Beautiful Flowers Drawing Step By Step

Beautiful Flowers Drawing Step By Step – In this new blog series, we’ll be taking out our sketchbooks to draw and color outdoors! One of the most popular things to draw (and doodle) outside are flowers. Today we’re going to show you how to draw 12 common flower shapes and how to outline them with your Multliliner (or Multiliner SP) pens. Without further ado, let’s get started with step one below!

For each You can use Google Images, Pinterest or even take photos yourself to refer to while you draw. Once you have gathered these references, start by “mapping” each flower shape. Above I have lightly added circles, lines and other general shapes that will construct the “skeleton” of the flower so that the proportions are accurate.

Beautiful Flowers Drawing Step By Step

On the paper as I draw, as I will erase the pencil marks later. Additionally, I use a 0.7 HB mechanical pencil.

How To Make A Flower Drawing {5 Easy Steps}!

The next step is to start adding petals! For some flowers, like the tulip and poppy, there aren’t many petals to begin with/the flower has a simpler shape. However, for more complex flowers, like dahlia, peony and hydrangeas, there will be many more steps and details to follow.

Typically, in this initial step, draw the petals, erasing as necessary, capturing the general essence and shape of each petal. Don’t be afraid to study your reference image too!

The next step is very simple, just keep adding more petals! For detailed flowers, such as marigolds, dahlias and hydrangeas, this means adding another “round” of petals. For simpler flowers like tulip, poppy, plumeria and pansy, this means the flower is pretty much sketched to completion at this point. If you are a beginner at drawing, I recommend starting with these simpler flower shapes.

The previous step is the final step of the drawing, making sure all the petals are added. Keep an eye on your reference image to make sure all your petals are naturally shaped and bend in a specific direction. Noticing mistakes and correcting them while you’re still in the “pencil phase” is essential for a successful drawing when you add indelible ink.

How To Draw Beautiful Flowers?

Now it’s time to add the Multiliner pens! Above, I used a Multiliner SP 0.5 pen (this is the refillable version of the classic Multiliner) to trace all the petals using what I call the “one-stroke” method, which means that each line was only applied once. This one-step method allows me to see what my flower petals look like before adding line variations and other details.

When drawing, especially if you’re new to drawing! If you are right-handed, start with the flowers on the left side of your paper and work your way down the page; This way, the chances of accidentally smudging the ink are slim. And if you are left-handed, work in the opposite direction starting with the flowers on the right.

Your paper is not stuck to your desk! (at least we hope that’s not the case!) It’s much easier to move the paper than your hand, so twist and turn the paper to whatever angle is most comfortable for your drawing hand when drawing . This will help you a lot when you draw a line in one step without having to raise your hand.

The next step above is pretty simple: I waited at least 30 seconds to make sure the pen ink was dry, then used my eraser to erase all of my drawing lines. That’s it! 🙂 But doesn’t each flower look sharper and more defined now that I’ve erased my initial sketches?! This simple step helps clarify each shape. So when we move on to the next step (adding details), it will be easier to see where those details should go.

How To Draw Step Beautiful Flower Royalty Free Vector Image

As mentioned above, this step is all about the details! I always use my Multiliner SP 0.5 pen for this step, using the same line technique I use with my markers,

In areas of the flowers where the petals overlap, I add lines to create depth. I never add lines across the entire shape of a petal, but rather place the pen at a comfortable level, away from the darkest areas of each flower/shadow. However, always check your reference images. These will help you determine how far each shadow line should go.

The 8th and final step is to create a line variation, which means I used a pen size larger, 0.7, to outline each petal shape so that they stand out from the lines of shady. This final step creates optimal contrast and prepares each flower for added color; which we will show how to do in our next blog!

The designs above can be downloaded and printed from our line art gallery on our website. Use the black outlined flowers to practice your coloring for our next blog, or use the gray outlined flowers to practice your outlining using your Multiliner pens.

Learn How To Draw A Flower And Other Botanicals

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we will show how to color 6 of these flowers in detail!

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Kids or adults can follow these simple steps with this drawing guide. I recommend creating your drawing with pencil because you can erase if you make mistakes. But you can always draw on it with a pen or marker when you’re done, to define it a little more. You may find our article on drawing materials for beginners useful HERE.

Step 2: So let’s add the first petal by drawing a long curved loop attached to the center.

How To Draw A Sunflower (in 10 Easy Steps)

Step 4: Next, we’ll add some more detail by drawing a single, slightly curved line down the center of each petal.

Step 5: Finish your beautiful bloom by adding some small curved shapes in the middle of the center of the flower.

All that remains is to color your beautiful curl. Go grab your markers, Crayola crayons, oil pastels or colored pencils, or whatever you have on hand, and finish your masterpiece! This one is colorful with a yellow center and white petals, but you can get creative and use whatever colors you want. You decide!

Don’t forget to download the free worksheet above so you can print it and improve your skills. There is enough space at the bottom of the sheet so you can practice directly on it. Ideal for children or adults. I hope you liked these simple steps and had fun with this simple drawing tutorial.

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All previous lessons also include the free printable practice sheets included with this one.

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