Aha World House Design Game Mod Apk

Aha World House Design Game Mod Apk – Now you can explore a world full of surprises with Aha World, a fully customizable interactive dollhouse where you can be who you want to be.

Aha World Android is a beautiful 2D virtual house game where you can design your own house with furniture and all kinds of decorations. It also offers complete freedom to create characters, invent stories and play at your own pace.

Aha World House Design Game Mod Apk

Inside the world of Aha World APK is a city where you can build two residential buildings (only one is free) and decorate them with various decorations. But the most interesting feature is inside the house.

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The house consists of buttons with drawers containing objects, decorations, tools and interactive furniture that can be placed as you like in different rooms. This means all elements are unlocked from the start, so you can decorate your home without restrictions.

Another interesting feature of this app is the character design. Create up to 3 unique characters and add them to your doll drawer. The characters are highly customizable and you can even record words and phrases to say out loud when you touch them. Meanwhile, all dolls come with interchangeable facial expressions and body positions.

Download Aha World for free and enjoy a charming dollhouse that lets your little ones (even the not-so-little ones) let their imaginations run wild.

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We use our own and third-party cookies for advertising, session, analytics and social network purposes. Actions other than blocking them or explicitly requesting services related to the cookies in question include consent to their use. Please review our privacy policy. Then, iga town OD APK updated again! The latest gossip tells us that the next version of this game will be version 1.59 and the new scenes will be free. Are you waiting for this update? Fancy decorating your new scarf and wondering how to style it? What kind of furniture will be placed in this house?

The house is a one floor studio apartment with one bedroom, living room and bathroom. Put your favorite wallpaper on the bedroom walls, change the color of the bathroom tiles, replace the living room flooring… You are the designer of this home. Decorate as desired.

Let’s start with the bedroom. A bed with a desk is placed in the room, the walls are decorated with ribbons and shelves, curtains are hung on the French windows. This roux has the style of a children’s roux, so you can place cute toys on the ground to add a childish touch to this roux.

The living room is very large and opens onto the balcony. However, this apartment does not have a separate kitchen, so you need to save space and prepare a place for a stove and refrigerator in the living room. Green plants purify the air in your home, so place green plants in the corners of the room to enrich the overall space of your living room. Then decorate your living room walls with photos and paintings.

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A fully functional bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and bathtub, so you’ll need to arrange these basic items first. Next, place small items like laundry detergent, shower gel, and makeup products on the shelves. You can also add saw green as a bathroom decoration.

Iga Town’s OD APK is currently being updated continuously. Does this tie make your cozy cottage look interesting? Do you like the decorating style in the video above? You can definitely make your own hoo.

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