Best Online Graphic Design Degree

Best Online Graphic Design Degree – The growing number of graphic design opportunities in new media (such as smartphone apps and computer system design) is stimulating the industry and creating new jobs for talented artists. Artists who understand computer graphics and design software are prepared for various positions in the field.

The best graphic designers must be experienced thinkers with an eye for design, color, and typography. They can convey a clear visual message while reimagining, constantly innovating to convey the brand firmly with simple shapes and colors. A graphic designer must also be an excellent and sensitive collaborator who can understand the client’s needs and work with the team to make the vision a reality.

Best Online Graphic Design Degree

Students interested in a career in graphic design may be interested in learning how to earn an online certificate. Whether pursuing a degree, certificate, or other degree, distance learners have access to many online options. By attending school, they can strengthen their technique and prepare For fun and engaging work without ever setting foot in a traditional classroom.

Best Online Graphic Design Courses For 2023

Whether you’re new to the field or looking to advance your current career, you need to weigh the cost and time of getting a new degree against its benefits. There is no one size fits all feature. The best option for you depends on your current education, financial situation, employment history and interests. For example, those without experience may consider getting an associate degree because of the shorter time and lower cost. If your finances are tight, you may want to prioritize student loan debt and the default category because you want to choose the level that offers the best opportunity to improve your financial situation with the least risk. If your employer or someone else is paying for your education, you should consider the degree that gives you the highest salary. All salary data is from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and/or PayScale

Although a degree in graphic design is not strictly required, most employers prefer to hire candidates with a technical background in the field. According to, of approximately 32,000 graphic design job postings, 91% of employers want applicants with a graphic design degree. A bachelor’s degree can help you get a job as a design assistant, but you’ll find more lucrative job opportunities with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Students in the joint program learn the technical and creative skills necessary to pursue a career in graphic design. After graduation, you should know how to use graphic design software and be able to integrate the principles of typography and color theory into your design. A bachelor’s degree typically takes 18 months to two years of full-time study, with a cost of approximately $20,000. Often, graphic designers with a bachelor’s degree become graphic assistants.

Graphic designers create images to communicate ideas that attract, inspire and inform consumers. They often use sophisticated software to create the overall layout and design of apps, ads and other visual media.

Online Vs. Offline: Which Graphic Design Courses Are Best For Students?

While some graphic designers are still self-employed, many work in industries that span both the public and private sectors. According to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic design, especially creative and visual individuals, remains a strong industry that is expected to grow at least 4% over the next decade.

A recent CNBC report suggests that many college graduates are showing renewed interest in art careers, including graphic design. As a future graphic designer, you want to stand out as an attractive job candidate in this competitive environment with industry-specific training. Earning an accredited online graphic design degree offers distinct advantages in this regard. Many employers and potential clients prefer a bachelor’s degree in the discipline.

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design proves that you are proficient in the basic tools of graphic design and confirms your ability to be an efficient, creative professional. It can also increase your overall earning power in the market and open up a wide range of job opportunities.

For the 2016 ranking, it has significantly improved the way it evaluates schools and their programs. Our innovative way of evaluating schools is what makes our rankings so powerful. On the surface, every ranking we produce uses a basic formula: academic quality + online offerings + cost and student support = final score. This final score determines where the school is placed in the rankings. Of course, there is more than meets the eye. Visit our methods page to explore the data points that define our model and learn more about our process.

Best Free Online Graphic Design Courses

A private evangelical institution in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University emphasizes excellence in teaching and learning, with special emphasis on spiritual development within the Christian world. For students seeking careers as multimedia artists and visual designers, Liberty offers a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Arts.

Liberty’s fully online program includes 120 credits synchronously over 8 weeks. The majority of degree seekers complete their degree in 3.5 years and enter the workforce fully prepared for creative graphic work. Enrolled students sharpen their expertise in the discipline by taking courses in art history and digital photography, color theory, typography, and image manipulation.

Liberty’s online graphic design degree has a generous transfer policy. Those seeking a master’s degree can transfer up to 75% of their required credits, so they can easily accelerate their graduation. Eligible applicants must demonstrate high school graduation with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Founded in 1932 as a business school, SNHU offers quality, affordable and innovative higher education programs. Located in Hooksett, New Hampshire, the school specializes in graphic design and media arts, ideal for visual artists.

Best Graphic Design Software Programs In 2023: Free And Paid

A 120-credit program with two concentrations – web design or 3D modeling and animation – SNHU’s online graphic design degree prepares students for creative success and professional success. The program offers all online course content through convenient asynchronous learning technology. Topics include desktop publishing, history of design and photography, visual literacy, and graphic design.

Graduates of the SNHU program are fully qualified to work as graphic designers in a variety of corporate, non-profit and government organizations. Students who wish to apply for this accredited online graphic design degree must provide proof of high school or GED completion. Applicants with 12 credits or more must submit an official transcript indicating a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

CBU combines academics with opportunities for spiritual and social development. Founded in 1950 by the California Southern Baptist Convention, the private school offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design and digital media to degree seekers who want to advance their careers in the industry.

Most students complete their degree at CBU in about 16 months – between general education and major requirements. A fully online program, CBU offers all education and course content through a flexible distance learning model designed to accommodate busy lives and schedules. Registered degree seekers can explore the history of graphic design, advanced printing, and basic web design.

The Best Online Schools For Associate Of Graphic Design For 2021

Online graphic design requirements include basic drawing, composition, and intermediate composition. Students eligible for the program must demonstrate a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 and submit an official academic transcript to the admissions counselor.

Since its inception in 1978, SCAD has provided academic education and training in art, design and other creative professions. Located in Savannah, Georgia, the private school offers two graphic design programs: Bachelor of Communication Arts with a concentration in graphic design. (BA) and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (BFA).

Both programs require 180 credits, which students typically complete in four years or less. The BA provides graphic design training within a liberal arts focus, while the BFA emphasizes the rigorous study of art and graphic design. SCAD provides fully online instruction for both programs through flexible, asynchronous learning modules. Each program also offers a field-specific minor that includes a larger curriculum, such as advertising, mobile media design, and interface design.

Applicants interested in pursuing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design online must provide proof of a high school diploma and English proficiency. They must also submit recent SAT or ACT scores, a statement of purpose, a resume and portfolio, and a letter of recommendation.

Best Online Learning Platforms (updated 2023)

Midway University is a Christian liberal arts college that provides a career-oriented educational experience to students around the world. Located in Midway, Kentucky, it was originally founded in 1849 as an orphanage for girls.

Students typically complete the 120 credits required for online graphic design through four years of full-time enrollment. Midway’s curriculum combines training in visual arts and graphic design with marketing and communication skills to make graduates suitable for employment in any industry. Enrolled students receive high-level instruction in these areas through fully online, accelerated 8-week course modules.

Diploma seekers who are interested in admission must send an official

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