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BOXTradEx and BOCT have signed a strategic partnership to launch a digital asset broker access portal in the ASEAN market

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Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaAnd 27 July 2021 /PRNewswire/ – BOXTradEx and BOCT have reached a strategic partnership to cooperate in settlement of currencies via token and/or digital assets. This partnership has the potential to create significant value-added benefits for BOXTradEx users, especially with the option to settle transactions from currency to cryptocurrency subject to rates. Furthermore, BOXTradEx has created the Fiat On-Ramp platform that enables users in Southeast Asia countries, such as Vietnam And Indonesia, to deposit paper money from their bank account against digital assets, such as BOCT, BTC, Ethereum, USDT, etc.

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The BOXTradEx and BOCT partnership provides users with access to the digital asset ecosystem where users are located Southeast Asia Paper money can be deposited against specific digital assets. The Fiat On-Ramp platform will support the exchange of many digital assets, such as BTC, USDT, TRX, XRP, etc.

Overall, digital asset spending remains a major issue in the digital asset ecosystem as it is not easily accessible and reliable as merchants also do not consider this as part of the mainstream payment settlement option. The problem here is mainly due to the inconvenience and lack of reliable access to transfer digital assets. This partnership with BOCT, which is owned by Creditz Base Group Limited (“CBGL”) (a financial services company that provides business to Labuan Financial Services Authority (“LFSA””) approved credit tokens), will allow more reliable and simple access to BOXTradEx users and we hope to provide more Options for scaling up the digital asset ecosystem.

in a MalaysiaBOCT operates in conjunction with RMBex Limited (“RMBex”), a digital asset brokerage platform licensed for cross-selling and cryptocurrency trading approved by the LFSA. Therefore, the application of BOCT in the unused millennium era, integrated into a unique and reliable trading platform, provides more diversified access to crypto financial services.

BOXTradEx focuses on building valuable and simple-to-use trading bots for digital asset investors in Southeast Asia. Together with BOCT, our commitment is towards the vision of providing one of the most steady liquidity and a safe trading environment that differs from the competitors.

About BOCT (Based on Credit Token)

BOCT is a credit token services platform owned by Creditz Base Group Limited (“CBGL”), a Labuan-based financial services company approved by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Through BOCT, CBGL aims to implement a fiduciary token business that provides blockchain technology enabling services and applications. CBGL’s mission is to provide a steady blockchain asset linked to a security that is believed to be the solution to the current barrier to market adoption of blockchain assets.

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About BOXTradEx

BOXTradEx is a digital asset exchange along with strategic trading tools (bots). We aim to build a digital asset platform with a forward-looking concept based first on security and legal compliance. The primary app at BOXTradEx is a digital asset trading bot with multiple investment strategies.



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