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Cuomo’s accuser files criminal complaint with the Albany Sheriff’s Office

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Albany, NY – Employee accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of her harassment has filed a criminal complaint against him with Albany County Sheriff’s Office confirming Friday.

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The unnamed aide — whose claims are detailed and corroborated in a bombshell report from Attorney General Letitia James — claimed the governor arrived under her shirt and chest pad at the Executive Palace late final year.

Cuomo’s lawyers claim he “doesn’t really know” the defendant known as “Executive Assistant No. 1” in the report.

Albany District Attorney David Soares said earlier this week that his office opened a criminal investigation into Cuomo’s behavior following James’ office found the 63-year-old governor sexually harassed 11 women and violated state and federal law.

James’ report, which followed a five-month investigation led by self-reliant investigators, said Aid had been silent about her interactions with Cuomo for several months and initially planned to take her “to the grave.”

She changed her mind and linked her account to her co-workers following witnessing Cuomo publicly deny touching a woman inappropriately.

The employee told investigators that she “didn’t call it in any way, shape, or form, and I didn’t ask for it. I don’t want to. I feel like I’ve been taken advantage of.”

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azopardi noted that the Executive Chamber alerted the Albany Police Department about the harassment allegations earlier this year.

“As we said earlier, we proactively referred about four months ago as per the state policies,” he said.

Sheriff Craig Apple said he will address the employee’s complaint Saturday during a news conference in Albany.

The governor’s legal team sought to punch holes in the woman’s story Friday during a virtual press conference in which they claimed there were multiple inconsistencies in her story.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney, referred to the woman as an “executive assistant he doesn’t really know” and provided scheduling information that she said squandered the assistance expense.

The attorney general’s report paints a distinct picture, as Cuomo describes browsing the woman’s social media posts and repeatedly asking if she ever cheated on her husband, and any other behavior that showed “increased intimacy and relationship.”

Cuomo told the woman at various times that it was “time to show some leg” and asked if she had ever “cheated” with anyone other than her husband, she told investigators. She occasionally exploded in hives because she was flustered about being alone with the governor when she was asked to dictate.

The governor told investigators that it was the aide who “voluntarily volunteered information about her social and marital life, and only shared to preserve up with her conversation.”

The employee identified a pattern of predatory behavior in which Cuomo increasingly involved her in unwanted physical contact, including hugging and rubbing her back and buttocks while posing for a selfie.

In mid-November, while working together at the Executive Palace, the aide said Cuomo went so far as to tell investigators that he “raised his hand over her blouse, and grabbed her breast,” her breast “on her bra.”

The woman remained silent about the incident until March when she collapsed while watching the governor deny touching anyone inappropriately during a news conference from the Capitol.

Cuomo’s lawyers responded with texts and emails from the day of the alleged incident saying that the assistant spent several hours working at the Executive Palace and even sent a message to a co-worker about enjoying snacks and cheese during the visit.

“Records reflect that senior officials were at the palace working with the governor that day, while Executive Assistant No. 1 was there,” said Rita Glavin, Cuomo’s attorney.

Did the investigators ask these senior officials about November 16? Ask them. Ask the prosecutor. “Leave the scripts,” Glavin said, “because I bet they didn’t.

“In essence, she has accused the governor of sexual assault. The governor has repeatedly denied this happened.

A spokeswoman for Albany District Attorney David Soares said the office was “aware of media reports of formal complaints being brought into an ongoing investigation by our office.

We will not confirm these reports, and no documents or information will be disclosed and released from our office at this time. This is an ongoing matter under review, spokeswoman Cecilia Walsh added.

District attorneys in Manhattan and in Westchester and Nassau counties said they are reviewing James’ report and look forward to speaking with the women.

The accused include younger employees and a police officer who says Cuomo has repeatedly made unsolicited advances and sexually charged comments.

The governor has denied any wrongdoing and has so far defied calls for his resignation from lengthy-standing allies and even President Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the State Assembly Judiciary Committee gave Cuomo until August 4th. 13 to provide any evidence prior lawmakers consider the articles of impeachment against him.



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