Exterior House Color Palette Ideas

Exterior House Color Palette Ideas – When it comes to transforming your home’s exterior, the right paint colors can make all the difference. Whether you’re looking for sleek, timeless appeal or a vibrant, eye-catching statement, we can help you find the right colors and inspiration to match your style.

From classic neutrals that exude sophistication to bold, adventurous hues that showcase your personality, our curated collection of exterior color ideas will help spark your creativity and enhance your home’s curb appeal. Browse the home exterior inspiration gallery by color family, mood and style for a wide range of color palettes and stunning visual examples to find the perfect paint colors for your home’s exterior transformation.

Exterior House Color Palette Ideas

Find your perfect color! Explore, coordinate and preview your color options in room images. Our tool makes it easy.

Top 10 Exterior House Colors For 2023

Need help finding the perfect color? Easily create the mood you want for your room with the latest color tool from .

Here you’ll find inspiration, color tools, design tips, and more to help you find color for your next project.

The following products are required for proper preparation of uncoated and pre-coated concrete surfaces. Available only at Home Depot.

The 9″ x 1/4″ polyester adhesive film coating has a hard texture, making it ideal for applying all types of adhesives to smooth surfaces. Can be used for dotting and applying sand colors.

Exterior House Colors For 2022: 10 Eye Catching Trends

*Important disclaimer: The coverage calculator results should only be used as an estimate. Process Corporation cannot guarantee that you will obtain appropriate results without verifying its measurements and assumptions.

Matte gloss has a low-shine reflective finish that is durable, easy to clean, feels good to the touch and also hides minor surface imperfections.

Eggshell glaze gloss has a soft, velvety appearance that resists dirt and grime as well as mold.

High-gloss enamel glazes provide a glossy appearance and a durable glass-like finish that wipes away dirt and grime.

Blue Exterior House Paint Shades You’ll Love

Matte gloss is non-reflective and easy to apply and touch. This will reduce the appearance of minor surface defects.

The sheen of satin enamel creates a mother-of-pearl finish that is durable and stain-resistant. It will also resist moisture, fading and stains.

Semi-gloss polish is smooth and shiny with a hard, durable finish. It is designed to withstand wear and tear, as well as resist moisture, fading and stains.

Glossy enamel has a glossy appearance and a durable glass-like finish that allows you to wipe away dirt and grime. If you’re looking for exterior painting ideas and color schemes for your home, consider the following guidelines:

What Popular Exterior House Colors Sell Best? We Asked Experts

Black exterior paint colors are being requested all the time by our customers this year. They look especially beautiful when there is a lot of vegetation. This mockup shows dark and light gray paint colors with black shutters and white trim. Balance the garage door with the lighter black. Oyster White is a great color for a “white” finish. It’s warm enough to handle darker colors.

When specifying white trim colors, be sure not to use too much white. A beautiful white interior color like Chantilly Lace can look bright and striking when you bring it outside.

This is a great palette to use alone or combined with stone or brick. You can use it with white or black window frames.

This is another palette that looks great with lots of green foliage or in wooded terrain. It is in harmony with nature and looks epic. It’s dark, dramatic and beautiful. I prefer this palette with a warm brown roof and black window frames, but it could also look good with a gray or black roof.

Exterior House Colors 2021

This combination is best with black windows. White windows can look too austere. The ceiling can be medium gray, black or even brown.

This palette is one of the most requested. This is great because you can use black or white vinyl windows. For more information on the farmhouse white color scheme, see the link here.

Such a combination of white colors looks beautiful. Note that the facade, soffits and trim are the same white as the garage. This is a beautiful color combination that will look just as good today as it will in 20 years. An added bonus is that since you don’t need to seal as many parts of the house, labor costs are much lower than with other color combinations. You can use it with stone or red brick, and it goes well with almost any front door color.

Oyster White is a darker white that is soft and cool in the sun. I’m always amazed at how Uncertain Gray looks light blue on the outside but never looks shimmery. Cyberspace is a beautiful dark, almost black paint color that flashes blue outside. Use cyberspace for a front door. If your garage doesn’t take up much of your front facade, you can paint it in cyberspace. I took a large section of the front of the garage door and then painted it Oyster White.

Exterior Paint Color Ideas For Your Home

A navy blue house is one of the most timeless color palettes we see, and it’s absolutely beautiful. You can use it with any color roofs and black or gray shutters. I prefer a red front door, but it can also be combined with any other color you like. My neighbor across the street had a navy blue house and I loved looking at it from the front porch. I think I liked it more than they did.

We like to use BM Classic Gray OC-23 as the white exterior paint. Outside in the sun, it looks like a soft, clean color.

Hale Navy is my favorite navy color for home exteriors. It looks very dark inside, but when you pull it out, it has depth and nice color. Photos simply cannot capture the beauty. This color does not have a Sherwin-Williams equivalent and does not copy well. If you want Hale Navy, just buy the Benjamin Moore version.

As long as the window borders remain white, you can combine it with white or black windows. For more information on blue exterior color combinations, see the link here.

The Best Exterior Paint Colors For Florida Homes

If you’re looking for something classic and timeless with a primary and secondary color, this is a nice combination. Navy blue looks beautiful with grays and this burgundy red door is epic. If you have white trim around the windows, you can use this palette with white or black windows. It looks good with black, gray or brown ceilings. The red brick and warm stone are also nice.

It is as classic and timeless as any exterior color combination. Looks great alone or with red brick or stone. We prefer shades of gray with a hint of green, such as SW Fawn Brindle, SW Attitude Grey, BM Kendall Charcoal or BM Chelsea Grey.

Black shutters are perfect forever. You could paint the garage door black, but it can detract from the look if it’s too big. This pink front door elevates the color palette with an unexpected pop of color.

This year we’re seeing beautiful palettes centered around rustic whites and blacks. We still love classic, timeless palettes with grays and blues.

The 10 Most Popular Colors For The Exterior Of Your Home

Regardless, don’t forget to check your paint colors. This is standard best practice. Every time I check my paint colors they are perfect and without checking they turn out to be wrong. Learn how to test your paint colors here.

NEVER, EVER use a different brand of color matches than the ones you will be using. The results are poor and there is no standard for gloss. Even if your painter really believes it can be done, don’t do it. That’s why it’s best to work with an outside paint color consultant. See the color combination results here.

If you still need help with paint colors, check out our online color consultation packages or in-person color consultations in the Denver metro area.

We love your comments! Please note that the blog is intended to provide general advice and cannot provide specific answers to your painting questions. If you want more specific advice, consider booking a color consultation. Thank you for your understanding.

Stunning Exterior Home Colors

The goal is to help clients fall back in love with their homes through intentional paint color combinations. He founded the company based on his passion for color and his ability to make a house a home.

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