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Home Exterior Doors Pre-Hung Steel Front Door / Deux 1744 Natural Oak / Black Exterior Window 2 Sides & Top / Unique Painted Modern Stainless Steel Inlay-W14 + 36 + 14″ x H80 + 16″ – Inswing for lefties

Exterior Door Design For Home

Exterior Front Prehung Steel Door / Deux 1744 Natural Oak / Black Window 2 Sides & Exterior Top / Unique Painted Modern Stainless Steel Inlay-W14+36+14″ x H80+16″- Left Handed Inswing

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If you are interested in receiving a quote, please fill out the form below and click the “Request Quote” button. transforming the exterior of the home and replacing a front door that is dated or not the right style for the home. Today I’m sharing how I choose the ideal front door style for my clients, new front door costs, and I’m also sharing pictures of front door styles that will instantly update your home .

When I first look at an exterior remodeling project, most of the time, the first thing I tend to notice is that the style of the front door is outdated or the door is not the right design style for the home About 90% of the homes I’m asked to review fall into these two categories because exterior remodels are always older homes. What’s interesting is that my clients often know something is “off” outside of their home (that’s why they call me), but they can’t identify the problem when they first talk to me about the project. The reason is that it’s hard to see and be objective about our own houses and notice design/scale/date issues.

People often never consider changing their front door because they think it would be too expensive to make a change. You have a new updated front door. Of course, it’s obviously more expensive than painting/changing the color of your front door, but the benefit of instantly updating an old or incorrect door can have a huge impact on the curb appeal and curb appeal of a home. .

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One of the main reasons why exterior doors are less expensive today is that solid fiberglass doors are more available and there are many more manufacturers of doors of all types of materials than ever before. Solid fiberglass is usually less expensive and can look like solid wood when painted. While a solid wood door is beautiful, the disadvantages far outweigh the long term benefits in my opinion when it comes to wood. Wooden doors are not the most energy efficient and wood requires constant maintenance, especially if you live in humid or harsh climates. Wood can split and dry out over time (as my front door did), requiring expensive refinishing. However, if you have your heart set on a wood door, there are beautiful wood door options on the market starting at $700 and up.

This gorgeous unfinished mahogany door with glass panels below is only $799.00 through Wayfair and has great reviews.

Fiberglass door manufacturers have come a long way in recent years, and while fiberglass may seem cheap, the fiberglass exterior door option is now the most popular door material. used in new construction. In fact, I recently switched from a solid wood door to a solid fiberglass door myself because it’s maintenance free, the most energy efficient material, and can look like wood when painted. A solid fiberglass door can last up to 15 to 20 years without needing any repairs, painting or modification and the cost of a decent solid fiberglass front door starts around $500. In fact, my new solid fiberglass doors (below) cost $1,000 for a double set.

If you’ve been avoiding the idea of ​​getting a new front door because you think it would be too expensive, do some research and look at prices online for the door you want. I promise you will be amazed at the surprisingly affordable options.

Exterior Door With Sidelights

You don’t need to be a design expert to decide on the ideal front door style for your home. You just have to be open to the possibilities, and I admit they can be a challenge when we’ve looked at our homes for so long.

The first thing you’ll want to do is search for your home style on Pinterest or Google images using search terms such as; “ranch house exterior”, “modern farmhouse exterior”, “craftsman style house exterior”, etc. Search images of homes similar to the look of your home. For example, my house is Acadian style.

Once you figure out the style of your home and find pictures of homes similar to yours (it’s helpful to look at new construction), you’ll start to see a pattern of front door styles, and then you’ll start to imagine the possibilities for your home.

For my Acadian style home, the double French glass doors/windows on the front porch are a staple of the Acadian style and also the latest building trends for this type of home. If I had had two large windows and a solid wood front door, I could have easily seen after looking through similar house styles online that the solid wood door was not at all indicative of an Acadian style and would have known looking at glass front door options: If I were looking to identify the right door style for my home.

Modern Single Panel Glass Double Front Door

Some styles of home have a variety of different front door options that work. In this situation, look at the size of your home in proportion to your front door. For example, I found this new house below during the final stages of construction, and while I LOVED the house, the scale AND door style are wrong for this house. Personally, this house is a big two-story house with big windows, but the front door is just a narrow almost solid door that looks so small/narrow compared to the large size of the house. Also, the door style is a “craftsman” door style, but this house is 100% modern farmhouse. Not to mention that sometimes crossover door design styles can work. It doesn’t work at all in this case.

What should have been done is that the door casing/frame should have been opened as much as it could (you can see in the picture above that there is a lot of room and I personally saw that there was room in the two sides) and two double glazed (modern farmhouse style) or single door/large hanging glass doors.

If this house was older and I was hired to redo the exterior, this is exactly what I would have recommended. I see this situation all the time, especially in older homes where there is room to open door frames / remove side windows to add double doors or a wider door. It’s not hard to do and a good contractor can do it in a few hours. I’ll tell you from my experience, it’s a game changer and worth every penny

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