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Chris Cuomo takes a pre-planned vacation amid brother Andrew Cuomo’s harassment scandal

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The anchor said on a CNN broadcast on Monday that Chris Cuomo is scheduled to start a pre-planned one-week vacation.

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The holiday comes a week following the New York attorney general released a report detailing multiple allegations of sexual harassment against his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo, who didn’t cover his brother’s scandal on his CNN climax show, described the holiday as a pre-planned annual tradition.

“Every year, I take my birthday off,” Cuomo said on CNN’s “The Handoff” podcast, which was co-hosted with CNN host Don Lemon. “I am looking forward to it.”

Cuomo said he will spend the week at his Long Island home with his family.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Tuesday that Andrew Cuomo had broken laws, created a antagonistic work environment, harassed employees, and even retaliated following being publicly accused. The governor denied the allegations of misconduct at a press conference earlier this week, saying he had “never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual moves.”

Chris Cuomo previously said he would not cover the accusations against his brother on “Cuomo Prime Time,” noting that other CNN programs would be better equipped to handle the story. “Obviously, I can’t cover that because he’s my brother,” the host said on his show in March.

It was later reported that the host also advised his brother and members of the governor’s staff following the scandal first broke out, a move CNN called “inappropriate.” According to a report in the New York Times earlier this week, CNN executives offered earlier this year to allow Cuomo to take time off the network to formally advise his brother, an offer the host rejected.

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