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Families lost the internet for an average of two days final year as the number of outages tripled

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“The outages have affected the country like never prior over the former 12 months, with many people complaining of three times the connection being lost compared to the previous year,” said Ernest Dukow, broadband expert at

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“The first thing to do if you think you are experiencing a power outage is to check if it is a problem with your router, which can often be fixed with a simple reset.

“If the issues are clearly out of your control, contact your service provider and they will be competent to tell you about any issues in your area, hopefully within the estimated time to resolve them.

“If your connection is lost for more than two days, you may be entitled to compensation of just over £8 per day. Most of the big UK broadband providers have signed up for Ofcom’s automatic compensation scheme, so you should be covered.

“These rules have been relaxed during the pandemic as providers have focused on keeping the state running, but from July the scheme will be up and running again.

“If you’re having frequent issues or aren’t satisfied with your suppliers’ response, do an online comparison and see what alternatives are available in your area.”


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