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Detroit Tigers’ Drag Skubal allows three runs at home in 4-3 loss to Baltimore Orioles

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Detroit Tigers rookie Pull Skubal couldn’t escape from the house.

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the Baltimore Orioles scored his third goal in the fifth game – and his third home game – as Scobal He gave up the singles in the third, fourth and fifth. The left-hander has allowed 25 home runs to over 105 scores this season.

The Tigers (50-56) didn’t provide any offensive assist for Scobal until the eighth inning, leading to a 4-3 loss to the Orioles on Friday at Comerica Park. The defeat interrupted a three-game winning streak for the Tigers and 10 successive home wins.

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Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Tarek Scopal standing on a hill like the Baltimore Orioles Pedro Severino spins the rules following a singles run at home during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Friday, July 30, 2021, in Detroit.

Detroit Tigers bowler Tariq Scobal stands on the hill as Pedro Severino of the Baltimore Orioles rounds the rules following a singles run at home during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Friday, July 30, 2021, in Detroit.

Scobal, 24, made 5 innings and allowed four runs with seven strokes and one walk with four strokes. He was replaced following 88 throws (58 hits) by right-hander Erasmo Ramirez, who finished sixth in the final without further hurt.

Against Skubal, the Orioles posted an average exit speed of 92.2 mph.

The Tigers finally scored in eighth, and they started a rally when Derek Hill tripled into the gap left of center. Using his blistering pace, he blasted off to third base in his first Big League 3-Bagger career, later scoring on the runaway Tanner Scott Stadium.

The next three hitters arrived safely: Akil Badu (single), Jonathan Scope (hit) and Robbie Grossman (walking). As Miguel Cabrera stepped onto the board, the Orioles replaced the ineffective Scott with Dillon Tate.

Cabrera crushed the ball 422 feet (with a predicted hit average of 0.780), but quarterback Cedric Mullins grabbed it at the back of the caution lane. Almost out of the Grand Slam, the sacrifice fly reduced the Tigers’ deficit to 4-2.

On a court in the dirt for Eric Haas, who, in a two-way outing, Tate threw the ball away, allowing Schupe to score and making it a one-run game. But Zach Short lined up for Shortstop to end the threat.

Right Orioles Cole Solser had the flawless ninth inning.

Good Night The Dark Knight

For a third straight start, Orioles right-hand Matt Harvey—the Mets’ 2013 NBA star, when he was named the New York City ‘Dark Knight’—given a sound performance. The 32-year-old cleared the Tigers during his six-and-a-half innings, conceding with just six hits.

Harvey was not allowed to walk and hit five hitters. He threw 58 of 81 throws for strikes.

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Baltimore Orioles pitcher Matt Harvey during the first half of a baseball game against the Detroit Tigers, Friday, July 30, 2021, in Detroit.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Matt Harvey during the first half of a baseball game against the Detroit Tigers, Friday, July 30, 2021, in Detroit.

The Tigers had their first chance to score in the third inning, with Harold Castro and Baddou standing on the corners. But Scoop broke into second base to end the threat. In the fourth, Cabrera drove a singles double into the deepest part of the right mid-gap but did not score. Jeimer Candelario flew into midfield and Haas swung to corner him.

Cabrera opened the seventh inning with one yard to center, number 2941 in his 19-year career. Candelario immediately followed with one to the right. After Haas lined up to central square, Oriole replaced Harvey with left-back Paul Frey.

Facing Fry with a one, short, pinch hitter, he went out to second base and hit Willie Castro on a swing.

The Tigers finished 8 for 33 with two runs and seven hits. They went 0 for 9 with the runners in the scoring center. With a solid performance, Harvey improved his seasonal ERA to 6.20 across 21 starts.

Homer defeated Scobal

Baltimore scored his first in the third inning, with Pedro Severino arriving straight into the center field. It gave Skubal’s quick-touch-ball — the first pitch he saw — 442 feet into the bushes.

Ryan Mountcastle did hurt in the fourth inning in a seven-court battle.

Mountcastle swung at 95 mph and lined up on its 357-foot home run to the right to advance 2-0. Severino managed to accomplish his second home run this evening, and his eighth lengthy ball this season, in the fifth game to acquire an advantage in three games.

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The Orioles tried to add more runs in the fifth inning on their own from Pat Valica and Mullins, but a visit to the hill by coach Chris Vetter seemed to remind Scobal to throw the two-contact speedball into the strike zone. Skubal used the two leads on his first move for Austin Hayes, who went into double play at the end of the turn.

In the sixth inning, Ramon Llorías scored twice for Tre Mancini, who started the half with 23, to donate the Orioles a 4-0 lead.

The single from Urias Skubal has been haunted since his debut.

Pre-match notes

Isaac Paredes (left hip strain) and companion player Nico Goodrem (left calf contusion) traveled to Triple A Toledo to begin rehabilitation assignments. Paredes entered Friday’s squad as Mud Hens’ second starting man and made a double against right-hander Brady Singer – on a rehab mission for the Royals – in the second half.

Goodrem is expected to appear in Saturday’s match.

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Defender Daz Cameron (a right toe sprain) has been on the injured list since July 7, retroactive to July 5, but could begin his rehab stint in Toledo soon.

“Hopefully, Daz is right behind them, but I haven’t gotten an update on it yet,” Hinch said.

Evan Petzold is a sports reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Contact him at or succeed him on Twitter Tweet embed. Read more on Detroit Tigers and sign up for the Tigers newsletter.

This article originally appeared on the Detroit Free Press: Detroit Tigers rookie Tariq Scopal allows three homeowners to lose 4-3


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