Cosmetic Shop Interior Design Ideas

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With the continuous development of society, there are more and more beauty salons, and competition in the industry is becoming increasingly fierce. How can I make my beauty salon attract more customers? This is a problem that every cosmetics store owner needs to think about and solve.

Cosmetic Shop Interior Design Ideas

The beauty salon’s decoration project will directly influence the operation of the store. It is necessary to combine the operational characteristics of the store and design the unique decorative style of the beauty salon. Today I’m going to share with you some information about cosmetic store decorative design and let’s take a look together!

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1. Understand the store’s positioning in the market. At the beginning of the store furniture project, the first thing we need to do is understand the company’s positioning strategy. Then clarify the cosmetic store style, development direction, etc., to find positioning. Because only in the direction of a precise premise, store decorative effect design can truly realize commercial services.

2. Highlight the brand positioning and the cosmetics management concept through store decoration. To achieve the purpose of this display effect, fully reflect the brand design concept. Such as the overall image of the store, the brand LOGO and counter, cash register display and other details, should reflect the theme and design intention of the cosmetics store decoration.

3. Cosmetics showcases show overall unity. The design should be reasonable, smooth and have a strong orientation. To take care of consumers’ psychological feelings, cold and hot collocation must have a sense of rhythm.

In short, the decoration of the cosmetics store must pay attention above all to the design of the brand’s image. In the store furniture design process, the general positioning of the style must be consistent with the taste level of the theme consumer public, in order to attract more customers.

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Modeling is an important project to improve the overall appearance of beauty supply stores and attract customers. The modeling pattern designed by the beauty salon must be in accordance with the style and size characteristics of the beauty salon space, and the modeling cannot be designed blindly, otherwise beautiful modeling is not practical. For small beauty salons, the shape can be designed simply, according to the actual design of the store, small and delicate, for large beauty salons, the shape can be larger, the suitable shape can be the design of the most interesting, another feature.

A cosmetics store consists of a product showcase, cash register, makeup testing area and other areas together. We need to make a correct layout of the store’s spatial structure. In cosmetic store decoration design, we must try our best to make reasonable use of space to avoid wasting space. A reasonable layout can not only ensure a reasonable display of goods, but also enhance the appearance of cosmetic stores to make them look more tidy.

Beauty supply stores generally do not pay much attention to the decoration style, but they pay special attention to the tone of the store’s positioning. Different decorations will have different colors. Most beauty stores use cool colors to match. Cool colors are light colors, which can match more with other products and maximize the beauty of the beauty salon.

Lighting is a master at creating the store’s atmosphere, and the beauty salon is no exception. Lighting is essential. Reasonable lighting can not only reflect the cosmetics store’s products more beautifully and attract customers, but also create an atmosphere and increase people’s consumption.

Retail Cosmetic Showcase Shelf For Makeup Store Decoration

As the beauty salon itself has many colors, so in the decoration project the best choice is white lighting, so that it not only illuminates, but also matches any color of the products, so that the goods look more beautiful, so that the store is more warm and glorious.

As a collocation of soft clothes, jewelry plays an important decorative role in the store, which greatly detracts from the store’s atmosphere. To make cosmetic stores attractive, of course, it is not enough to simply hang a sample, but also sofas, hanging pictures, decorations and many other soft clothing placements so that consumers can feel a different environment.

How to design a perfumery? Kiosk Ideas The placement of the colors of a Design Kiosk Ideas Cosmetic jewelry store as a modern brand is a beautiful expression. There are many international cosmetic brands that we know. In addition to popular brands, there are also many skincare products that are affordable and used by all women. So the cosmetics market is very big. There are many definitions of fashion. So we have a lot of ideas even when we design a store and it can have different styles. If we have a store, we will design it based on the type of our products and the area of ​​the store.

The cosmetics store window in the image below is designed for our Vietnam customers. It has a square storefront, selling mainly cosmetics and skin care products where the length is much greater than the width. We generally choose to make two rows of tall furniture against the wall. In addition to the furniture displays on both walls, there is plenty of seating in the center. So we can put some little counters here. But I don’t highly recommend it. The passage between the two walls and the central counter is sufficient for people to pass through and does not seem crowded.

Ubras By Ito Masaru Design Project / Sei

The innermost part is the cash register and a wall unit where the advertising player is positioned. Under the wardrobe there is a cupboard where we can store our goods. The advertising machine can play some videos about cosmetics.

This store has different decoration styles, different display methods, materials and colors. These are all common display furniture. They have a slatted storefront,

And a small, medium counter. There are types of showcases, the same type of furniture, materials and styles are also different.

There are 6 of these showcases on the left side of the entrance. Each three together, looks like a whole. This type of cabinet must be used with a hook. We can hang some smaller products like false eyelashes or mascara, etc. The closet below contains some cabinets. And we install the light strip on the top of the cabinet. Sometimes we add posters or lightbox stickers to make the cabinet more beautiful.

Cosmetic Shop Design

Material: We can see that this furniture has the color of wood, this wood effect is the surface finish of the furniture. We call this surface finish laminate. Laminate comes in many colors and wood grains. If you don’t like the color in the image, we can choose another one.

The display case to the right of the entrance is a cabinet with adjustable shelves. It has the same material as the Slatwall cabinet. Your shelf can be adjusted, we can decide its height. In addition to placing the shelf, we can also hang hooks. It is more flexible than a slatted wardrobe.

The remaining wall furniture in the store is some furniture with fixed shelves. They consist of a metal frame and some solid shelves. The metal structure has a more advanced appearance. We all know that cosmetics are a kind of luxury product. Many stores will choose metal materials that also look sophisticated as display furniture. The metallic frames come in three colors, black, silver and gold. The store chooses the black frame. It goes well with white shelves.

It looks like a jewelry showcase. It consists of a golden cabinet and a glass box. We will add a logo and LED light on the booth. It’s very luxurious. We can put lipstick or perfume inside. And inside we will install the light, it will be bright. We can also change the gold color to wood or white, I think it will match well with your other furniture.

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If you want to play your product video, we can use an advertising player. It can be separate or installed on the support. For cosmetics stores, we usually install it in the cabinet. Because it is not only installed on the cabinet but also on the wall. Its location is very difficult to determine.

They are all customizable, so their styles and colors are infinite and we can create the furniture we want. The size, shape and color of the showcase are not limited. If we have our ideas, we can make them happen. The styles above are the most common and they all serve the same function. But we can choose different shapes and colors. We are a furniture customization company, if you have any ideas, we can help you design and produce. As we all know, cosmetics stores are women who love beauty. Therefore, the requirements for cosmetics store decoration are relatively high. And the most important thing is to understand

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