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Dave Rubin responds to Twitter suspending his account due to ‘misinformation’ due to COVID

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Author Dave Rubin joined “Fox News Primetime” Friday to discuss being banned from his account right following tweeting a message about the Biden administration’s recent COVID-19 speech, only to reverse Twitter a few hours later and claim it was a mistake.

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Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, major tech companies have taken extra steps to remove what they consider “disinformation” from their platform, sometimes even outright banned individuals who claim to have broken their rules.

“All the mistakes are going our way, it’s so weird. Look, in essence, all I said on Twitter was that the federal government was looking at vax mandates, and that’s what Biden said yesterday. I said very clearly that vaccines don’t work as they should. We promised it was clear because they They put us all in masks again or want to, and I said they’re preparing us for booster shots that we know happen,” Robin said.

“They locked me out of my account for 12 hours. I’ll tell you, this Tammy, if you never get banned on Twitter, they donate you a countdown like a nuclear bomb so you can watch 12 hours down.”


Twitter eventually contacted Robin to tell him the comment was a “mistake,” to which Robin responded, “Today’s mistakes are yesterday’s misinformation.”

“These are things that were reported in the Washington Post, CNN, and USA Today that I tweeted this morning as soon as they got out of prison. The simple truth is we’re seeing a narrative breakdown. One of the things that’s happening in America right now is the left, the mainstream media, and big tech. They like narration rather than truth.”


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