Best Home Inventory App For Mac

Best Home Inventory App For Mac – Blue Plum Home Inventory will help you create and maintain a home inventory for any property you own. It allows you to organize your items into collections, rooms, locations and/or assign one or more tags to each. It helps you add photos, videos, receipts, manuals, contracts and any other documents related to your item.

Why keep a home inventory? With severe weather on the rise across the country, it’s more important than ever to ensure your property and contents are properly insured. If your home is damaged or destroyed, it is important to insure it for its proper replacement value. A home inventory serves many purposes. It documents your belongings for the insurance company in case of theft or damage to your home; It helps you keep track of items that need maintenance or repair; And (as a bonus) it can help you lose weight and maintain a lean home.

Best Home Inventory App For Mac

If you use Apple’s iCloudPhotos, you can access all your iPhone and iPad photos directly from the Mac app without using a separate iOS app.

Best Home Inventory Apps Of 2023

A free iOS app that lets you easily take photos of your inventory. Take your inventory photos and transfer them to the original Mac app when your iPhone or iPad is back on the same WiFi network. Click here for more information about ‘Home Inventory Easy Entry’ app.

Scan a document or take a photo of something nearby using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and instantly transfer it to the Home Inventory app. (The Continuity Camera feature requires iOS devices running MacOS Mojave and iOS 12.)

IOS App – Take inventory photos and transfer to Mac app. Note: The iOS app is now obsolete because Apple’s iCloud Photos lets you access all your iOS photos directly from the main Mac Home Inventory app.

Photo/Document Browser – Search and select inventory photos/documents from multiple sources. iPhoto, Photos, File System, Camera, Photo Booth.

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Programs, journals, guarantees and more, … we listen to your suggestions. New features are being added regularly. If you need a feature and think it’s missing from the app, send us an email or submit a support request Home Inventory keeps an up-to-date catalog of your possessions simple and fast so you can stay organized and always ready. . Called “fast and easy to use” by The New York Times and “spectacularly user-friendly” by Mac Format.

Try our new feature and write a detailed review about Home Inventory. All reviews will be posted soon.

Not a great app. This is the fourth time I have uploaded my insurance information to the app and it was a complete waste of time. After a few months of not using the app, the app completely lost my source file and even after searching Spotlight I couldn’t find it anywhere on my Mac. UI is clunky and old fashioned. It cannot export data to PDF (csv files only, yes) and its backup mechanism is very limited. After all the attempts to get information about it, I’m going to uninstall this “software” and install something that actually works.

I bought this program and really like it. It’s fun and easy to carry your iPhone around the room in your house, take a photo, enter information about the photo via text or voice (I use the voice feature), and then save what you’ve entered to another device. Your laptop, desktop computer, or iPad. ) It only took me 15 minutes to walk around my living room. I plan on taking one room a day until I have a full inventory.

Need Home Inventory Template For Numbers

I bought this app in 2011 and still using it today!! This is one of the best apps I have ever invested in my Apple and my home. The developer is dedicated and the program is constantly evolving and getting better. I highly recommend this app. Side note – I love the new mobile backup feature with iPhone/iPad support. I was out shopping with my wife and I couldn’t remember some of our furniture details/glasses. Luckily I had a mobile backup app and was able to view the product. It helps that I am very thorough in filling out and photographing and documenting my items in the program.

Almost perfect! I hope they include some sort of analysis and charts, such as a pie chart showing my household’s value when looking at different categories, a bar graph showing purchases by year, and more. I would like to customize some text reports and find the current features lacking in this regard. I contacted the developer a few months back but unfortunately nothing improved. I just hope the app remains in active development and they find better ways to visualize and search for household items.

How great! Thanks for this great app! Remote apps are a great addition to this app, it would be great if only the photo remote app was universal! No need to email God in this app, it works… so like Apple 🙂

Binary systems people are great. Quick answers to questions, plus they are open to suggestions. Nice app.

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The best app for cataloging your content. It’s like saying Cheers guys, keep up the good work. PS: And thank you so much for offering this in addition to the Mac AppStore, I really mean it.

I don’t understand why I should pay for the new version? How am I better than what I have?

How about $14.99 for Home Inventory on this developer site if it’s $19.99 on the Mac App Store?

I have been using this app for several months now and love it. Others said it was easy to use and intuitive. I haven’t encountered any bugs or stability issues.

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I paid online on August 17th (that was about 20 minutes ago) and received an email receipt and a license number… but no sign of how to download it. Nada I poked around the site looking for a non-trial place to download it. Or do I need to download the trial version and then record the license key number there? Please make it easy without disappointing your customers too much. I am now part of the home inventory and wary of purchasing more products from you.

I got into the program several years ago after Quicken stopped supporting Home Inventory in general and the Mac. It is very good and easy for me – even a beginner – to use. But the best part is the customer service. Kevin always answers my questions quickly and gives advice that I understand. All software should be so easy to manage!

The best inventory app. Entering items is fun with a clean UI, stable and companion iPhone app. nice work

Okay, so I downloaded this product, and went to open it from my downloads folder, and it comes up with a window that says it’s starting, and then nothing? So I clicked on the downloaded folder again and now nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong??

The Best Inventory Management Software

2.5.0 still has a bug where column widths don’t save their resized state between sessions — they always revert to the default width.

What’s new in version 2.4.3: Release notes were unavailable when this list was updated. I hate it when companies don’t provide proper update release notes.

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