Best Selling Romance Novels 2021

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Best Selling Romance Novels 2021

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Rom Coms: March’s Most Delightful New Romance Novels

Rounding up the best romance books published in 2021. Penguin Random House/Macmillan/Simon & Schuster/HarperCollins

No one expected Alex and Poppy to be friends, let alone best friends. Alex is a man with a codependent relationship with his cat, while Poppy is a free spirit who writes a travel blog.

Against all odds, Alex and Poppy clicked right out of college, maintaining their friendship after Poppy went to New York City on her annual vacation for a week.

But after a decade of travel, they make an unrecoverable mistake and tear apart their friendship.

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Two years later, they still haven’t spoken, and despite everything in her life going well, Poppy feels lost. Fixing things with Alex seems to be the key to everything, so she breaks the deadlock to see if she’ll spend one last vacation with him.

When Alex says yes, Poppy knows it’s her last chance to make their relationship right. But the reunion means they both have to deal with feelings for each other that they don’t want to, putting their friendship on the line once again.

Casey McQuiston, the New York Times bestselling author of “Red, White and Royal Blue,” returns with “One Last Stop,” a time-bending love story that’s as much about finding yourself as it is about falling in love.

In McQuiston’s second novel, August, a 23-year-old is looking for a fresh start in New York, a seemingly perfect place for cynical, wannabes who just want to blend in. But August herself is not the only person living with roommates. He’s determined to befriend her as soon as he arrives, but he can’t stop thinking about Jane Su, aka Subway Girl, the devastatingly narcissistic passenger he sees every time he rides the Q train.

Book Cover 101: Romance Covers

August is attracted to everything about Jane: her retro punk music, her tattoos, her kindness, and her usual leather jacket. But soon, August uses his detective skills to discover the truth about his train girl: Jane is a one-time passenger who has been stuck on a train since the 1970s – and remembers nothing about her life before she boarded the train. the train

Fighting against the clock as the train repair threatens to take Jane away forever, August makes it her mission to get Jane back “any time”. Of course, August and Jane can’t help each other as they try to make sense of her story, and as their time together dwindles, they must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice for true love. .

“One Last Stop” is an idyllic love story, but it’s also about extraordinary happiness, chosen family and the importance of being yourself, told in McQuiston’s relatable style.

Readers of short stories will love “Love in Color” by renowned writer Bolu Babalola, a modern collection of mythological love stories.

The Love Boom: Why Romance Novels Are The Biggest They’ve Been For 10 Years

Babalola relives the oldest love story in his collection. It recounts West African folklore, delves into Greek mythology, and introduces readers to the history of the ancient Middle East.

From the story of a depressed Nigerian goddess to the story of a businesswoman who takes a chance on love, Babalola is abundant in her storytelling, giving love the respect it deserves.

New York Times bestselling tag team Kristina Loren returns with “The Soulmate Equation,” a story about the science of falling in love.

Struggling single mom Jess Davis doesn’t want to date. After being abandoned by his father, mother and son’s father, his grandparents and son are the only people he trusts, and he is perfectly happy to let it be.

Best Steamy Romances Of 2021

Until Genetically, a DNA matching dating system, caught his eye. Jess, a true data genius, decided the science-based system was worth a try, but to her dismay, she met one of the founders of the service, Dr. River meets Peña – a man she already knows and doesn’t like.

Jess has no intention of spending time with River, but when Genetically offers her money to find him, she can’t refuse. Suddenly, the potential couple is the face of the company, going to events stuck at the hip.

As a resident employee in the front office of Providence Retirement Villa, Ruthie Midona spends much of her time waiting on the Parloni Sisters. They are rich, high-maintenance and generous, and have somehow managed to let every young man within a week hire them as their personal assistants.

Ruthie’s goal is to become the manager of Providence, and she’s willing to put her personal life on hold to make it happen – especially since Prescott Development has taken an interest in the property and put her whole life plan in jeopardy.

The Most Outstanding Smart Romance Novels

But Teddy Prescott threatens to change everything. The handsome, tattooed, job-avoiding Prescott Development heir makes a deal to live with his father in Providence — in the apartment next door to Ruthie’s — but he has to get a job in order to walk.

Ruthie hooks her up with the Parlonists and thinks they’ll be after her like everyone else. But in “Second First Impression” by Sally Thorne, she will discover that Teddy has more than he bargained for.

Aspiring baker Reena Manji is determined not to fall for any of the perfect Muslims her parents choose for her – including Nadeem, who just walked in the hall.

It doesn’t matter if Nadeem has a great British accent, a perfect body or a knack for knowing exactly what to say; Reena’s parents had already broken her to love her.

Romance And Erotica Reading List

When Reena gets the chance to enter a couple’s baking show, asking Nadeem to be her fake fiance may be the only way to make her future dreams come true. But knowing that Nadeem is one of those dreams comes as a shock to Reena.

At its core, Farrah Heron’s “Accidentally Engaged” is a story about finding love when you least expect it.

Talia Hibbert fans will love “Act Your Age, Eve Brown,” her latest installment in the Brown Sisters series.

The novel follows Eve, who is always more at ease with chaos than order, as her purple hair makes clear.

Best Romance Novels For Adults

It’s no surprise that the ever-controlling Jacob Wayne hires her as a chef at his bed and breakfast – but the shock comes when Eve accidentally crashes her car and breaks her arm.

To make amends, Eve drags around the B&B, becoming a nuisance Jacob is ready to hate. But his hatred soon turned into something else, heating a place inside him he didn’t know existed.

Grace Porter always does what she’s supposed to do in Morgan Rodgers’ “Honey Girl.” He followed the rules set by his military father by completing his doctorate in astronomy at the age of 28.

So when he married Yuki Yamamoto, a stranger hours before he said “I do,” during a trip to Las Vegas, everyone is shocked, including Grace.

Sweet & Spicy Small Town Romance Books

Grace surprises herself even more when she ignores her parents’ constant pressure when she runs away from her home in Portland to spend the summer with Yuki in New York. Soon, Grace falls in love with Yuki, who is free in a way Grace never thought she could be.

But Grace can’t hide forever, and as summer approaches, she must face her fears – and what her feelings for Yuki mean.

After being cheated on by Chase Black, Maddie Goldbloom is determined to make her life as perfect as possible. She found the perfect job, the perfect apartment, and the perfect pediatrician boyfriend.

Until Chase shows up at Maddie’s door again with a strange request. Her father—who runs the billion-dollar corporation Chase hopes to inherit—is dying, and Chase tells her that he and Maddie are committed to fulfilling his dying wish.

The Best Romance Novels Of 2022

Now Chase needs Maddie to accompany him on the family getaway. Maddy agrees, and soon they are running a month-long charade that has the potential to destroy the perfection Maddy has worked for so long.

In “The Devil Wears Black”, the truth will inevitably come out, especially as Maddie realizes that she cannot ignore her true feelings for Chase.

Evangeline (Evie) Starling did not expect to run the Much Ado About Books bookstore in an English village. But that’s what happens when he books a getaway with an integrated job

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