Design Your Own Car Interior

Design Your Own Car Interior – If you’re looking for award-winning, bespoke overhauls executed to exacting standards, look no further. At Plush Automotive, every custom car interior is designed with attention to detail. Each one is individually customized to meet the customer’s unique requirements. We have completed bespoke projects for UK and international clients.

We use a full range of the highest quality professional ingredients. These include leather, alcantara, vinyl and fabric in a variety of textures and colors. The materials we use are strictly developed for the automotive industry. It is tested and certified to meet exact performance and safety standards. We can template the chair from stock designs or adapt and rebuild the chair to suit your needs. This also includes embossing and embroidery, laser engraving and CNC stitching.

Design Your Own Car Interior

We have equipment to cut leather for more complex jobs such as dashboards and door cards to give it a factory finish. In addition to seat reupholstery, we can also perform individual upgrades and cut jobs. Some examples are headliners, door cards, and dashboards.

Custom Car Design

Plush Automotive is at the forefront of custom automotive interior design, using the latest materials and technologies. Our goal is to provide our customers with an excellent finished product.

We can install a range of award-winning custom car seats. We work to transform your ideas into reality, creating a driving space you can be proud of.

Whether you’re planning a race, a long trip or just cruising – our custom car seats are tailor-made to fit any destination.

Leather is a tried and trusted material that can transform the look of any vehicle. We offer exceptional levels of style and finish to bring you the best in leather interior design.

Jaguar I Pace

The material has a men’s suede-like feel and is the material of choice for many leading car manufacturers – including Audi, Porsche, BMW and Lamborghini.

Do you want to add a unique style to your car interior? This finishing work can be added to achieve an “OE” look and complete the personalization process. One of the first jobs I did on my 1955 Studebaker was restoring the car’s interior. Even though I had no idea what I was doing, I had a good sewing background and thought I could do it. It turned out to be a great job for me. I had a lot of fun, encountered some challenges, and learned along the way. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to learn a few secrets and look forward to another car interior restoration.

Well…it’s time. When I chose the materials to use in my studio, I knew they weren’t very sturdy, but I didn’t care. After several years of daily use, the driver’s seat was torn to shreds.

Before I embark on my next car restoration adventure, I thought I’d ask for your advice. Car shows are a great place to find something you like and possibly incorporate it into your own project. So this is what I did. While I was trying to keep my head above water while watching all the amazing customs at Long Beach Motorama, I got some photos of different car interiors.

Your Own Car Custom Metal Silhouette Wall Art

Some are simple, some are elegant, and some are over the top. You be the judge – what do you think looks best on my adorable Studebaker hot rod? Be sure to leave your answers in the poll below!

It doesn’t get any higher than this! Swivel front seats and custom center console complete with drink holders and old skool car phone!

My Studebaker’s front seat is much larger than this little truck’s – but it has an interesting combination of folding and rolling, and I really like the black metal bits!

A combination of tuck and classic rolls. I love the hems and rolls on the door panels.

Auto Interior Decorators

Horizontal – vertical – this habit won’t settle for just one! Shiny matte black is a great combination with black.

I always say I want my car seat to feel like a couch – this does the trick, don’t you think?

Another interesting combination of folding and rolling. The white patterned fabric in the illustration is also beautiful.

What every old car needs! Curved fur-covered back seats and an asymmetrical center console with radio controls in the back… where’s the disco ball?

Futuristic Car Interior Without A Dashboard

Sometimes it’s hard to be unique and elegant at the same time – but I think this interior hits the mark. There are horizontal hems and rolled edges in the center and a square quilting pattern in the center that continues to the door panel. top notch!

Here’s a photo that wasn’t taken at Motorama – this golden beauty is inside the Studebaker Hawk at Studebaker Parts and Service in Long Beach. I think this may be the original interior. While there are a lot of pictures here, I’m mainly looking at the pattern rather than the color…in this one I love the gold and think this color would look great on Stude!

What do you think? Be sure to leave your vote below! Want to redo your car’s interior? Check out my friend Luis at Loyola Auto Interiors’ advice before you start in this GreaseGirl video – 5 Things to Consider Before Working on Your Car’s Interior. Interior design is the second largest element that reveals a car’s character. The real beauty of our car interiors lies in the composition and design that illustrates the concept and purpose of the vehicle.

The car cockpit is both a mobile space and a personal space that is completely isolated from the external environment. In recent years, as people spend more and more time in their cars, the interior of the car has attracted attention as another living space. Under this trend, the importance of automotive interior design is increasingly emphasized. The reason is that with the increase in the value of interior space and technological content of cars, interior design has become a factor that determines the marketability of cars.

Legendary Auto Interiors

The interior structure and various design elements were determined based on the car’s purpose and concept

Basically, the interior of a car consists of the dashboard, console, and doors. The design structure and decorative elements determine the driver’s visibility, ease of operation, livability, and openness. Interestingly, these different interior features reflect the character of the car. Here, Hyundai Motor Group’s various models – from sports sedans that offer a driver-focused cabin to flagship sedans that focus on rear-seat passenger comfort – display interior appeal that remains true to this goal.

Interiors designed for the driver are mainly found in sports cars and sports sedans. Such vehicles focus on an environment where the driver can concentrate on driving; therefore, they are designed to allow the driver to handle various control systems. The most noticeable difference in the driver-focused interior is the asymmetrical instrument panel. The center instrument panel usually contains the central display screen, which curves towards the driver, and the instrument panel surrounds the driver so that the driver’s hands can reach each instrument without changing their posture.

Avante N’s cockpit is made up of high-performance details and structures that surround the driver

Design Your Own Monogram Car Decal

A typical model is the Hyundai Avante N, which features a driver-focused interior. Clearly embodying the characteristics of the modern high-performance brand N, it showcases an interior designed entirely with the driver in mind. As in the aircraft cockpit, all interior components for the driver emphasize a sporty atmosphere, while the low-profile instrument panel is a setting that overcomes the driver’s visibility – the lack of cockpit structure. In addition, it is also equipped with N steering wheel, N gear lever, N sports seats, N door anti-wear and other items that demonstrate strong performance, unique to the high-performance N model. Avante N provides an environment where the driver can concentrate on driving, from everyday driving to dynamic sports driving.

The Genesis G70’s interior reflects the characteristics of a high-performance sports sedan, with a luxurious, driver-focused cabin.

Inside the Genesis G70, you can see a more luxurious driver-focused interior. The G70 is a sports sedan represented by Genesis. The model is characterized by powerful driving performance based on rear-wheel drive and a driver-focused interior layout that reflects this. The interior emphasizes the high-tech image through the 12.3-inch instrument panel and 10.25-inch AVN display, and creates a luxurious atmosphere through exquisitely processed aluminum trim. The most eye-catching part is the design of the center panel. The central instrument panel houses the air vents and multiple operating systems, expressing an independent cockpit through visually separated shapes. As a result, drivers and passengers can experience a luxurious and sporty interior in the G70, which is filled with driver-centric design and advanced details.

Interiors centered on living space, focusing on people’s comfortable and pleasant movements

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