Exterior House Color Palette Generator

Exterior House Color Palette Generator – Choosing an exterior color for a home is not an easy task. In fact, I think this is one of the most challenging colors to choose. Every day I receive emails from readers asking where and how to start in choosing the right color that will complement the exterior of the house. Most of the time, readers contact me after feeling colors for weeks and not knowing how to make a final decision.

(By the way, all the pictures in this post have the name of the trim paint color at the bottom of the picture)

Exterior House Color Palette Generator

Today I thought I’d share my tips to quickly and painlessly create the perfect exterior color for your home. There are some very easy tricks that make the decision much easier and less painful. When choosing interior paint colors, I use a process of elimination and do the same with exterior colors. By eliminating undertones and shadows, your ideal paint color will stand out and you can instantly pinpoint your perfect color.

Designer Approved Interior Color Schemes To Try Now

Before I get into my tips and tricks, I’ve put together some of the best exterior trim colors I’ve found for this week’s printable color palette:

(Reminder, each color palette is a Monday printable.  It makes a huge difference to see the paint colors printed on paper versus your computer monitor. Card stock.  My palettes are not to be used to replace the paint color card, so if you see a color you like, look at the paint color card).

1) The first thing you should do when looking at changing the color of your exterior trim is to get rid of what you don’t want and decide if you want the trim color to blend with the color of the your home or whether you want it to disappear. . The color should change:

2) Once you have decided if you want your color to blend or shift, “roughly” determine the shade of color you want. If you have a brick house, you can take one of your bricks to Sherwin Williams and match the color of the brick to your dark or light shade. If you don’t have extra brick, ask Sherwin Williams for a fan deck and have the brick match the paint color to the fan deck.

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If you have multi-colored brick and want your trim color to blend and fade, I recommend choosing a brick color that is a medium shade (not light, not dark). If you want to contrast your brick color, choose a dark or light brick color that matches.

For homes without brick, go up or down a shade or two in the house paint color if you want your trim to blend in. In contrast, white (or off-white) or dark (black, dark brown or dark grey):

If you are thinking of using white, ask Sherwin Williams to add 10% pure white to your house paint color. Sherwin Williams Pure White has a white undertone, so it’s a true white and adding just a hint of your home color will ensure that the undertones stay at home. This will make a bigger difference than using white.

3) If you still have difficulty specifying the color you want, you can use the search feature by typing the color of your house in Houses (red brick, yellow house, brown brick, etc.) and it will see many more examples. Houses painted in your color for all kinds of different trim colors inspiration:

Iron Ore House Paint Palette, Sw 7069 Graphic By Concept Colors · Creative Fabrica

Also, another great source of exterior trim inspiration is to look at interior paint colors you like for possibilities. Benjamin Moore’s Fieldstone and Revere Pewter are among the most popular and universal interior paint colors used by contractors and designers:

4) Once you have decided “roughly” what color/shade you think you want, take a quarter sample of the closest color you want, paint two large pieces of poster board and tape them in front of you. Door (basically trying to hide your front door). Go out on your street and look at the color first thing in the morning, afternoon and evening. Depending on the time of day, it takes on a strange hue. Take notes on your likes and dislikes about color at different times of the day.

If your sample color and hue/undertone are correct, but the color is too dark or too light, have the paint shop mix another sample with 50% white (light) or 50% the next color. Paint paper (dark). He painted two more poster boards, taped them back to the door, and observed the color during the day.

If the color is very close to what you want but has a weird hue and undertone that doesn’t work, tell the paint shop what the problem is (too green, too blue, too brown, etc..) and let them tweak and add a specific color to compensate for the undertone. You will know exactly what to add. Once they’ve changed your color, take another swatch mix, repaint two poster boards, and stare at it for the rest of the day.

These Are The Popular Color Palettes We’ve Put In Our Homes For Almost 100 Years

I can’t stress enough how the guys at Paint Shops (Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore) can help you with this process. Most of these people have been working with paint for years and have the expertise and the amount of tools to help you get your perfect color in minutes. They want to help in any way they can and know what to add or subtract to achieve a certain color. Take a picture of your house and a few pictures of the paint colors you like, feel free to tell them what you are looking for and they will take it from there.

5) Once you’ve identified your trim color, you need to decide on the sheen of the paint. It’s really a personal preference and I wish I could get the paint.

I know I wrote a novel here, but I know many of you are struggling to choose a trim color. I hope my little tricks help take the pain out of choosing the right color. Hiring a house painter can be expensive and I know it can be intimidating because we have the idea that we hate color hanging over our heads. If you do the poster trick, you will eliminate the worry and find the color you want.

Thanks for coming along with me today, and if you missed any of the previous Color Palette Mondays, you can check them out here. Color palettes are the secret to pulling together any makeover look, but how do you create one? We’re sharing some easy steps to help you put together your palette for your next DIY project.

Easyliving Colour Schemes

If you’re not renovating from floor to ceiling, the first place to start when creating a color palette is to find out what’s available. You can easily switch blankets and throw pillows to match your new look, but you’ll need to work in your palette if standard pieces like floors and countertops aren’t going anywhere. Paying attention to the colors and tones in your room will help you create a color scheme that all flows together.

, where do you start? Sometimes you may already have a style that appeals to you – in which case, the colors and patterns you like may already be in your home. If you’re starting with a blank slate, you can find inspiration anywhere from artwork and magazines to Pinterest and Instagram. Regardless of where you look, these resources are the perfect way to get an idea of ​​colors and styles that speak to you.

You can always rely on classic schemes like monochromatic or complementary, but did you know that an emotional side works too? Color is a powerful way to infuse a space with personality, so it’s important to think about the mood you want to create. If you want a dramatic space, you can explore a bold and saturated color scheme, but if you want to create a natural color scheme, soft and soft colors will help you achieve the look. This simple trick will help you narrow down the color families and tones you want to stick to your palette.

The foundation of any palette starts with your base or primary color – the color you use the most. Since your floor makes up the largest part of your palette, it’s important to choose something that relaxes you

How To Choose Exterior House Colors: 10 Tips From The Pros

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