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Fury from both sides of the corridor on the location of the yellow star

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Spend five minutes in the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art’s Holocaust exhibit and the gravity of the yellow star is as heavy as a black hole, so when a post on the Oklahoma Republican Party’s Facebook page used a yellow star to link it to persecution for being vulnerable.

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“Well, it’s considerate of shocking to see it, it’s really unbelievable,” said Tulsa Jewish Federation Executive Director Aida Nozick, amazed at trying to compare one thing to another.

“It underestimates what happened during the Holocaust and certainly insignificant issues of remembrance of the lifeless and Holocaust survivors,” she said.

“My initial reaction was overwhelming disgust,” said Alicia Andrews, chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, also perturb by the star’s use.

“Instead of taking this real resurgence of the epidemic seriously and looking for their constituents, they decided to politicize it with insulting members of our Jewish community, it is disgusting,” she said.

News Channel 8 tried to contact the OK GOP Facebook page and several local GOP members, but to no avail.

“Which suggests they probably know how disgusting a post is, and how irresponsible because you don’t create a post like that and then you’re scared to get behind it,” Andrews said.

However, here she is. A post Nozick would like to remove.

“Sure, they should remove it immediately,” Nozick said.

On Friday evening, several members of the Republican Party began issuing statements denouncing the mail:

“It is irresponsible and mistaken to compare the effective vaccine — developed by President Trump’s operation, Warp Speed ​​— with the horrors of the Holocaust. People should be free to choose whether to get the vaccine,” said Governor Kevin Stitt, First Lieutenant Kevin Stitt. But the unvaccinated should never be compared to the victims of the Holocaust.” Government. Matt Bennell, Senator. Jim Inhofe, Senator. James Lankford, Congressman Markwayne Mullen, Oklahoma Senate Pro Tempor Greg Tritt and Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCaul said in a statement. subscriber.

“The Holocaust is one of the most horrific periods in our history. Comparing employer-mandated vaccinations to the Holocaust is a gross exaggeration that the Republican Party should ,blame. Republicans stand on the principles of individual liberty and personal responsibility. Vaccines should forever be voluntary and never imposed but comparing it to the Jewish Holocaust demeans Of the families who lost loved ones and survivors. The Tulsa County Republican Party supports our Jewish community and reproaches comparing vaccine mandates to the Jewish Holocaust,” said Rhonda Voilemont-Smith, Tulsa County Republican Chair.

“The Holocaust remains the greatest genocide in the history of the modern world and must be remembered as such. Many heroic generations prior our era stood boldly against bad incited by acts of tyranny. This latest publication by the Oklahoma Republican Party offends survivors and victims, Of the Holocaust, so do the Jewish people.The Republican Party of Oklahoma believes in limited government, individual liberty, and personal righteous responsibility.We believe that Oklahoma is a land of opportunity for all people who work firm and abide by sincere and equal laws.Oklahoma residents strive every day to concern for their families, participate in their communities, and support each other. Vaccines must remain voluntary and not be forced in Oklahoma. Oklahoma residents must forever exercise personal responsibility to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. Equivalent to the possibility of private entities requiring their employees to receive them, said Shane Jameson, Oklahoma Republican Vice President Shane Jemison. The COVID-19 vaccine against the Holocaust is an abhorrent, shameful, blatant distortion of the Republican Party and its values ​​here in Oklahoma and nationwide. “.


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