Cars For Sale In Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Cars For Sale In Mirpur Azad Kashmir – Mirpur, also known as New Mirpur City, is the largest city in Azad Kashmir. The city is a mix of modern and rural environment. Mirpur is also known for its large bungalow houses and large buildings financed by the expatriate community. Residents are relocated to Europe, Hong Kong, North America and the Middle East.

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Cars For Sale In Mirpur Azad Kashmir

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Mirpur (Potwari: مرپر; Urdu: میرپور), officially known as Mirpur New Town (Urdu: نیا میرپر شهر, romanized: nayā mīrpur shèhar), is the capital of Mirpur district in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is the second largest city in Azad Kashmir and the 74th largest city in Pakistan.

A significant portion of the district’s population, the Mirpuri diaspora, emigrated to the UK in the mid-1950s and early 1960s, mainly to West Yorkshire, the East and West Midlands, Birmingham, Luton, Peterborough and Derby. and east London. Hence Mirpur is sometimes known as “Little City”.

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The city itself has undergone a process of modernization, but most of the surrounding area depends on agriculture.

The city of Mirpur itself was founded around 1640 AD. or 1050 AH by local chief Ghakhar Miran Shah Ghazi during Mughal rule. The Imperial Gazetteer of India Provincial Series Kashmir and Jammu (1909) reports that “it was founded by Miran Shah Ghazi and Sultan Fateh Khan”. An alternative view is that the city was founded by Mira Shah Gazi and Gosain Bodhpuri, both considered saints. The word “Mir” comes from the earlier name Tak and the name “Pur”.

The area that is now Mirpur is historically associated with the Pothohar region of northern Punjab, although the modern delineation of Pothohar made by the British excludes Mirpur, using the Jhelum River as its eastern boundary. In the 18th century, Gakhar power in Pothohar declined. Mirpur became part of Chibb, ruled by the Khari Khariyali state with its capital at Mangla Fort. With the rise of Sikh power in Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh established his rule and set his sights on the Chibh states of Bhimber and Khari Khariyali. In 1810, a force attacked Raja Sultan Khan Bhimber and met fierce resistance. However, in 1812 another Sikh army under Prince Kharak Singh defeated Sultan Khan and the Bhimber state was annexed as Jagir of Kharak Singh. At the same time, Ranjit Singh conquered Gujrat and conquered Khari Khariyali, led by Raja Umar Khan. Raja Umer Khan made peace with Ranjit Singh; but before an agreement could be reached, he died and the State and Mirpur became part of Ranjit Singh’s territories.

In 1808, Ranjit Singh annexed the state of Jammu, which had been a province since 1780, and in 1820 awarded Jammu to its commander Gulab Singh, who was from Jammu and had been in service for the last eight years. Between 1831 and 1839 Ranjit Singh gave Gulab Singh the kingdom of salt mines in Northern Punjab and the towns of Northern Punjab, including Bhera, Jhelum, Rohtas and Gujrat. Gulab Singh expanded his kingdom and in 1840 Baltistan became a vassal of Jammu while Gilgit fell to Kashmiri Sikh forces in 1842. The Kashmir state was annexed by Ranjit Singh in 1819. However, initially the Hazara revolt in 1846 forced the transfer of the country also to Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu.

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Ranjit Singh had given Poonch, Mirpur and Bhimber as Jagir to Gulab Singh’s younger brother Dhian Singh. However, in 1843 Dhian Singh died and Gulab Singh now considered these areas part of his territory. Even though he couldn’t fully control it due to the resistance.

Following the First Sikh War and the Treaty of Lahore, the Treaty of Amritsar was signed between the British East India Company and Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu on 16 March 1846. The British government sold Kashmir to the Raja of Jammu. Nanak Shahi for 75 thousand rupees. This treaty transferred all the hill states between the Ravi and the Indus. The transfers included Kashmir, Hazara and the southern hill states, including the erstwhile Khari Khariyali, thus sealing Mirpur’s fate with the new state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Since Mirpur lies between the point where the Jhelum River meets the forested slopes of the Pir Panjal Mountains and the mostly treeless upper plains of Punjab, it was an ideal location for the construction of ships used to transport goods across the Himalayas. rivers of Punjab up to the Indus River and on the seaports of the Indus Delta. From there, merchants have operated throughout the Indian Ocean for over three thousand years. Most of the crews of ships trading on the Punjab and Indus river systems were from Mirpur, as training as a shipwright was a prerequisite to becoming a shipwright.

In the modern era of Dogra rule, British rule, the flourishing river trade declined due to the construction of railway lines from Bombay and Karachi into the interior of Punjab.

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The city was part of the princely state of Jammu and Kashmir ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, who chose to remain independent after the partition of India. During the Indo-Pak War of 1947-1948, Mirpur was captured by tribal forces on 25 November 1947 and became part of Azad Kashmir. It was the main site of the Mirpur massacre in November 1947.

Mirpur is located in the foothills of the Himalayas at an altitude of 648 meters or 2,126 feet above sea level and is connected to the main Peshawar-Lahore Grand Trunk road in Dina Tehsil. It is the headquarters of Mirpur district, which has two divisions: Mirpur and Dadyal. Mirpur is now one of the largest cities in Azad Kashmir.

The construction of the new city in the late 1960s gave way to New Mirpur, located on the banks of Mangla Lake.

The average annual temperature is 25.1 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1,380 millimeters or 54.3 inches. Lying in the very south of Jammu and Kashmir, the city has a very hot climate in summer, very similar to Pakistan’s Jehlum and Gujar Khan areas. Mirpur is the breadbasket of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and has a climate similar to that of neighboring Potohar in Punjab.

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The Azad Jammu and Kashmir government has successfully developed Mirpur industrially and promoted private investment in a diversified economy: foam, polypropylene, synthetic fibers, motorcycles and scooters, textiles, vegetable oil (ghee), wood and sawmills, soap, cosmetics, marble. , ready-made tiles, match and rosin, treptin. The economy of Mirpur covered the economy of Azad Kashmir. However, much of the infrastructure still needs improvement to achieve high-quality products.

As part of the relief/compensation package following the Mangla dam, a new town is being developed on the south-eastern outskirts of Mirpur, doubling the size of the main town of Mirpur. Many buildings are being constructed around the entire district by Pakistani and Chinese contractors to raise the dam. In the district, 4 inhabited centers are planned near the new city to accommodate the population affected by the project.

Previously, Azad Jammu and Kashmir University was the only institution of higher learning, but there have been significant changes in the educational infrastructure. Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Akson College of Health Sciences and Mohtarma Bazir Bhutto Shaheed Medical College have been established.

AJK Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Mirpur is responsible for education at the following levels. In addition to government schools and colleges, Mirpur has a thriving private sector that provides education to all sections of society:

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There are registered sports clubs: Al-Fatah Cricket Club is one of the best clubs in the city and is among the top 10 clubs in Pakistan. Other clubs include Eagle Star Cricket

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