Bathroom Laundry Ideas For Small Spaces

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The laundry room is a space reserved for functionality, but is often overlooked when it comes to personal style. And if you’re working with limited square footage, it’s even more likely that remodeling is low on your to-do list.

Bathroom Laundry Ideas For Small Spaces

But as any design-obsessed resident knows, no home is complete until each room boasts its own style, decor, and storage solutions—and yes, this includes the small, rarely visited, low-traffic ones like the laundry room.

Small Laundry Room Ideas With Big Style

Because we want this often-overlooked space to function well and look even better, we’ve put together 10 small bathrooms that make a huge impact.

Custom cabinets can be expensive, but if you’re looking to completely overhaul your small laundry room, this is where you’ll want to spend most of your money. Storage tailored to your unique space will make all the difference, not only in the look and feel, but also in the functionality of your laundry room.

Everything will have its own space, making it easy to organize things, plus, you can hide all traces of clutter, leaving you with a streamlined, tidy workspace.

When designing your laundry room, it’s important to assess the size and layout of your space before adding bulky items. We love how well this space uses this corner and features a stacked washer and dryer rather than a typical side-by-side set. This leaves plenty of work space along the side wall for folding, sorting and hanging laundry without feeling cramped.

Small Laundry Room Ideas

The added elements of wooden bars and framed landscapes will make you feel like you’re doing your business in the French countryside.

If you’re in serious need of storage space, don’t settle for just one solution. This space is as functional as it is beautiful, as it contains cabinets, shelves and a counter without feeling cramped. If we’re honest, we can’t think of a more thoughtful workspace – or a nicer one.

Hide linens, cleaning products and bulky items in closets, store frequently used items on shelves that are easily accessible, and use counter space to fold and organize clothes.

We love a good wallpaper. The bold print has a way of turning even the tiniest, darkest spaces into an Instagram backdrop. And the best part is, if you choose the unstick option, it is tenant friendly.

Small Laundry Ideas

This dark, moody floral wallpaper works so well because this laundry room has plenty of natural light to brighten things up, even with the dark washes of wood on the counter and floors. If you’re working with a windowless or basement space, a light and airy color palette may be more appropriate.

Sometimes less really is more. Keep your small laundry room looking modern with the addition of a thin clothes drying rack. This built-in metal rod looks right at home in the space — while saving valuable floor space without a drying rack.

From detergents and soaps to lost socks and spare sheets, laundromats have a way of accumulating piles of stuff. But instead of letting clutter cramp your style, use it to your advantage. Pour over your pitchers and tubs and store their contents in stylish vases and bottles. For less-used items, get matching baskets and drawers for a uniform look that hides all your dirty laundry.

If this little laundry room doesn’t prove that square footage (or lack thereof) is a state of mind, we don’t know what will. We love how this shallow cabinet fits the entire laundry room and doesn’t skimp on an ounce of style. Best of all, the wallpaper brings a lot of personality to this little hidden laundry room. It’s so pretty you might not want to close the closet door.

Small Laundry Ideas — Adore Home Magazine

The rest of your home has its own personality, so it’s only right that your laundry room follows suit. If you’re working with a rustic farmhouse theme in your kitchen and living room, why not bring it into this space as well?

White subway tile and black grout, paired with reclaimed wood doors, glass jars, and wooden floating shelves make this feel like an extension of your home, not just a space you use to do your chores.

If you lack a dedicated laundry room, this handy trick can help create the perfect laundry space: the barn door. Place the washer and dryer in plain sight with the help of a barn door to hide them.

Taking another tip from this space: If you need to do laundry, use the pantry in your kitchen for hidden storage, as seen here.

Small Laundry Design Ideas To Maximise Style

Laundry rooms are often placed in garages, basements, or small awkward spaces, so they lack good lighting. Instead of letting your workspace look dark and gloomy, pay attention to the lighting situation when you start renovating.

If you’re looking for a lighting solution at a fraction of the cost, simply install an overhead light and dress it up with a stylish pendant. You’d be surprised what good lighting can do for a small space like this.

When working with limited square footage, it’s important to make good use of every space in your home. Sure, it’s called a laundry room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a greenhouse, pet motel, and emergency room stocked with first aid essentials.

Nothing makes a room more claustrophobic than a lack of windows – even the smallest space can benefit greatly from a little natural light. If the budget allows, add a window or two to completely transform your small laundry room.

Tips For A Laundry In The Bathroom

While your most-used items should be within easy reach, it would be a mistake to overlook overhead space. Your ceiling is often left untouched, but adding a hanging rack for wet and clean clothes can make this empty space feel functional without eating into your small laundry room.

Some might call a small corner an awkward space, but we see every additional niche as an opportunity. We love how this laundry room uses this corner cutout as a hand washing station.

Door, try organizing all your essentials above the door. The space above your door frame is often overlooked, but this laundry room is proof that an overhead closet system makes much smarter use of your space.

Laundry is a state of mind. If you have the space to install a washer and dryer, you can have a laundry room wherever it is. The trick is to make the surroundings look incredibly chic. For example, this kitchen and bathroom are so sleek that you barely notice the exposed washer and dryer.

Ideas For A Fully Loaded Laundry Room

You don’t need a separate laundry room to have a laundry room. This habit hides your washer and dryer when not in use, making it easy to hide the machines in the bathroom or kitchen.

When you’re only given so much space, it’s important to be creative with placing everything in it. By stacking front-loading machines, you can make the most of every inch in even the smallest laundry room.

When you’re short on space, you can’t let even a few inches go to waste. The dead space between the washer and dryer is the most underutilized in the laundry room – slide in a wire drawer or any other narrow storage solution to double your organizational space.

Laundry supplies can be bulky and make the laundry room look messy. This space hides unsightly supplies when not in use, making for a beautiful and functional laundry room. We love how the ironing board folds into a drawer and the laundry basket slides under the drying door. This is a great way to save space while still keeping all your essentials.

Best Laundry Room Ideas

A basket is essential in every laundry room, but it is often ugly and bulky. We love how this small laundry room uses unused wall space to organize dirty clothes. And the best part is that you’ll be able to separate colors from darks and whites without taking up precious space.

As much as we love a perfectly organized supply shelf, space doesn’t always allow for one. Hanging a bar above your workspace is the perfect solution for organizing your most frequently used laundry supplies. Hang items like scrub brushes, scissors, and even ornaments from S-hooks to hold what you need.

An entire room dedicated to washing your dirty clothes may not be an option for you, but you certainly have a wall in another room. This favorite home office doubles as a laundry room so you can catch up on laundry between meetings.

You’ve probably heard the myth that painting a room a dark color makes it feel smaller—that’s a myth. Painting your cabinets black can open up the space, making it feel bigger, airier, and not to mention, stylish. And who doesn’t want that in the laundry room?

Bathroom Laundry Ideas

There is no better place to store dirty clothes than the laundry room, of course, and

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