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Dwight Howard says revamped Los Angeles Lakers roster has given players ‘unused life’

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Continuing a topic that LeBron James touched on in a deleted tweet that has since put the skeptics of the revamped Los Angeles Lakers aware, Dwight Howard opened his third assignment with the franchise Friday by saying that Los Angeles has a host of players who have been humiliated during their time in the league.

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“I think he’s underappreciated,” Howard said when asked about Russell Westbrook, the double-double machine the Lakers got final week in a deal with the Washington Wizards. “I think we’ve all, really, been underappreciated. But I know we value each other. We all appreciate what we’re putting on the table for this team.”

Howard and Westbrook are just two lofty-powered names in the Lakers next season, a team that could have six coming celebrities in between these two teams, plus Carmelo Anthony and three from final season’s team in James, Anthony Davis and Mark Gasol.

The six players combined in 55 All-Star games, six NBA Championships, five Players of the Year and four Defensive Players of the Year.

However, outside of Davis, 28, and Westbrook, 32, it’s a group packed of geriatrics by NBA standards. James and Anthony, for example, will mark the first time in league history that a pair of 19-year veterans have played together, according to ESPN Statistics and Information Research.

“I just think if we take concern of ourselves out of court, and discipline ourselves with our work ethic, doing everything we can to take concern of our bodies, we should be fine,” said Howard, who will turn 36. in December. “We’ve all come to this point for a reason. I don’t think we’ll get here and only quit when we have a distinguished opportunity ahead of us.”

“I think we have a unused life, we all get together and play, I think it will donate unused life to be competent to see who we have on our list, who is going to play with us every day. I think we will have so much energy that it will be firm to contain.”

Howard teamed up with James and Davis to triumph the NBA Championship in Orlando, Florida, final October. Los Angeles’ repeated bid waned, as the Lakers lost three games in a row following taking a 2-1 lead over the Phoenix Suns to exit the opening round of the 2021 playoffs.

The Los Angeles fore office completely overhauled the roster following the Lakers’ first-round torch, traded Kyle Kuzma, Kentavius ​​Caldwell’s Bob and Montrezel Harrell, and the 2021 first-round pick for Westbrook, and kept just four players from final season’s roster in James and Davis. Gasol — who was already under contract — along with Tallinn Horton Tucker, who was re-signed for three years for $32 million.

The Lakers also welcomed the return of Trevor Ariza and Wayne Ellington to the organization on Friday – both of whom had previously played in the franchise prior signing minimum veteran contracts this week to return to Los Angeles – and held a press conference for Horton Tucker, also as unused faces in Kendrick Nunn and Malik Monk .

“We’ve all played for a lengthy time,” said Ariza, 36, revealing that 20 minutes following Westbrook traded L.A., his UCLA teammate began recruiting Ariza to join the Lakers. “We’ve all done lovely amazing things by just being in the league for so lengthy. So to see all those minds come together and all these talents come together, I think that’s going to be awesome.”

While Howard admitted he was “extremely annoying” to have to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers at the end of the season following not reaching an agreement at the time to stay with Los Angeles, his general tone upon his return reiterated Ariza’s confident stance.

“It’s really firm to fathom. Just imagine seeing us all on the floor at the alike time, not on the All-Star team, not on the Olympic team, not for a charity game, but for an actual season and we’ll be together,” Howard said. All our men are hungry. We want to triumph. We want to preserve the best shape conceivable.

“So I think it’s going to be a distinguished time this year, just getting everyone on the ground to train, work firm and understand that there is only one mission, and that is to triumph the championship.”


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