Bahria Town 250 Yards Plot

Bahria Town 250 Yards Plot – Bahria Town Karachi is one of the best housing projects in the country that has won the hearts of local and international customers with the comfortable lifestyle it offers. There are many zones in this complex, but Zone 16 is the best example of Bahria’s excellent architecture and management. Surrounded by many attractions, Bahria is another attractive locality in the city of Karachi. The region’s incredible features and amenities make it a prime option for accommodation and sound investment.

Zone 16 tops the list of people’s favorite zones because it is completely built. Both plots are in fields and are 250 square meters. The area is in a prime location which is an additional value point, but the available plot prices are still reasonable.

Bahria Town 250 Yards Plot

The prices of 250 square meters plots available in Zone 16 are compared to residential plots of the same category available in neighboring areas, and the prices seem attractive to invest. Below is some additional information.

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Area 16 has high value in terms of location due to its scenic location and abundance of surrounding attractions. It is located opposite Jamia Grand Mosque on Jinnah Main Road. It is surrounded by Bahria Paradise, Zone 15, 14 and Paragon Towers. Another feature that makes it stand out is that it is connected to a theme park.

Bahria Paradise is located at the back of Zone 16. Bahria Paradise’s 350 square meter luxury villas will soon move in, once the zone’s value increases. It is adjacent to the shopping area near the Great Mosque. If you are looking for attractions, Area 16 is surrounded by incredible attractions on all four sides.

Another notable feature that sets Zone 16 apart from other zones is the current growing conditions. Yes, the construction of this area is complete and all that remains is for you to occupy it. We look forward to hearing about it in the coming months. Shopping is also strongly advised as it is the best way to spend at the right time. Bahria allows minimum construction land and one floor to relocate the family.

250 Sqm plots in Area 16 are beautifully landscaped. These residential plots measuring 250 square meters are already available in the market with a four-year installment plan. These plots are now available for purchase on full payment basis only.

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The latest prices of these plots show that a plot of 250 square meters can be bought at the most unbelievable price. These plots will be available for purchase in the price range of 70 to 85 lakhs depending on the location.

10,000 per the additional land cost you have to pay on possession. Ready-to-move-in villas cost a minimum of Rs 2.5 crore. You can save at least 50,000 rupees if you do the construction yourself.

Zone 16 is a great choice for those looking to invest in real estate. Property managers in Pakistan are often willing to help their clients with property details and purchases. For more updates, please visit our website or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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