East Facing Vastu House Plans

East Facing Vastu House Plans – In the modern world, people think Vastu Shastra is a myth, but actually it is not. The science of designing houses, palaces and workplaces has been adapted for centuries. Vastu Shastra offers you principles for building structures that are in harmony with natural energy, and sometimes they have specific directions, such as east-facing Vastu houses. The basic concept of Vastu Shastra is the integration of the five elements found in nature: fire, earth, water, air and sky. Together, they create a pleasant and comfortable environment for living. When these principles of Vastu are combined with proper architectural techniques, a peaceful environment can be created that brings positivity and prosperity.

In Vastu Shastra, the five elements present in the earth have a special significance associated with them. For example, heaven is about improvement and expansion, water about healing and spirituality, fire about glory and power, earth about harmony and peace, and air about joy and happiness. In this article we will focus on Vastu tips for East facing houses. It covers everything you need to know about Eastern Vastu House Plans.

East Facing Vastu House Plans

When you are at home, standing in front of the main door, the direction you expect is the direction of your home. So, if you face east when you leave the house, the house you live in is the house facing east. According to the principles of Vastu, a house facing east is considered the best house to live in. Scientifically talking about the benefits of houses facing east, the sun rises in the east so it gets enough morning sunlight. Therefore, the house facing east attracts a lot of positive energy.

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A house facing the east or built with the maximum distance to the east is believed to attract luck and fortune. Some houses, wide and low in the east, are known as the best according to Vastu Shastra.

If your house faces east, you should pay attention to the placement of the main door. Make sure that the main door is placed in the middle and not in the northeast or southeast corner of the house as it is considered inauspicious for Vastu. If the main door of your house is in the northeast corner, do not touch the corner, for this you can leave a space between the main door and the northeast wall.

If the main door faces south-east, follow these Vastu tips for south-east doors:

When decorating an east facing house in 3D plan, place your master bedroom in southwest direction and this room should be bigger than other rooms in your house. Vastu for an east facing house recommends placing the bed on the west or south wall of the room so that while sleeping, the head is facing west or south and the feet are facing east or north. If you plan to make a dressing room in your bedroom, place it on the north or west side of the room. Please note that the bathroom door must always be closed and not in front of the bed.

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According to Vastu recommendations for East facing houses, the living room should be on the North East side of the place. The north and east walls of the room should be thinner and shorter than the west or south walls. This is believed to bring prosperity both personally and professionally.

Vastu Shastra advises that the kitchen should be built in the south-east direction of the house in the east-facing house. If that’s not possible, you can go northwest to get the kitchen. But you should avoid north, west and north-east directions. When cooking, if the kitchen is in the southeast, we should face the east. Also to the west, if the kitchen faces the west. To attract positive energy, place a gas stove, oven or toaster in the southeast and a refrigerator or storage room in the southwest.

For houses facing east, the kitchen and dining room should extend to the south, west and east. The entrance door and the dining room door should not face each other. While sitting at the dining table, people should face north, west and east, while the head of the household should always face east.

If the house is facing east, the pooja room of the house should be in north east. Whether it is a 2 BHK house plan facing east or a 3 BHK house plan facing east, the pooja room should be built away from the bathroom.

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If you have a south-east facing door, place three Vastu pyramids, one on the side of the door and the third on top of the main door. You can also put Khas symbols, Om and Trishul symbols on both sides of the door.

To improve relations between friends and family, the image of the rising sun should be placed in the east. On the east wall of the living room, you can put a picture of seven horses, because it is believed to bring wealth. The color associated with air is green, which is the eastern part of the earth. Therefore, pictures depicting greenery can be placed in the east direction to attract growth. Place the Laughing Buddha statue on the left side to bring happiness and harmony to the home.

According to the vastu of the house, the best place to put a water tank is in the North East or North direction. If the water tank is on the top, it should be placed in the west or south-west direction, but according to Vastu, the water tank should not be in the center of the house.

As per Vastu, for east facing houses, open areas like balconies should face east. Because to attract positive energy, there must be a continuous source of natural light in the house. Therefore, in the house facing east, having an area open to the east brings luck and health to the inhabitants. If the left corner of your house is blocked, it can cause health problems for family members.

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To paint an east-facing house, it should be considered that the house receives enough light in the morning, and an artificial light source may be needed in the afternoon. Therefore, when choosing paint, imagine how it will look in natural and artificial light. Generally, people choose green and blue when painting their rooms facing east. The room is painted in blue and gray colors to give a cool atmosphere, while green with shades of water gives freshness to the room. If you are a minimalist, pink and white light shades will be the best choice.

According to the Vastu of the house facing East, the stairs should be in the West, Southwest or South. The staircase should not be in the north-east corner of the house as it allows sunlight to enter the house. To bring a good atmosphere to the house, the stairs should be built clockwise.

East is a symbol of life, energy and light. Because the sun rises from the east. As a result, houses facing east are considered very good and lucky for their residents.

The orientation of your home or the direction it faces is the direction you face when you step out of your home. The direction of the main entrance based on the principles of Vastu is an important and important aspect when you are planning your home. The entrance should be in the east, north-east or north. Here are the three best directions to get into the house.

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If you are inside the house and in front of the front door, this is the direction you expect to be when you leave the house. If you face east when you leave your house through the main door, you will have east facing property.

This means that when you leave your house, the direction of the compass is east, that is, the house faces east.

The East is considered a good symbol of light, life and energy, which is positive. The sun rises in the east, so it is considered a very lucky direction. A house facing east will bring good luck to its occupants.

Answer: After describing the room in natural and artificial light, the best color for the room for example

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