Build Your Own Water Slide Games

Build Your Own Water Slide Games – Whether you’re looking for water games for the kids or water games for adults, this list will have things to help you beat the heat this summer!

Water balloon games, fountain games, and even one of the best water bottle flip games you’ll ever play! Try one or ten of these fun water games on a hot summer day to ensure some cooling fun!

Build Your Own Water Slide Games

Is there anything better than playing water games on a hot summer day? And I’m not just talking about playing water games for children; I’m also a big fan of water games for adults!

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Water games should be on everyone’s summer to-do list! We played all these fun water games with my son, my friend’s kids, and my family, and both kids and adults had a great time!

These would also be great with the outdoor camping games on a camping trip this summer! Or even use it as a field day activity for kids at school!

After water games, why not treat yourself to a delicious dessert like these blue lemonade popsicles or this strawberry shortcake?

I wrote all of the games on this list as water games for kids, but I also included a note on how you can easily incorporate each of these games into water games for adults. Or play together!

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Fortunately, water is the main source of fun water games. But these water games are a little more than that, but not much more! Whether you want to play the water balloon games or all of them, here’s a supply list for all the games!

I’ve included as much information as possible about each of these games, but if you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll try to answer them! If you don’t want water games, these fun outdoor games can be a great alternative!

These are water games where both teams compete to do something like fill a bucket with water or catch a diving ring with their toes!

Place the buckets much further apart so that the sponge has to be thrown harder and longer to reach the next teammate.

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They should hold the sponge above their head as they walk towards the bucket without holding it, just balancing it on their head. If they drop the sponge they have to go back to the petrol station.

Materials: A kiddie pool filled with water, buckets for each teammate, as well as a bucket for the end of the series.

In this section are the most fun water games you can play with water balloons! Since auto-filling water balloons are now popular, pulling off water balloon fights and stunts isn’t that hard!

You can always do a regular water balloon fight, but it’s not as fun as these games! Play one or more of these games, then have a water balloon fight with the rest of the water balloons!

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And don’t forget that you can also make a game of collecting water balloon pieces; but see who can collect the most pieces in a certain amount of time and give the winner a prize like a water cannon. Or if you’re playing with little kids, whoever picks up X number of water balloon pieces and throws them out wins!

I have an entire article dedicated to water balloon games that includes many games not included in this article. If you don’t find anything you like in this article, be sure to check out these water balloon game ideas!

If you want to try something other than the typical water balloon toss, try one of the super fun variations in my water balloon games post! Here are four different variations that are much more fun than the classic option!

Move the circle out so that people sit a few feet apart and have to toss the balloon from person to person.

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If it’s a terrible throw for the next person, that person is out of the game. If it’s a good shot but the person drops it, the person who released the balloon is out.

It’s a brand new game we came up with this year and it’s one of the most fun water games I’ve played in a long time. It’s like a combination of throwing a frisbee, a water balloon, and a full blast!

I’ve dedicated a whole post to this amazing water balloon game, because it’s a bit more detailed than the other games in this post!

These are variations on some of the best kids games you can play with the sprinkler system on! Because the rest of the fountain gets you wet, these are some of the most fun water games we’ve played all day!

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This is just a normal light green light red play with a sprinkler system added. Here are the rules!

Have one person stand at the far end of the yard to be the caller and line up the rest of the children at the other end of the yard. Install a sprinkler system in the middle of the garden and turn it on.

The caller will turn back to the other child and say “green light”. When given the green light, the rest of the children will try to cross the yard to reach the caller. When the caller turns and says “red light”, the children have to freeze. If they don’t freeze they will be sent back to the starting line.

The first person to tag the caller wins. You can give a fun reward or that person is the next caller.

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The fountain in the middle of the garden adds a fun element as they never know when the caller will return and they might be soaking in the red light right next to the fountain.

Just like the red light green light above, this is a typical children’s game that also includes the fun of using a sprinkler.

Line up children on one side of the garden (mints) and one child (shark) stand in the middle of the garden. Install a sprinkler system in a place in the garden where people are likely to get it wet.

When the shark says swim across, all the minnows have to run across the yard to the other side before the shark tags them. If they are tagged by the shark, they turn into a shark and try to tag the minnows in the next round.

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The sprinkler is also a shark, so if the sprinkler can hit them, they turn into a shark too.

Finally, some water games and activities designed just to get people wet. Here are some of the most fun things you can do while trying to beat the heat. You can make these on your own or play some of the games above and end up with one of these amazing suckers!

Get out the hose, water guns, water balloons, cups, buckets, and anything else you could use to hold water.

Split into two teams and do your best to wet each other. There is no winner; everyone is getting wet!

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Tape to the grass on a hill. Wet the tarp well and place the hose on the slide to keep it wet while the children play. Children can run and jump on the tarp to slide to the bottom of the hill.

Use larger glasses OR have someone else pour the glasses over people’s heads so they don’t know what will happen (as you can tell if a glass is empty or full).

Materials: A kiddie pool, plastic balls (like this ) and large 5-gallon buckets to hold the balls, string or something to create a “line”.

Materials: Large buckets (one minus the head of the person playing), plastic cups inside each bucket, speaker to play music.

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Have the person playing the music turn around or blindfold them so they can’t see which players are closest to the buckets while the music is playing. This prevents anyone from thinking that music start and stop times are unfair.

The rest of the games below can be played in minutes or played individually as games to win. They are designed to be short and sweet and are often played with a group of players, like the water olympics!

Give the player an inflated balloon and a hose. When you say go, the player has to spray the balloon with the hose and keep it in the air for a minute or as long as possible.

The actor stands in a children’s pool full of water, about 10 feet from the pool, with a small half-full bucket. When you say go, the player has to use their hands to splash as much water as possible.

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