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Application deadline for local elections is approaching

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There are a slew of local elections on the ballot this year, and the submission deadline is rapid approaching. Anyone interested in running for any of the unoccupied positions is requested to apply by August 4th. 24, with the date written August. 31. Early voting will begin in October. 16 this year, while absentee voting begins in October. 5. Election day will be November 3rd. 2, 2021. Most of the local government agencies became part of the Local Elections Act 2018, meaning they were combined into one election in order to simplify the process. The Eddy County Clerk’s Office handles this election process.

Carlsbad City Council will grip four elections this year. These positions are Wing 1 (currently occupied by Edward Rodriguez), Wing 2 (currently occupied by Leo Estrada), Wing 3 (currently occupied by Jason Shirley) and Wing 4 (currently occupied by Mark Walterschid). These individuals can decide if they wish to run again. We have a distinguished city council and we appreciate all their firm work.

Hope Village also elects a principal and two council members, while Lufeng Village conducts two council elections.

One of the biggest changes this year is the presence of five unused service positions on the Board of Directors of Southeast New Mexico College (SENMC), which became self-reliant from New Mexico State University-Carlsbad this year. This unused Board of Trustees will consist of members from every district in Carlsbad. These unused trustees will play a vital role in the development of our self-reliant college. Carlsbad Municipal Schools also has three board positions this year, as well as a tax interrogate. Loving’s School District has two positions and a bond interrogate.

Local elections also include water districts. For example, the Carlsbad Soil and Water District will grip elections for landowners for position 3 and position 4. August. 24, a candidate for a position to be filled in a local election is required to file a declaration of candidacy at the county clerk’s office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Written permission. Candidates must live in the area in which they are nominated for a position.

All elections have been standardized, but details of each ballot will vary based on location. For example, Carlsbad residents vote for their individual ward when it comes to city council, not for all four positions.

We hope to have a big pool of candidates this year and a big voter turnout. More information will be posted on the Elections Office webpage at

This article originally appeared on Carlsbad Current-Argus: City of Carlsbad Update: Application deadline for local elections approaches

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