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Amon Ra Street LeBron James Brown Channels following winning the workout

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Rookie wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown and sophomore cornerback Jeff Okuda were on par with a predictable one-on-one workout in Friday’s drill, such as Detroit Lions are back on packed pads at the Allen Park facility.

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Okuda prepared to do a tackle, but St. Brown obstructed him. To celebrate, St. Brown hit the ball and imitated the chalk toss that the distinguished LeBron James was famous for in the NBA.

“You love being competitive, wanting to be better,” St. Brown said Thursday. “We all want to be better out there, so you love that on the team.”

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Black reception Amon Ra st.  Brown received a pass during training camp on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at Allen Park.

Black reception Amon Ra st. Brown received a pass during training camp on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 at Allen Park.

This is not the first time they have clashed in the camp.

On Wednesday, St. Brown and Okuda dueled multiple times in a passing drill. When Okuda was victorious in battle, St. Brown requested a rematch. And when St. Brown retaliated, and soon Okuda requested another round.

“He played well with me slant,” St. Brown said. “I told him I wanted to confront him again. I cut the line and I went again, then I caught a ball. He called me, so I cut the line again, and I went again. That’s considerate of the way he went down.”

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Okey, no. 3 overall in 2020, he’s had a disappointing start to his career and is trying to make a pleasing impression on the unused coaching staff. He has already earned praise from fellow cornerback Amani Orwari for emerging as a “completely distinct player” in the second year.

Likewise, St. Brown is trying to prove his worth.

He was drafted into the fourth round in 2021 by USC, having earned 41 passes for 478 yards and seven touchdowns over six games as a rookie in 2020.

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Black Jeff Okuda corners the field during training camp at Allen Park on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

Black Jeff Okuda corners the field during training camp at Allen Park on Thursday, July 29, 2021.

During Friday’s training, there were some other noteworthy moments involving Okuda, who only played nine games, with one interception, final year. (He underwent hip surgery in December 2020). Brown and Prishad hit him beforetime in a solo drill, but Okuda responded by shutting down St. Brown several reps later.

“Jeff Angle is marvelous,” St. Brown said. “He’s been touring all the camps. For me, it was just a challenge. I wanted to take on one of our top corners. He challenges me, and I love him. We challenge each other. It’s distinguished to have a corner kick like this on your team that you can take every day and compete and improve.” yourself.”

Expect more fights between Okuda and Saint. Brown as camp continues.

Some other notes from Friday practice:

• During the beforetime warm-up periods, a corner kick by Quenton Dunbar and defensive Nick Williams was not on the court. Defensive end Michael Brooks, defensive tackle John Benesini, linebacker Derek Barnes, corner back Alex Brown, and attacking goalkeeper Terrell Crosby (a Class I hamstring strain) appeared but didn’t fit into the packed podiums.

• D’Andre Swift sprints back, tackles a tight thigh, and engages packed podiums, as does Levi Onwuzurike’s defensive end. Swift’s training staff operates under stringent payload management. Onwuzurike was a selection for the second round in 2021.

• Linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin took to the field wearing a mask and stopped with his set of sites, but did not participate in the drills. He was on the COVID-19 Reserve roster, so his appearance in training seems to indicate a packed return soon.

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Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, 16, during training camp at the team's training facility in Allen Park, Friday.  6, 2021.

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff, 16, during training camp at the team’s training facility in Allen Park, Friday. 6, 2021.

• On a deep pass from quarterback Jared Goff, Korn Elder jumped into the air to protect wide receiver Perriman. Berryman got down with the ball, and Elder immediately grabbed his left hamstring. He left the field limp and did not return.

• Goff threw his best for third during a live scrimmage, connecting to a tight finish by TJ Hockenson. Defenders cornered Hockenson, but he created enough space for Goff to shoot the ball to him in traffic for a packed pass and down first. Hunting ignited chants and chants of “Let’s go, lions” from the crowds present. However, the trip ended when linebacker AJ Parker broke a third pass to St. brouwn.

• Safety Tracy Walker sat near the video board to evaluate his performance on a passing road. He studied a particular playing pass from Goff, which was knocked down to receiver Kalif Raymond. However, Raymond freed himself from Walker and another defensive appeared. A better throw would have allowed Raymond to score with ease.

Evan Petzold is a sports reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Contact him at or succeed him on Twitter Tweet embed. Read more on Detroit Tigers and sign up for the Tigers newsletter.

This article originally appeared on the Detroit Free Press: Detroit Lions Camp Notes: Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jeff Okuda’s Battle


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