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When most people think of home remodeling, they tend to envision a home that has been significantly renovated and updated, both inside and out. While this may be true for some and the best option for their situation, other homes may just need a fresh coat of paint and some nice exterior features to completely change the look, feel and curb appeal.

Design The Exterior Of Your House Online Free

Adding exterior paint is a cost-effective way to redecorate a home’s exterior, making it a preferred option for many homeowners who want a fresh look without the big price tag.

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However, while a fresh coat of paint can help a lot, it can also be a huge change that’s hard to realize until you’ve painted the whole house. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider the various options before making a final decision and changing the entire exterior of the home.

In this article, we’ll explore expert guidelines for choosing the best exterior paint color for your home, as well as other pro tips for improving your home’s curb appeal.

If you didn’t know, it’s an online interior design tool for hobbyists and professional interior designers. Although this article is written for interior designers who can advise clients, it is also a great starting point for anyone wondering how to choose the best exterior paint for their home.

If you’re ready to help a client make a serious, fun and exciting change to their home, let’s dive right in.

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Some buyers only care about what’s in fashion, while others want a classic look. Ultimately, your client’s taste and preferences will influence the final decision on exterior paint colors. If you’ve worked with a particular client before discussing exterior paint, you may have a good idea of ​​their style and where to start.

Sometimes the customer is not sure what they want. In these cases, it might be helpful to show them some common color schemes that work well with the style of their home, especially if they won’t be doing any major exterior construction or home remodeling.

We’ve listed some of the common color schemes you’ll see while driving through popular neighborhoods; these can be useful starting points for a conversation with the client.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, here are some of the most popular styles for home exteriors today:

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What to do if you are absolutely convinced that a certain color is the best choice for the home, and the client is not sure or completely disagrees? It is up to the interior designer to respectfully make a strong case for their recommendation, even if the client ends up choosing something else.

One strategy to get the client involved in your color choices is to demonstrate how the new paint will significantly improve the home’s curb appeal.

This improved curb appeal will improve the exterior if they decide to sell the home, ensuring that the home owners will enjoy their home until they decide to sell or build something new!

Choosing a color that is a little “off-putting” can make your home more difficult to sell, costing homeowners money or time later.

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Paint brands are capable of reproducing any color, but there are significant differences in quality and finish between different manufacturers. Make sure you help your customers understand the pros, cons and costs associated with each brand so they can make a well-informed decision.

Other key factors you’ll want to consider are exterior materials, as these will determine what type of paint is needed for long-term durability and appeal. The most commonly used materials for the exterior of the house are:

Note that certain brands specialize in special purpose paints; a local vendor representative can help you understand the differences and make an informed decision.

No matter what brand of paint your client chooses to use, you can easily offer many options by going to a home improvement or specialty paint store and asking for paint chips (such as paint swatches).

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10 tips for choosing exterior colors for your home: 1. Follow the “rule of three”

Follow the “rule of three” and create a color palette when you start your project. Be sure to figure out which color family will work best. You can then use an accent to create a splash of color and round out the entire exterior color scheme.

You can do this by applying an accent color to a more subtle exterior feature such as a front door, flower boxes, fences, shutters, etc. Once you’ve chosen your main exterior color, you can add two more tones or colors for an attractive look that’s diverse with the sea. This method allows you or your client to show some personality without changing the entire exterior or using an unusual color for most of the house.

The subtlety of beautiful accents will help maintain curb appeal and help keep the home marketable if the owners sell it. Redoing the exterior of a home is expensive, and potential buyers shouldn’t see an expensive fix as soon as they see the home.

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Explore common color combinations for your home’s specific architectural style. Victorian houses, for example, can have very classic color combinations. However, they can also have bright, vibrant colors that some homeowners find unattractive.

Sometimes Victorian style homes can use 5 or more colors on the exterior. Modern houses use up to 3 colors. Choosing the right colors ultimately depends on your client’s long-term goals.

If their goal is to restore the home to its original condition, you will need to do a lot of research on the home and related styles before making an informed recommendation and final decision.

In addition to making sure that your choice of exterior paint color makes sense for your home, it’s also a good idea to consider other types of homes (and the colors of those homes) in the neighborhood.

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For example, does your client live in a historic district? Are there many traditional houses nearby? Going outside the norm can cause more problems for your client.

Consider your climate. For example, in the US Southwest, where high summer temperatures exceed 100 degrees, black may be a poor color choice.

Also, many houses in this country are made of stucco and tiles, or similar elastic materials, which keep the temperature inside the house cooler. Be sure to factor weather conditions into your decision.

Understand how to use outdoor accents in your home as an additional way to add color. In the first tip we talked about adding accent colors, but here we mean using other materials to offset and complement your main exterior color.

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This would require matching the new house color to design features or standard exterior components, including gutters, shutters, baseboards and garage doors. These components come in a variety of colors and styles, including unpainted, which can be one of the most attractive and desirable accents.

Natural wood, copper or black are often used and can stand out in a very striking way. Do not forget that the materials used to build the house can also affect the final color of the exterior paint and can serve as a nice accent, including brick (from orange and brown to dark red), natural stone or logs.

Experiment by taking paint samples and applying them to different areas of the house. Try to add them to areas that won’t be clearly visible from the street, if possible.

Also, try adding the main color to different parts of the home to see how the color looks in the morning, afternoon, evening, and under significant shade or clouds. When testing paint swatches, be sure to add them to the exterior of your home on top of the house to see how well it matches the existing roof color.

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Consider the home’s natural surroundings. If you live in a desert area or a green, mountainous area, these characteristics can be reflected in the exterior of your home.

Forest green is a common choice for homes in the Pacific Northwest, while white is very traditional on central farms (as opposed to red barn), while they can be found in the middle of beige fields. These colors and features can help you find inspiration and tie the whole design together.

Use accent colors to highlight architectural details. Does the house have special features that deserve to be highlighted and appreciated? Trim with white

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