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Chris Hayes slams Tucker Carlson’s ‘Fawning Interview’ with Victor Urban, says conservatives were ‘staring at the leg’ of authoritarians

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All this week on Fox News Tucker Carlson He hosted his show from Budapest, Hungary, where he gave an interview to the Prime Minister Victor Urban.

Orbán became famous for a speech in which he said his goal was to build a “unused illiberal state based on national values”, and creating an illiberal state was exactly what he did in the years that followed. Over the course of the week, Carlson won praise for Orbán and suggested that the Hungarian social and political model trumps that of the United States.

on friday night, Chris Hayes Many conservatives said they have an affinity for the considerate of illiberalism widespread in Hungary today, claiming that conservatives have a “lengthy history of undermining the leg of various authoritarian governments”.

Played a clip from the Fox News host Ben Dominic, who said this week that the United States is in grave trouble and ominously asked his audience, “What are you willing to do?”

Hayes said, “The people on that channel … seem to think they’re very smart when they don’t come out and say, ‘You should be committing violence against your political enemies.’ What exactly do you think the meaning is?”

“Meanwhile,” he said, turning to Carlson, “they have another host making dinner, and being fed by a foreign chief.” The MSNBC host accused Carlson of “having an embarrassingly disturbing interview with the prime minister of Hungary, who proudly describes his country as an illiberal democracy.”

Hayes played an excerpt from Carlson’s interview with Orbán, in which the Fox News presenter said, “I’ve noticed over the former few nights in Budapest, I’ve met a number of Americans who come here because they want to be around people who agree with and agree with you.”

Hayes gave a sarcastic response. “Yes sure. Hungarian. The bright city on the hill to which the Americans flee, away from the bad old USA, I suppose?”

Later in this passage, Hayes spoke with the historian Ruth Ben Gayat, who wrote about Carlson’s trip to Hungary in her newsletter, saying: “Carlson is the flawless speaker for this persistent and exemplary effort of our time in developing electoral authoritarianism.”

At one point, Hayes told Ben-Gyatt that American conservatives had a history of embracing some authoritarian leaders:

“I find this considerate of courtship in Hungary equal parts, you know, pathetic and pathetic. And I must point out, you know, American conservatives have had a lengthy — a lengthy history of breaking the leg of various authoritarian governments. They loved Franco. They were passionate. very much to apartheid South Africa for a while, they advocated, and they were going there for conferences. They were very pleasing at this. This isn’t that unused. However, the biggest voice in that universe is saying, “Hey, look, that’s the paradigm.” It strikes me as significant.

Watch overhead on MSNBC

Post-Chris Hayes Salams Tucker Carlson’s “Fawning Interview” with Victor Urban, says conservatives who were “humping the leg” of authoritarians first appeared on Mediaite.

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