Design Your Own Doll Online

Design Your Own Doll Online – There’s nothing better than browsing through a huge display of stylishly dressed Barbie dolls and choosing the one you like. While you may not be able to design your own Mattel Barbie doll, you can still get creative and make a unique Barbie using these clever tricks.

Currently, there is no way for Mattel to create their own unique, hands-on Barbie doll. Mattel previously offered a service called Styled By Me Barbie

Design Your Own Doll Online

It can be changed, but it has not been replaced by something similar. However, there are several ways to make your own Barbie or Barbie doll with the help of licensed and creative artists.

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Children can get more personalized dolls from FAO Shchwarz. For a fee of $75, kids can choose from eight Barbie styles and receive three outfits, as well as a “Style by You Barbie” shoe and travel accessory package.

As long as you have an internet connection, you can download several official Barbie coloring pages. To promote longevity, print them on cardboard and then color them to create your own drawn version.

In addition to coloring pre-made official Barbie coloring pages, you can expand your creativity even further with Mattels Barbie style sheets. The toy, which costs about $25, includes several ribbed plastic panels with costume designs. Mix up the pieces and transfer the design to your coloring page with crayons.

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Mattel is offering a 1-year Barbie Signature Membership that includes many benefits for fans. Pay $9.99 for an entire year and get exclusive new items, access to the collector community, and priority access to upcoming releases. One of the biggest bonuses is that you can vote for new baby and product designs. So while there’s no way to create a custom Barbie yet, this is the closest we’ll get to listening to your suggestions.

Over the decades since Barbie appeared in the mid-century, Mattel has released several sets of Barbie paper dolls. These paper dolls represent every situation that Barbie can find herself in. From workout clothes to concert outfits, these paper dolls represented every situation Barbie could find herself in. Search thrift stores or online marketplaces to find original kits, or check out Etsy’s various sites to see if you can print your own PDF copies. sold online.

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With today’s technology, some companies and independent artists offer services that allow you to choose all the features you want on your doll, or even choose based on your own appearance and measurements.

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If you’re looking for a toy doll instead of a toy doll, you can get a Barbie, sometimes called a “zombie doll,” from an artist on Etsy. For example, Soulcraftdoll on Etsy offers many unique Barbie options. A fully designed, knotted Barbie head and body costs between $170 and $230.

If you have your own Barbie doll and want a custom face for it, UK-based company Bee Real Dolls will use your portrait to custom paint the doll’s face for $200.

Boys and girls can make a Barbie-sized doll or figure for $120 at Unfortunately, the company limits its customers to only two types of skin: white or black. After choosing your skin tone, choose your desired body size and gender. For Barbie dolls, choose a 12-inch female figure.

Then choose from over a dozen outfit options and follow the step-by-step instructions to upload a photo of your face. Unlike custom doll makers, this company uses a 3D printer to create the doll’s head. You can also choose custom packaging and the doll will be ready in just 5-7 days.

Custom Peg Doll Families

With American Girl’s Create Your Own option, you can create an 18-inch doll that looks like you or is custom-made for just $220. Each doll comes with a 6-month subscription to American Girl magazine and a custom t-shirt made with the doll you created.

Choose an American Girl doll that resembles the look you want and change the hair color, style, face shape, clothing, and personality. You can choose everything from face shape to eye color and add details like braces and hearing aids.

If you’re creative and short on cash, try customizing your own Barbie doll for your child or yourself.

If you can’t afford a custom doll or just want to mix and match features, online doll dress up, Barbie games and activities are for you. They allow you to make more Barbies in less time.

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Kids of all ages can create a virtual version of Barbie on Barbie Fashionistas Style Your Crew, the official Barbie website. You can choose hair color, clothes and accessories and have as many friends as you want. Add each member of the pattern group to the picture (you can print it and save it).

The game is free and easy to use with a simple click and drag. Modern music gives the feeling of a fashion show, and you can add your favorite male and female characters from the Barbie Fashionistas series.

Currently, Mattel no longer hosts the toy on its website. But as well as Adobe Flash games from the great era of Disney and Yahooligans, there are many online gaming sites like NuMuki.

With Barbie Style Wardrobe, you can draw designs on any phone or tablet. The app can be installed for free from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Choose a character, then dress her in hundreds of outfits, change her hair color and style, and even apply makeup.

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Take your Barbie to a photo shoot and add it to your album. If you’re on a tight budget, there are in-app purchases that can limit design options, but the free options are still varied enough to keep you entertained.

Older kids, teens, and adults should try this fun tool. Simply use the Barbie Selfie Maker, insert a photo of the person (or whatever) you want, then change the text and background color to create your own Barbie or Ken meme.

Whether you choose a paper or virtual Barbie, commission a talented artist, or create your own doll, making your own is a fun way to connect with your inner child. After all, if you can’t make your own Barbie, there should be at least one Barbie toy on the market that looks exactly like what you’re looking for. MIDDLETON, Wis., July 24, 2017 // — Calling all young designers! For the first time, girls can customize and style Truly Me

From head to toe, with clothing in kids’ and girls’ sizes, American Girl’s new online “Make It Yourself” collection. A new online tool lets girls tap into their creative side and create the American Girl doll of their dreams with never-before-seen options and over a million possible style combinations. The new premium use will be available on August 8, 2017 at and at American Girl’s flagship retail stores in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

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American Girl introduces a new online Create Your Own experience where girls can customize and style their own Truly Me dolls.

“For years, girls have been looking for more ways to customize their American Girl dolls and other products to better reflect their personalities and styles,” said American Girl President Kathy Dixon. “We’re excited to answer that call with this unparalleled design experience. The versatility and creativity offered, combined with American Girl’s trademark quality and attention to detail, set Build Yourself apart from others on the market today.”

To create a one-of-a-kind doll, girls can customize their own face shape, skin tone, freckles, eyes, hair color, hair texture, new cut, style, and more with all the fashion options, as well as special accessories like earrings and hearing aids. , glasses or sunglasses, visors. To complete the personalization, girls can choose from a set of six exclusive outfits and accessories designed for their One of a Kind doll. The collection includes a custom doll, clothing and accessory package, as well as a personalized gift box, a certificate to create a custom children’s t-shirt, and a free six-month subscription to American Girl.

In addition to unique dolls, girls can use the Build Your Own experience to create their own unique doll clothes.

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