Cool Houses To Build On Minecraft

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Looking for Minecraft house ideas There is a lot of space in Minecraft to build your dream house, and your imagination and blocks are limited. Over the past decade, millions of homes have been built by one of the largest player bases the world has ever seen. And most of those homes are very impressive in terms of beauty and height.

Cool Houses To Build On Minecraft

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 40 of the best Minecraft house ideas we’ve found. Each home below has a link to a YouTube video where you can watch each home being built and follow the steps to build your own. Or, get all the inspiration you need to start your next Minecraft home by scrolling through the different homes below, from Japanese towers to log cabins, magical castles to castles new.

Minecraft House Ideas: The Best Blueprints For Your Build

If you’re looking for DIY building projects, check out our list of things to build in Minecraft. We also have dedicated guides on Minecraft tower ideas and Minecraft castle ideas.

If you’re interested in building a home in The Wild Update’s new bio, YouTuber Folli has created a beautiful starter home using items found in bio. It’s a small, cozy, cozy home that I love to build away from home to make living easier.

This wooden house is a suitable starter home for the best Minecraft seeds. It is made of oak and birch wood, but due to the combination of fences, wood, planks, boards, and twin doors, there are many types and styles to be made (even without the use of funds Minecraft seed). it adds more texture and beauty than most other starter homes you’ll find. Thanks to YouTuber SheepGG for this build.

Another great compact build from Folli, this Minecraft house is built into the ground with stairs leading up to the surface in each direction. It’s small but stylish and has plenty of room to stretch out if you want to take this design as inspiration for a smaller home. Perhaps a staircase leading to a more spacious storage area would be a nice addition?

Best Minecraft House Designs To Explore With Unlimited Resources

In an attempt to create an underground home, YouTuber ItsMarloe put together an unusual, clock-shaped base with a glass roof that sits on the ground. The center circle is for storage, and there is plenty of space outside for farming, magic, sleeping, and anything else you want to do in your home. There is also a hidden room with an underground entrance.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a bigger foundation, check out this amazing fantasy house by YouTuber BigTonyMC. This house is carefully constructed of wood and stone brick, but the real strength is in the details. The chains and lights, the plants creeping up the walls, the twin door shutters and the beautiful orange face on the tower all combine to make this house beautiful.

SheepGG’s home is a bit different this season. This is a beautiful Japanese pagoda that attracts attention. Even if you ignore the city’s cherry tree made of pink and white wool, this is a wonderful building filled with layers of wooden floors and soft lights from candles and red lights. The lighting will also look better if you have one of the best Minecraft shaders installed, and ray tracing if your PC has that capability.

If you are looking for a different home that blends well with the landscape, you can use this beautiful mountain home by JUNS MAB Architecture tutorial as inspiration. Two glass circles give this small home a beautiful look from the outside and let beautiful light into the home during the day.

Best Minecraft House Ideas: Castles, Treehouses, Mansions, & More

This beautiful and stylish new 3-story house design by YouTuber ManDooMiN is a design that can be achieved, but it is amazing and has many modern touches that depart from the beautiful style of the Minecraft house.

For a more modern house style, YouTuber IrieGenie has put together a beautiful new house design with a pool in front. The materials required are not cheap, they are primarily made from quartz, concrete, sand, and smaller blocks of stone and sand, but the results are amazing.

Foli has released a comprehensive 90-minute video showing how to put together a stunning home inspired by Japanese architecture. The roof is made of prismarine blocks, contrasting with the dark wooden walls.

This is another new home design by YouTuber OSHACRA. The main materials are quartz and concrete, but dark oak, fences and a layer of grass on the roof are creatively used to add depth and a homely feel. Build.

Realistic Modern Mansion Minecraft Map

If you’re looking to spruce up your first living room, YouTuber WiederDude has put together a custom home made from oak and birch. Isn’t it amazing how a simple fence can lift a simple house?

Magnificence and scale are not for everyone. YouTuber Gold Robin’s Hobbit Hole House sounds great for players looking for a compact starter house with little to no movement and everything possible. Of course, to get the most out of it you’ll want to find a suitable wooded hill to get out of your hobbit hole.

Sometimes all you need to make your home beautiful is a cohesive color scheme. The new home above, designed by YouTuber Come the Builder, has carpet floors, an open kitchen and dining area, and a pink interior and exterior.

Let’s be honest, pink is hot. Especially when combined with white, glass and wood in the right amount. Taking on a new pink house comes from YouTuber GAMES, whose video tutorial shows everything from the front plant area to the living room and bathroom inside. .

Best House Ideas In Minecraft

Zaypixel’s tiny starter home is made entirely of spruce and oak, glass, and a bit of deep slat (which can easily be used in place of limestone if you prefer). The finished product is a beautiful house that looks easy to build but looks great in the middle of a bush of flowers.

In contrast to the previous home, the back is this high-rise designed by JUNS MAB Architecture. This home looks like it’s designed to be a great living space, with lots of floors to accommodate every need, and windows that have been designed to make the house look great on the sky for players who are close to the village. photo.

This beautiful farmhouse designed and rebuilt by JUNS MAB Architecture is better than most other Minecraft farmhouses thanks to the compact design of the small square farm. There is also plenty of room in the base to expand later if needed. If needed, my trees can be placed at the height of the diamond.

Zaypixel is good at creating beautiful scenery, and this large two-story farmhouse is no exception. A combination of white woolen cotton, wooden bricks, stone bricks, although the appearance of the furniture is simple, there is a lot of attention to details, such as vines growing on the sides, flowers around the foundation of the house, and the lamps hanging at the end of the house. Thanks to the roof, this farmhouse has been completely transformed into a comfortable residence.

Top 6 Minecraft Survival House Ideas You Can Try In 2023

This beautiful brick-decorated fairy house by BigTonyMC looks like it could be home to an innocent artist, the most grumpy yet evil character in most fairy tales. This house exudes beauty and is perfect for those who want to make their home look better.

In this next home, YouTuber YalChu used the basement bricks to build a beautiful house with a beautiful red roof, which has inspired many designers. This compact house is surrounded by a stone and iron fence, with a small but spacious garden and a compact but stylish house.

For those who want to set up a base surrounded by bark and leaves, this giant tree house by YouTuber Shock Frost is a great starting point for inspiration. This architecture requires building not only the building but also the wood from scratch.

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