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Angela Rayner Under Fire from GMB Viewers for U-turn on ‘Unselectable’ Vax Passports | TV and Radio | Showbiz and TV

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Rayner, 41, joined forces with Ben Shepherd, 46, and Kate Garroy, 54, on Good Morning Britain to talk about a whole host of topical issues. With passport vaccinations coming into effect in the next few months to allow members of the public to attend big events and enter nightclubs, a Labor representative was asked about the opposition’s position. Since leader Sir Keir Starmer, 58, said individuals should have proof to prove they were double stabbed as well as get tested for coronavirus, the deputy leader was asked why the party had suddenly changed its plan following he had previously said they would not support passport vaccination.

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The deputy opposition leader told the hosts: “The bureaucracy behind passports is our main concern.

“Because in practice, can they work? Can companies verify [them] And getting people to places, as I say, vaccines don’t donate you 100 percent [immunity].

“So testing is actually the most significant part to preserve. [people safe] Find out where the virus is.

“Then I will be competent to isolate this virus, and this is what my colleagues were saying,” she added, trying to justify the party’s turn.

With such ambivalence about the opposition’s position on the matter, those watching at home were on a rampage.

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Taking to Twitter, viewers were not impressed as one wrote: “So workers will support ridiculously discriminatory #covidpassports. What a surprise @UKLabour. The Unelectable Party.”

Another post: “Nobody knows, right? The straw clutching #gmb seems to be the unused way to find a solution.”

While a third remarked: “Well, Ben, for calling the UKLabour Flip Flop on highlighting #covidpassports #gmb.”

“Vaccine passports are a control mechanism, not a health mechanism. Sheep will succeed instructions and people who can think for themselves will be more discriminating #GMB,” a fourth opinion.

“I want to make sure that the sport and all sectors are begin as quickly as conceivable,” Starmer continued to explain.

“I think passports alone are not enough, because as we know, unfortunately, you can double click and still get the unused replacement.

“So the passports should be in addition to the tests. It will be for sporting events and so on,” the politician told LBC radio.

Starmer added, “I don’t want to see vaccine passports used on a daily basis to access significant things like health, dentistry, food, etc.”

The deputy commander also discussed members of the public working from home, rather than returning to the office, now the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Rayner told the presenters, “We say flexible working is not just about working from home, it’s about adapting your work life to your family life.

“We’ve seen tremendous resilience from staff throughout this pandemic and we believe things like being competent to squeeze working hours and work around childcare should be required.

“Then people can really accomplish work-life balance, and the government has failed to deliver on their employment bill which is now overdue.

“After what everyone has been through, and the resilience that employees have shown, we must step up to make sure there is a work-life balance.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.


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