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Design Your Own Home Games For Free – Escape room games are a very popular thing at the moment. Depending on the age of your children, it can be difficult to find a suitable one. So, I decided to make an escape room at home for my kids to try and it was so much fun. It’s a great way to distract the kids from video games and is perfect for a family game night!

First, buy a key that requires a set of numbers to unlock and can be reset to a new combination. Another idea would be to use a lock with a key and have one of your signs give a hint as to where the key is hidden. Bike racks are another option.

Design Your Own Home Games For Free

Next, I made and printed various signs and decided to use puzzles for the children to solve. I decided to make some single-digit answers (for the lockout application) and some double-digit answers in the hope that they would dismiss them and realize they weren’t needed. I also printed harder puzzles for B (age 11) to keep him engaged.

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In our DIY escape room, we decided to stick with dessert (ice cream and cookies for the girls). This seemed more useful for our kids than trying to escape an escape room.

I hid all the data in the same room (the dining room), so they were “locked” in that room so they could all figure it out. It seemed like the best way to start. These are easy options and it is good to use easier puzzles for younger children and a series of harder puzzles for older children. In this way, each child will have the opportunity to prevent one of the symptoms from being resolved.

The first sign I made (easy fix) is to use half a tube of empty paper towels, a piece of cardboard and tape. It wasn’t hard for my daughter (8) to figure it out, but it was fun to see and understand and would be perfect for younger kids.

The second sign I made was a code to decipher. The answer was “eleven” which was not needed to open the lock. I printed out the map and hid it in one part of the room and hid the code in another part of the room. They should have seen them and realized that they went together.

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The last sign was a simple code to hide in the alphabet. The answer is “seven”. S is the 19th letter of the alphabet, E is the 5th letter, V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and so on.

I thought that B (age 11), who has seen codes like this before, would automatically know that it goes in alphabetical order, but they compared it to the table from the previous sign to figure it out.

Another example I used was a math puzzle from Learn with Math Games. There are many options that you can print.

I wrote one that I knew would be a challenge, but not too sad. I put the key number in the box. This data was a two-digit number that was not necessary. Tomotato Diy Doll House, Hanging Photo Frame Mini House Kit With Furniture Birthday Gifts Diy 3d Wooden Doll House Kit Home Ornament Tabletop Decor

This jigsaw puzzle was easy to print. I wrapped it and hid it in a plant. The answer is 16, so there was no need for confusion. It was a fun addition to the data.

I circled the yellow balloon so the kids knew what numbers were needed for the key combination. I tore the paper into pieces and hid them separately around the room.

This logic puzzle game from Shake the Brain was embedded in my 11-year-old mind. He knew when he realized it wouldn’t be useful, but he still enjoyed carrying it.

I printed this sign from Brain Fans and there are a ton of different puzzles that you can print. Answers are given for each of the challenges they have.

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It was great to see the children working together and coming up with clues. After figuring out all the clues, they extracted the odd numbers and tried several combinations on the lock. N (age 8) actually put 2 digit numbers together to make a code, which I didn’t think of.

Our code was 5471. After they started trying out different combinations, I gave them a clue from the first two numbers. “The first two numbers are 1 number apart.” This helped them narrow down possible combinations. A sign like this was needed!

Finally they opened it and we had dessert. What I’ve learned is that it’s really easy to make a great escape room for kids. Printing or creating different data and then hiding it didn’t take long and it was easy to key in the code I needed. If necessary, don’t hesitate to give your children more clues or a correct answer.

There is no wrong way. There are different ways to create and hide data. You can make the signs as easy or as difficult as you need for children of different ages. We had a great time. It was a great time for the whole family.

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We are very excited to present you this Free Printable Escape Room for Kids!

I need ideas for my Harry Potter escape room suitable for 5-6 year olds.

An easy way to turn these escape room ideas (especially for toddlers) into a theme is to put character stickers on signs, have theme decorations in that room, or have your final price incorporate that theme.

This is amazing! My son is always asking me to make one and I really didn’t know where to start! This makes it so much easier!: Thanks so much for this very creative idea! This stone!

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