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Georgia Taylor Brown wins silver in triathlon, while British rugby and rugby hockey teams modestly triumph

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“My training went really well even though I knew I had it all in the bag. It’s not flawless, it’s not what I wanted. But I think I put myself in really pleasing shape and I was as fit as I could have been on the starting line today. with the conditions it encountered.

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FOr Duffy, it was justified for his choice to contest the tiny Atlantic island following Britain tried to recruit the dual citizen, whose parents were from Burnley and the Lake District. She also spent four years in a boarding school in Devon.

“I was born and raised in Bermuda, which is where my heart is,” she said following doubling the country’s Olympic medal tally following taking a boxing bronze in 1976.

“I think the whole of Bermuda is going daft. That’s what makes it so exceptional to me, yes that was my dream, but I also knew it was bigger than me. I feel like I won this for everyone back home.”

It was Taylor Brown’s British teammate, Jes Learmonth, who set the beforetime pace, breaking first from a choppy swim in seawater, prior a leading group of seven quickly formed at the start of the 40-kilometer bike race. Candidates for the medal had already appeared and Britain was doubly represented.

Learmonth and Taylor-Brown had been here prior on this particular track, and crossed the finish line side by side to claim what they thought was a triumph at the Olympic Test event in 2019, only to be disqualified from their gesture.

Based in Leeds, the pair train regularly in the alike grueling Yorkshire Dales that propelled the Brownlee brothers to so much glory. “It’s crowded, clear and windy – especially in the winter,” said Learmonth. It also turned out to be the flawless setup for this race.

As their male counterparts were forced to deal with sweltering temperatures on Monday, the weather turned a packed turn to deal with the treacherous conditions for women.

Many failed. While the renegade group walked away from any handling errors during the course, a number of those chasing slipped on a wet surface and crashed.

Then came Taylor Brown’s defining moment in the race. The tire exploded, she had no choice but to slow down, and watched the lead group pull off.

She entered the race with a goal on her back as world champion following winning a one-time race in Hamburg final September. The strange circumstances of this race meant that she initially refused to accept the award because she did not consider the race a “proper” world championship. It was only later that I realized the firm work I put in to earn it.

Her shortfall of four women had her 22secs ahead of the start of the race, but she quickly missed out on their advantage. First, Learmonth passed – who would eventually slip into ninth place – then Germany’s Laura Lindemann, and finally, following entering the final lap, passed American bronze medalist Katie Zafris.

Only tyrannical Duffy remained out of reach, Bermuda sought the lead and made history for her little nation.

Many will wonder what it could be. But what actually happened was also amazing.


Put Germany in the second half of the second semester to beat the GB

Written by Tom Carey, Tokyo’s Chief Sports Correspondent

GB captain Adam Dixon said he wants to see “more fighting” from his team following a disappointing 5-1 defeat to Germany in torrential rain in Group B on Tuesday. But he insisted there was no need to panic, calling the result a “hiccup” in a lengthy tournament.

With the top four teams from each group advancing to the quarter-finals, and with GB already beating South Africa and Canada, it is almost positive that Danny Kerry’s men will advance to the playoffs.

But they will want to finish as lofty as conceivable in their group, thus avoiding a potential showdown with the Australian group giants. Britain will play the Netherlands on Thursday and Belgium on Friday.

After Phil Roper’s goal in the first quarter, from a magnificent pass by Liam Ansel, Germany dominated the match. Florian Fox equalized from a corner late in the first quarter and went on to score a hat-trick, with Jan-Christopher Rohr and Justus Wigan the other scorers.

Dixon said he was very unhappy with the way the team reacted following he scored two goals. Playing for England in the EuroHockey semi-finals final month, they had taken the match to Germany, eventually losing a tight match 3-2, but on this occasion GB lost his grip.

“I wish we had seen them get together when we scored two goals, we got close to each other as a team and really canceled it,” he said.

“I didn’t think we had that much of a fight in us today which is considerate of…when we struggle we go back to being pleasing buddies and cancel it. So I was hoping to see more of that.”

“But the positive is that we can still improve tenfold from what we have done in this tournament so far. We are not at the peak yet and if we can start putting the pieces together from the jigsaw, the next two games will be very exciting.”

The fact that other big-name teams struggled beforetime in the tournament suggests that local conditions were having an effect, Dixon said.

“You can look at this match in isolation as a bit of a shocking result but the Dutch struggled in periods, the Germans prior this match, India suffered against Australia…so there were some issues for the teams.

“The heat does weird things. I like to think that the work we did in the UK in the heat chambers puts us in a pleasing position. I still feel in control of parts of that match and if we’re sharper we triumph more corners and get more shots on the The goal, the result would have been distinct. It’s simple for me to say now I think, but I don’t think we exploded like some teams in this tournament.

“We can’t take that match in isolation because we started on a positive note. That’s the hiccup, so to speak. It hurts more than the fact that it’s Germany. But we have to belong to ourselves now because we’ve had two big matches against Holland and Belgium. Let’s try to finish a stage,” he concluded. This pool is in a powerful position. We are kicking ourselves following this result today but we have to change it in 48 hours.”

Seven rugby

Fiji lives up to the favourite with a confirmed bid for GB

Great Britain suffered a 33-7 defeat to Olympic champion Fiji in the Seven Class B Rugby Championships at Tokyo Stadium.

Both teams have already competent for the quarter-finals, but Fiji put in their best performance in the tournament to take the lead.

The rematch in the Rio 2016 final saw Fiji dominate as they ran into first-half attempts from Asayili Tuifuaka, Ciri Maqla and Jyota Winkulu.

Although Ben Harris claimed a consolation attempt around Dan Pepe beforetime in the second half, Fiji went down two more times and set up a gold mark ahead of the quarter-finals later on Tuesday.

Fourth day, morning session, as it happened


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