Best Modern Exterior House Paint Colors

Best Modern Exterior House Paint Colors – There are clear trends in modern exterior home colors, but modern color schemes don’t have to be the same for everyone. Depending on your design style, you can lean towards a modern aesthetic or something more flashy and bold. Also, small details such as the color of the front door or decoration are different from modern houses. Whatever your taste, we have plenty of color ideas to inspire you.

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Best Modern Exterior House Paint Colors

Modern homes include a variety of design styles and color choices. In particular, modern outdoor house colors follow a low, neutral approach. We often use monochromatic color schemes that combine contrasting dark and light shades. A bold aesthetic using bold, saturated shades of charcoal and black is on trend, while white exteriors with black accents develop a fresh and timeless look. Also, another trend we can’t get enough of is incorporating bright colors for the entryway of a modern home. If you’re looking for the perfect color for your modern look, read on for our favorites.

My 6 Favorite Exterior House Paint Colors

LRV 3 though, Sherwin Williams is a caviar sized black. Caviar has a deep brown color, giving it a warm feeling. The earthy tone of this color blends well with natural elements. In the rendering above, our designers brought a rustic feel by combining caviar cladding with wood accents. Because of its quiet sophistication, caviar is one of our favorite modern exterior colors and is on Sherwin Williams’ list of the best exterior paint colors for 2022.

Looking for modern exterior colors that add drama and depth to your home’s aesthetic? James Hardy from Night Gray. This sophisticated color looks great with the light gray stone in the rendering above. As you can see, combining light and dark shades is a great way to add dimension to a modern look. New to James Hardy? Different textures and tones offer a variety of cladding options with excellent color choices.

Another black shade we recommend for modern homes is Sherwin Williams Black Fox. Modern designs use clean lines and incorporate geometric elements. The use of black colors for the exterior emphasizes this clarity. If you want to go with an almost black shade that isn’t too tight, Black Fox should be on your radar. This brown-black shade perfectly combines with wood and copper tones, which our designers often add in modern designs.

Looking for neutral modern exterior home colors that don’t live up to gray, black or white? Benjamin Moore’s Sussex Green is a warm green that pairs perfectly with natural accents like wood and stone. In the rendering above, color is enhanced by landscape and subtle wood inserts. This shade is so attractive that we included it in Benjamin Moore’s list of the best exterior paint colors for 2022.

The Top 6 Exterior Trends Of 2023

We can’t talk about modern exterior house colors without including an example that uses a black and white color scheme. We love the beauty of Benjamin Moore black so much that we named it the best home color for 2022. In the above house, our designers used black beauty for brick work, columns, decoration and other words. Also, the countertop is Sherwin Williams Alabaster, one of our favorite warm white paint colors. A classic color palette for mid-century modern homes has a bold color on the front door (Benjamin Moore’s Galapagos Turquoise).

Coming in at number six on our list, James Hardie’s Iron Gray is a bold and elegant shade that works well with modern exterior interior colors. Our designers have created a bold aesthetic using Benjamin Moore’s black color in the top trim. Wood and stone tiles add an exterior look to the design.

Sherwin Williams Olympic Polygon is a beautiful deep forest green shade on modern exteriors. In the image above, our designers used Olympic polygons in the siding to emphasize the sharp edges and unique structure of the house. This home makes a statement.

Next on the list of most modern exterior colors is Benjamin Moore’s Deep River. It has a dark gray blue color. It also has heat. A deep river blends well with the walkways and wood accents in the above home design. We love it at the front door with a burst of Benjamin Moore Wasabi.

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colors For Your Home Based On Its Architectural Style

We always recommend mixing and testing the colors before you work. Factors such as natural light, sounds, and the permanent elements of your property can greatly influence how paint looks on your exterior. Our friends at Samples offer an extra large 9 x 14.75 inch color changer that we love for outdoor stuff. Order “True Color, No Mess” samples from Samples.

Neutral colors are modern exterior home colors. And Sherwin Williams’ Nameless is quickly becoming one of our favorite sophisticated neutral shades. This medium and dark tone creates a sophisticated look in the upper house. A Galapagos turquoise front door draws the eye to the entryway, and black accents highlight the home’s sharp lines.

White color is timeless, classic and suitable for any home style. That’s why we’ve included Sherwin Williams Alabaster on our list of contemporary exterior home colors. It has a beautiful, refreshing look, especially when paired with black accents. The warmth of the alabaster creates a soft canvas for the house above, allowing the accents to stand out and, in turn, enhance the curb appeal.

At Brick&batten, our designers often work on updating modern homes for our clients. This work almost always includes recommendations for updating exterior paint colors. And we take care of every detail—from tone and color palettes to landscaping suggestions and lighting fixtures. Our designers use the right modern design elements to maximize your appeal.

Top 10 Exterior House Painting Colors For 2021 — Elite Trade Painting

Ready to turn your outdoor design goals into reality? Don’t know where to start? Tell us your vision and design style, and we’ll help you achieve the look you want. Get started today! What better way to freshen up your home than with a fresh coat of paint. Choosing modern home colors doesn’t have to be difficult. New color, new you! But with so many elements on your home’s exterior — doors, window frames, siding — it can be difficult to choose the right color pair. That’s why we asked the exterior design experts at Brick to whip up some of their favorite modern color combinations. Read on for seven perfect color palettes guaranteed to boost your curb appeal.

At Brick&batten, we know that the exterior of your home says a lot about you, so getting it right is important. Our virtual exterior designers take photos of your home and turn it into a completely custom exterior design. Find out more and prepare to have your head turned.

We will start with the most popular collection. Black and white is a timeless color combination that gives any home a crisp look. The dark trim and details really stand out against the clean white background. Spice things up by adding the same color or different materials, such as wood, for visual interest.

In the year Coal has gained momentum in 2020 and is here to stay. This very modern color is between black and light gray, so it is not too strict, but not too soft. Look for shades of blue for added clarity. When combined with the contrasting colors of light and dark, charcoal really sings.

Popular Exterior House Colors For Fall 2023

Deep, matte black is not for the faint of heart. This rich color definitely has a distinctly Scandinavian feel when applied top to bottom, but it’s definitely on trend and many of the homes we’ve designed look great when it’s dark. The trick is to choose different materials such as stone, metal and wood that balance the color. Then add pops to the design. Pop up Pop up Pop up Pop up It’s a pop-up.

The soft sage green neutral version is back. Like Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray with warm green undertones, this calming color looks natural and elegant. When set against a white background, it creates a sense of calm and looks great next to natural wood pieces such as oak doors and shutters.

The 2021 Pantone Color of the Year is a soft Ultimate Gray paired with a light, electric yellow. However, we think that choosing dark gray and dark yellow will help provide the contrast and balance needed to make the color scheme work properly for the exterior of the house. The company portrays the couple as a symbol of ambition and optimism for the future. Bring a little brightness to your home’s exterior by spilling the details

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