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Even Google thinks Sideloading Android apps is horrible

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Image of the article titled Even Google thinks Sideloading Apps on Android is a horrible experience

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

Much is revealed when court documents are officially revealed, and in the case of Epic Games’ antitrust complaint against Google, we now know that Google has considered buying It is an electronic game express maker “Suppress this threat.” It looks like Google has also tried to convince Epic Games not to limit them It is an electronic game To sideload on Android devices, because doing so will lead to a bad user experience.

In the Court filings, which you can download and use yourself, Epic cites an inner document where Google described Epic’s plans as an “infection” for its business. The company also claims that “Google uses its size, influence, power, and money to shove third parties into anticompetitive agreements that further entrench their monopolies.”

There is no public documentation indicating that Google has approached Epic with an offer to purchase the game company, nor is there any clear timeline. Epic CEO Tim McSweeney tweeted in response to the edgeAn article on the matter stated that Google’s plan was “unknown to us at the time”.

Epic also claims that Google offered it a exceptional launch deal It is an electronic game in the Play Store. Although the details are still sealed and redacted, the document then describes how top Google Play managers have dealt with Epic about its plans to restrict Android users from loading the game.

A director called Epic’s vice president and co-founder to gauge Epic’s interest in a exceptional deal, and discussed, among other things, “the experience of getting Fortnite on Android” via direct download. The manager’s call notes note that it considered the Fortnite direct download to be “frankly bad” and a “horrible experience”, and that Epic “should be concerned that most of them won’t go through more than 15 steps.”

Elsewhere in the document, there are claims that Google has acknowledged that sideloading apps “lead to a file [po]Or user experience”, since it requires Android users more steps than installing an app directly from an authenticated app store. One Googler even went through the “installation friction” that makes direct downloading a “bad experience” for users.

Google’s bits read to Epic like a disguise as to why they must run according to the rules of the Play Store and distributed through them. There’s even a mention of how sideloading prevented users from receiving consistent app updates that were essential to game performance and security, ultimately leading to “significant user confusion”.

Epic Games is lawsuit Apple and Google to remove It is an electronic game From both app stores following being banned from using their in-game payment system. But the case has become an significant part State antitrust suit Against Google, which says its general practices are uncompetitive. The sideloading piece is fictional because the aptitude to install apps outside of the official app stores is part of what makes Android more begin than Apple platforms. But if Google is telling app developers that sideloading is horrible and pushing them to submit apps in Google Play, well, that’s not exactly in the spirit of openness. For its part, Google denies the allegations and asserts that its ecosystem is begin to all developers wishing to distribute apps securely through its app stores.


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