Best Suv Under 12 Lakhs

Best Suv Under 12 Lakhs – Welcome to our guide to maintaining your used car with ease. According to India’s Road Transport and Highways Minister, Shri Nitin Gadkari, the country’s used car market…

INR 4.7 Average Daily Used Car Loans This Festive Season The festive spirit swept the nation with a spectacular festive display and…

Best Suv Under 12 Lakhs

An average of INR 4.7 loans disbursed daily on used cars this festive season. The festive powerhouse swept the nation with a spectacular festive display, and this season was headlined by India’s premier automotive technology powerhouse. The company witnessed the realization of the great Indian car dream and recorded an impressive 88 percent growth in used car sales in India compared to last year’s festive season (Onam-Diwali). The nation collectively sold cars worth INR 1,760 crore, reflecting a significant trend of people upgrading their vehicles. An important emphasis this…

Top 5 Bestselling Suvs In India Under 12 Lakhs

Welcome to the fascinating world of car brakes – the mechanism that ensures you are always in control of your vehicle, …

Your car’s paint is like the skin we humans have – a layer of beautiful color on the car’s skeletal structure…

Often prized for refinement and quick shifts, dual-clutch transmissions (DCTs) are currently considered one of the best automatic…

With the demand for automatic cars increasing, we have seen several brands introducing different automatic cars with an automatic range… I have been driving the third generation Honda City for the past 12 years. I happily drove it on the open roads of suburban Pune and didn’t want to let it go even after such a long time.

Upcoming New Suvs In India 2023

However, 2 months ago I moved to Hyderabad and the traffic situation changed immediately. Major traffic jams near me are common due to the construction of the Flyover. Since I’m not used to driving in such heavy traffic, I feel the need for an automatic. Also due to the low ground clearance in my town, it always hits the bumper near my house whenever more than 2 people are sitting in the car. This is why I decide to sell my city for a CVT.

So far I haven’t started exploring the options. But some must have features that I would like are below:

My budget is around 12 million. My monthly driving is less than 1000 km, so I would choose the petrol option. The cars that came to mind are below:

So far I have only thought of these three. There is one other car I would like to get to know before I make a decision. That would be the Astor CVT. Although it might stretch my budget to at least 15 lakhs, I think it would be a great upgrade to the Honda City. I will wait for its price to be announced before making any decision.

Skoda Kushaq Vs Hyundai Creta: Comparing Their Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh For Performance Enthusiasts On A Budget

Is there a particular reason not to include torque converter automatics on your list? In my experience, a torque converter is better suited for urban conditions than a CVT. The cars you’re considering are great, but none of them could be a good upgrade for the third-gen City, especially from a performance perspective. I recommend the TD Brezza automatic once. Good safety records, good ground clearance, relaxed NA engine, careless maintenance and spacious third row. PS: There is a good chance that the Brezza’s plastic will disappoint you. In that case, skip it and check out the S-Cross.

I have a follow-up question that you could clear up ahead of time for everyone’s benefit. You mean you are looking for a car with “automatic transmission” or specifically “CVT automatic transmission”? If it’s the latter, there’s a specific reason you don’t want other types, such as a torque converter. Some people may want to avoid AMTs and similar technology because they don’t have the smoothness of a “real” automatic. Others may want to avoid DSG/DCT or similar technologies as they have proven to be problematic. But generally between CVTs and torque converters (TC) they are both generally equally acceptable. A few comments while this is out of the way: Some requirements greatly limit other options. Under 15 lakh on the fork to get a car that’s comfortable for three in the back AND has a huge boot (I’ll take your frame of reference as the class-leading 500L city) AND a 5-star rating – you’re will have to compromise somewhere or the other. You may find that some of these options fall between 15-20 liters – not sure if this is acceptable. While Renault Kroger and Nissan Magnite are great products, their aftermarket products can be hit or miss. I’ll also suggest some quality used options for this reason: Astor: Since you asked about it. On paper, it looks like a very attractive product. The turbo petrol TC automatic should be the engine of choice, although you could also consider a CVT. However, it is not enough for your rear and luggage space needs if your reference point is the city. Used BR-V: This is a potentially great option. It should be available WELL within your budget – maybe see if you can get a used option for less than 2-3 years. It’s very spacious, has great ground clearance, plenty of luggage space and comes with a handy automatic. After sales experience should be reasonably predictable with Honda. This might actually meet your requirements mostly (not aware of its NCAP rating). Skoda Rapid: Hits the reliability criteria, but of the options above, this might be the second closest to ticking the boxes. Feels right up there with the City, maybe doesn’t drop as much as it has a stiffer tuned suspension – good boot space, good 5 seats, TC auto relatively safer than the Skoda DSG, which can be annoying. The only downside is that it’s getting long in the tooth and will soon be replaced by an all-new version sometime next year. Creta / Seltos: Any standard automatic, their range is on your bill. This should check all the boxes you mentioned except the security rating. Travel and call maybe. Latest or near-new City CVT: I’d say don’t rule out this obvious option either. It’s a very capable car and has been progressively improved with each generation. Aside from the land resources aspect, this ticks EVERY box for you and should ideally be at the top of your options list.

Here is a very complicated scenario. Well, for the budget you have, most cars are nothing more than “upgrades” of your current city (which is a C-segment car after all, and these days a C-segment automatic costs 12+). A few things I’d like to mention about the Nissan/Renault siblings: They don’t have that build to last. They always make you feel affordable. Especially after owning a third generation city for so long. Breeding can be a big obstacle here. 3 cylinder engines + CVT whine (visible here) can be annoying. Space+Performance+Features+GC = these are strong points. Now update from 3rd gen City to Jazz1.2 vs 1.5 version. The Jazz’s low-end performance is a bit lackluster. Especially in stop-start traffic (0-40 km/h) you feel lethargic. The Jazz’s space management is excellent, but the back seat is literally a bench. It’s acceptable for a hatchback, but the contours and feel of the City’s back seat aren’t there. Yes, it can fit 3 in the back with reasonable comfort. The Jazz’s CVT is very smooth. Better than TC.GC of the third generation City is better. The ride quality is better.F.E. Despite the CVT, it’s not great. Expect 10-12 in city traffic at best. My suggestion would be Maruti S-Cross auto.G.C. it is strong. The 1.5 liter engine is sensible. Good level of comfort. Build quality is better than most Marutis speed4 T.C. it’s good for the city. (Btw City 3rd gen is also TC) Fuel economy will be good. Check out our list of the best SUVs in India under Rs 12 lakh in 2021. In this price range, you’ll find a variety of options from different sub-segments of the SUV market, from compact SUVs to SUVs under four meters.

The growing SUV segment offers buyers a wide range of options. From 5 lakhs to more than crores, you will find several options for every budget. Another post has featured the lists of best SUVs in India under 10 lakhs. If you can stretch your budget by another couple of lakhs, check out our list of the best SUVs under 12 lakhs in India.

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In the first part of the list, we present the options with starting prices around 10 lakh. Sub-12 lakh buyers can afford cheaper variants of some premium small SUVs. Compared to other variants in the segment below, these premium compact SUVs are larger and offer better interior space.

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