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East Lime’s Vice juggles Yukon’s training duties with impending fatherhood

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August. 6 — In a few months, Kyle Weiss will reconcile the demands of a Division I assistant soccer coach with the duties of a unused father.

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It’s elements of how that works with his wife Gina due in the middle of the UConn football season.

“I don’t know,” Weiss said recently. “We have to ask the kid. I hope the kid comes from Sunday to Friday and not Saturday afternoon. The due date is October 14 so the only game away from us is UMass, so I can forever get in the car.”

Weiss, the East Lyme High School graduate, will do what he did as a running coach, especially final year, with huskies.

He will make the necessary adjustments.

If the unused member of Team Weiss arrives on schedule, the baby girl – a girl – will enter the world two days prior UConn’s home game against Yale in October. Number 16 in Rentschler Field in East Hartford.

“Great timing,” Weiss said with a smile.

Weiss has learned that some things are out of his control.

Take the year 2020.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, UConn has decided to cancel the football season, one of the few college programs in the country to do so.

Huskys used time wisely, spending countless hours on skill work, strength, conditioning and team assessment.

The coaching staff is happy with the results.

“We’re excited,” Weiss said. “There is a distinct energy here.”

Weiss, who is in his fourth season on the staff of Randy Edsall, can’t wait to see his in-play debut, starting with the season opener August 1. 28 in Fresno.

This is the deepest set of runners in recent years, according to Weiss.

“These guys work really firm, really firm,” Weiss said. “If you see pictures on the internet, they look completely distinct. They’ve changed their bodies. We have to spend a whole year worrying about what we’re doing, not about any rival or anything else.”

“I have never in my life been competent to teach football from the start like we have done in the final year and a half. I think that the most beneficial thing we have is not having pressure to get all of this. Things are on time for the match. We can smash everything. We took a unique position And we turned it into a positive thing for us.”

Pre-season camp is taking place at Storms.

Kevin Mensah is working to establish a background group that includes Robert Burns, who moved on to graduate students from Miami, and freshmen Nate Carter, Brian Broughton, Defontaine Houston and Max Modest.

Mensah is the favorite for the starting job, having knocked out successive 1,000-yard seasons in 2018 and 2019. Burns, who has seen limited activity at the University of Miami and is eligible for two years, will pay for playing time. It’s firm to say how much of an impact their young backs will have because of their lack of experience.

“Kevin has been very productive for us the former few seasons,” Weiss said. “Nate Carter, looks like he’s a sophomore already, he’s been here a lengthy time. We haven’t had a season with him. He’s done a distinguished job changing his body.

“Guys like Devontae and Brian Brewton bring a pace that we’re really excited about. To add on Rob Burns, some experience from Miami, he’s 230 years old now, and that’s another addition to the toolkit. Adding Max from Texas, who I have had a chance to work with.

, but he’s been here all summer working out, he’s high, high and over 200lbs.

“These are my six companions. It’s cool. I’m so confident in the depth.”

Weiss will have the next few weeks to sort out the depth chart in this position.

Competition makes them all better and brings them together. They have already formed a close bond.

“We had them for dinner at home not too lengthy ago,” said Weiss, who lives in Manchester. “Those six struts that I have in the room, they’re the thickness of a thief. … amazing the way they are together. They’re a lot closer than they’ve been since I’ve been here.”

Without a quarterback, a Husky would need a reliable running game to be effective in attack. With the improved depth, the offensive line has a chance to be one of the team’s strengths.

Weiss believes his appearance will play its part in helping the team have a thriving season.

He has two descending aggressions in progress – one until the season opener and the other until the arrival of his first child.

He’s lucky that his parents still live in Niantic, so they can aid out.

His life-changing event – the birth of his first child – would be here prior he knew it.

“It’s going to be daft,” Weiss said.


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