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Didi Westbrook beamed with a personal welcome by Kirk Cousins

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July. 29 — Shortly following he signed with the Vikings final weekend, Diddy Westbrook looked at his phone and got a surprise. The wide receiver received a text message from quarterback Kirk Cousins, welcoming him to the team.

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“I thought it was daft because obviously Kirk has been in the league for a while,” Westbrook said following his first training camp workout on Wednesday. “I’ve been watching him for a minute now. Obviously, for me to get that text message that says, ‘Hey, it’s Kirk Cousins,’ he’s excited to work with me, my heart considerate of dropped. I’m excited to be out with him too, to build that chemistry.”

This process began during a two-hour training at TCO Performance Center. However, Westbrook only existed beforetime on.

After suffering a ruptured ACL final October with Jacksonville, Westbrook is being brought back to work. He did a few solo exercises and took a few kicks, then stopped the rest of the workout.

“I’m only eight months out of surgery and obviously everything is back to where I want to be,” he said.

Westbrook lost the season during October. 25 matches. His goal was to get back prior some thought he might.

“I worked on my tail,” he said.

Vikings looking for Westbrook may be the boat’s return as well as providing depth at the receiver.

“We have a lot of talent in that room, and Diddy adds to it,” said receiver Justin Jefferson. “We have a lot of rapid players, a lot of players who can play.”

Cousins ​​said he expects to “get on the alike page quickly” with Westbrook.

Girls and protocols

Cousins ​​expressed confidence in the Vikings’ aptitude to succeed NFL vaccination protocols.

“We’re going to succeed them up and work firm with them and make sure we can play all of these games as we should,” Cousins ​​said.

Head coach Mike Zimmer wants all of his players to be vaccinated against the Corona virus, following saying that protocols will make it more firm this season for players who have not been vaccinated. Unvaccinated players will be assigned inside the training facility, where they must wear masks. They will have to test daily and will have social distancing restrictions.

Vikings players Adam Tillen, Harrison Smith and Sheldon Richardson said in June that they had not been vaccinated. His cousins ​​said afterwards that he considered his “medical history private.” He did not comment when asked Wednesday if he would ever disclose his vaccination status.

“We have protocols and everyone is sticking to them,” said linebacker Eric Kendricks, who has been vaccinated. “But I don’t expect that to be a problem for us really. We are a very disciplined team.”

“Blueprint” Dennison

Running back Dalvin Cook is happy Rick Denison stayed with the Vikings. Denison, who declined to be vaccinated, was appointed first offensive advisor because he could no longer serve as offensive line coach/running game coordinator.

“Coach Denison is a distinguished coach,” Cook said. “He’s built a distinguished foundation here, so we know exactly what the scheme is supposed to be like.”

Dennison cannot interact with Vikings players personally. Cook said he was “looking forward” to working with unused coach Phil Raucher.


Rookie Christian Darisseau (groin) did not train and Rachod Hill was the team’s first left tackle, as had been the case for spring drills. Dakota Dozier was the first team’s right-hand guard in the spring but shared that role Wednesday with Ole Udo. … Nose treatment Michael Pierce, who recently injured his left calf while training, has been competent to do some exercises. … Jefferson said he trained off-season in Miami with Cleveland receiver Jarvis Landry, occasionally with previous Minnesota receiver Stefon Diggs, and now with Buffalo. He said he admires Diggs’ “work ethic in seeing how he trains”. … Cook said he calls Olympic gymnast Simone Biles and respects her decision to “step back and focus” on her mental health.


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