ metal shed is a very affordable solution to your storage needs. The building has 3,200 square feet of storage space for large vehicles and equipment. This building is a custom design and should be purchased by speaking with a building consultant. This metal building is constructed with a sturdy 3″ x 2″ commercial steel frame, a high quality vertical roof and durable vertical wall panels.

Our construction costs will vary depending on your location and local building codes. Also for wind and snow loads. This 40-square-foot building is automatically certified for extreme weather due to its size. Certified buildings are guaranteed to meet or exceed local building codes in your area. We also add extras on each leg when the building is certified. Commercial grade frames with certification make this metal structure one of the strongest structures on the market.

• Building foundations may include soil, concrete slabs, footings, studs, or all grade surfaces. If construction requires installers to work on top of existing equipment, commercial property, floating docks, or hard-to-reach construction sites, please consult with a construction consultant as these situations may require additional installation costs. can

Metal Storage Building 40′ X 80′ X 11′

• The design includes an all-steel frame and steel roof truss system. All 29 gauge sheathing specified or required by local building codes for siding and brick, metal ceiling panels, fixtures, metal trim and fasteners.

• Ground and wind anchors are available at an additional cost. A fair number of anchors come with any certified building upgrade.

• Delivery and installation times may vary depending on location, weather and order size. Once your order has been secured, your scheduler will contact you prior to the delivery date to confirm delivery and installation.

• This structure is D.I.Y. Create a collection that is available as Consult a construction professional for more information. Call us directly for a free quote to ask about your EVERSAFE steel building and our steel garage!

Mb4 40×60 Metal Building

As steel mill prices continue to rise across the country, prices listed on our website are subject to change on a daily basis. Delivery times may be affected in some areas. Please call 1-800-374-7106 to confirm pricing and estimated delivery schedule.

Do you have a question? Need information? Everything is fine! Call us now about other clearance discounts, factory-made specials and display models.

Looking for a great storage solution? Look no further, because our 30×80 steel construction kit is perfect for you. This building package includes a vertical roof and walls, two 12’x14′ roll-up doors, and a slightly smaller 10’x10′ roll-up door at the rear of the building. Prices include free shipping and free installation at your workplace! If you need extra storage space, this is an affordable option. If you want to insulate a building, you have many options, for example, whether you use fiberglass, styrofoam or a simple vapor barrier to prevent condensation, the choice is yours. If you need additional office space, a loft is a great option.

“We are very happy with how our steel garage turned out. It looks great around the house. As you know, I am proud of my building, so I will refer you to the people. Finding a reliable construction company in Florida these days is difficult. Thanks again.”

X80 Metal Building Packages: Quick Prices

“The installers did a great job on our garage building and it looks great. It provides a great place to escape the Florida afternoon rain and we use it a lot for family gatherings.

“This step-by-step account describes a concrete base and slab for a metal garage building by our client JAY A. in Columbia, South Carolina.”

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