Beaches In The Philippines Luzon

Beaches In The Philippines Luzon – It’s no secret that the Philippines has thousands of islands to choose from (7, 107 to be exact) for a sunny vacation. These beaches are just as beautiful as Boracay’s famous white sand beach and offer a variety of land and sea activities for you to enjoy. It’s true when they say “It’s more fun in the Philippines”!

With summer just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of exceptional beaches in the Philippines that are just as beautiful as Boracay. Read on to find out where you can find the beach paradise of your dreams!

Beaches In The Philippines Luzon

Wreck diving is one of the most popular activities in Coron. World War II Japanese shipwrecks dot the shores of Coron and serve as excellent diving spots. The best place is at Lusong Gunboat, which is also the best place to see the famous Coral Garden.

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Apart from wreck diving, Coron is also known for its famous karst limestone cliffs, turquoise waters and stunning scenery. Fill your itinerary with these activities in Coron!

MANILA-CORON: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer daily flights to Busuanga Airport from Manila. You will arrive in Corón in just 1 hour!

BUSUANGA AIRPORT to CORON: From Busuanga Airport, you need to take a shuttle or van to Coron. Hop on a bus or van outside the airport for just £150 per person. If you are traveling with a group, we recommend renting a van for 1500 pesos. The drive to Coron takes about 40 minutes.

El Nido was recently ranked fourth on Conde Nast Travelers’ “20 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World”. That’s why we can’t disagree! If you want to commune with nature, see limestone cliffs and turquoise waters, and lie on white sandy beaches, El Nido might be the best choice.

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The island also offers many marine activities such as kayaking, island hopping and cliff diving. Choose your favorite activities and experience the best of El Nido in just one day.

MANILA TO EL NIDO: AirSwift, the charter airline of El Nido Resort, offers a number of direct flights to El Nido from Manila. The flight takes about 1 hour.

MANILA to PUERTO PRINCESA: However, if Air Swift’s available flight time doesn’t fit your schedule, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines also offer daily flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The duration of the flight is 1 hour 20 minutes.

PUERTO PRINCESA – EL NIDO: After arriving at Puerto Princesa International Airport, you will need to take a 6-hour transfer or van to El Nido Island. Since the trip to El Nido is quite long, it is best to book a private charter (with driver) in advance for a stress-free trip from Puerto Princesa to El Nido.

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We wouldn’t be surprised if no one had heard of Bitaog Beach, and frankly, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. This stunning paradise is truly one of the best hidden beaches in the country. Completely separated from the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers a calm environment and a sense of seclusion. The island is blessed with powdery white sand, crystal clear aquamarine water and magnificent rock formations. Whether you want to swim, lie on the sand, or snorkel, Bitaog Beach is yours!

MANILA AIRPORT TO BUTUAN: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer daily flights to Butuan Airport, the closest airport to the Dinagat Islands. The flight duration is approximately 2 hours.

BUTUAN AIRPORT to SURIGAO CITY: After arriving at Butuan Airport, find the Langihan Bus Terminal and board a bus bound for Surigao City. The travel time is 2-3 hours and it would cost HUF 200.

FROM SURIGAO CITY TO DINAGAT ISLAND: From Surigao City Pier, take a boat to San Jose, which is all the hopping destinations in Dinagat Island, including Bitaog Beach. The trip takes less than 2 hours and costs PLN 100 per person.

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If Boracay and Palawan had a child, it would be Borawan Island. This island gets its name from the two beaches due to its white sand and limestone formations. Borawan Beach has everything the other two islands have, minus the big crowds.

MANILA and LUCENA CITY: Take a 3-hour bus ride to Lucena City from any bus terminal in Metro Manila. The fare would cost a minimum of HUF 250.

LUCENA CITY to APLAYA: From Lucena Grand Terminal, look for a bus bound for Unison. Note that this bus ride is often not air-conditioned and usually takes 1.5 hours and costs up to 40 pesos.

To ALAYA BORAWAN: Tell the tricycle driver that you are going to Borawan Island and he will take you to a port where you can hire a boat to the island to hop around Borawan Island and the neighboring beaches.

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The only downside to this island is that it is quite difficult to get to. But don’t let a six-hour boat ride put you off! From what we have gathered, there is not a single visitor who is not surprised by the majestic beauty of this island. A long drive can be an advantage if you are looking for a quiet place to relax.

TO MANILA REAL: The most convenient way to get to Real Port is by van, as it is a 3-4 hour drive. There are vans ready at the Raymond Bus Terminal in Manila that cost P250.

REAL TO JOMALIG ISLAND: From Port Real, inquire about boats going to Jomalig Island and wait for the next boat to depart, priced at P200-350 per person. However, this cruise takes 5-6 hours depending on water conditions, so be sure to make the necessary preparations before your trip.

The Giant Islands can compete with the islands of Boracay with their sugary white sand, crystal clear water, abundant marine life and lagoons. Also, enjoy authentic island life with fresh seafood.

Best Beaches In The Philippines For A Great Island Getaway

MANILA TO ROXAS CITY: Although located in Iloilo, Gigantes is much easier to reach from Roxas City, Capiz Province. Cebu Pacific Airlines and Philippine Airlines offer daily flights to Capiz with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

ROXAS CITY and ESTANCIA: From Roxas City Airport, take a 15-minute tricycle ride to Ceres Bus Terminal. This would cost around 200 pesos. From the Ceres bus station, take a bus to Estancia, which costs between 75 and 80 pesos for a 2-hour trip.

ESTANCIA to GIGANTES: Only one boat departs from Estancia port to Gigantes Island, so it is best to be at the port by 1pm. This cruise takes 2 hours and costs £60.

Are you looking for excitement? Check out Oslob Beach in Cebu! Besides the beautiful sandbar, Oslob Beach is the starting point for swimming with whale sharks. This experience is like no other and is recommended by tourists and locals alike. Check “Swim with Whale Sharks” off your bucket list with this activity.

Must Visit Pink Beaches In The Philippines In 2022

MANILA-CEBU: There are daily flights from Manila to Cebu with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines. This flight takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

CEBU AIRPORT TO OSLOB BEACH: Take a taxi to South Bus Terminal (about 30 minutes) and then take a bus to Tanawan. This takes about 5 hours with traffic.

Popularized by the Filipino movie Camp Sawi, locals have flocked to this island hoping to heal their broken hearts and take a break from their busy lives. If you want to disconnect and de-stress, this is the perfect island for you!

CEBU – BANTAYAN ISLAND: There are new direct flights from Cebu-Mactan Airport to Bantayan Islands that take 30-40 minutes.

Caramoan Peninsula Explorer

There is a unique pink sand beach in the province of Zamboanga. Santa Cruz Gran Island in Zamboanga is an up-and-coming tourist destination that was recently featured in National Geographic’s 2017 “World’s 21 Best Beaches”.

Manila to Zamboanga: Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines offer daily flights to Zamboanga. The duration of the flight is just under 2 hours.

From Zamboanga City to Great Santa Cruz Island: From the city, take a tricycle to Paseo Del Mar. From Paseo Del Mar, book a boat for P1,000 to get to the pink beach. This cruise can accommodate up to ten people and takes only 20 minutes.

In recent years, Siargao has become a notable favorite among Filipinos. Although gradually gaining popularity, the island is still relatively undiscovered. This island is also one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines, offering a relaxed atmosphere.

Discover Luzon, Beating Heart Of The Philippines

MANILA and SURIGAO CITY: Cebu Pacific offers direct flights from Surigao at 12:50 p.m. six times a week (excluding Wednesdays). Alternatively, you can catch Skyjet flights to Surigao City that depart daily at 10am.

Like Boracay, Caramoan Island is abundant with marine life, white sand beaches, breathtaking views and clear blue water, minus the crowds. This charming island is incredibly underrated, considering that two seasons of the reality series “Survivor” were filmed here! Live the lost life in this beauty

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