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German startup Alpha Alpha raised $27 million in the first round to build OpenAI in Europe – TechCrunch

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With Microsoft now an investor in OpenAI, the field is now more begin to unused rebels in the begin source AI arena. Now a German company is hoping to take on the next AI role and produce something similar to the success of the GPT-3 AI model.

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German AI startup Aleph Alpha has raised €23 million/$27 million in Series A funding co-led by Early Bird VC, Lakstar and Yuvic Partners. After an initial €5.3 million round from LEA Partners, 468 Capital and Cavalry Ventures in November 2020, Aleph Alpha has now raised a whole of €28.3 million (people at $33.3 million).

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, Aleph Alpha was founded in 2019 by Jonas Andrules and co-founder Samuel Weinbach.

The idea behind Aleph Alpha is that it researches, develops, and “runs” big AI systems toward generalizable AI, offering AI models of scripts, vision, and strategy similar to GPT-3. The platform will power a public API that will enable the public and private sectors to conduct their own AI experiments and develop unused business models.

The team says it will have a powerful commitment to begin source communities (such as Eleuther.AI), academic partnerships, and will shove “European values ​​and ethical standards,” it says, “to support equitable access to modern AI research — aimed at countering “democratization” and monopoly loss of control or transparency.” It is clear that this step aims to be a grounded stake in the international world of artificial intelligence development.

It is also clear that there is an “European Union” angle happening here.

One of Alpha’s main messages is that it will aim to be an “EU-based sovereign computing infrastructure” for the private and public sectors in Europe. In other words, they want to position themselves firmly in the EU under EU law and the General Data Protection Regulations and regulations. It may prove to be “Fortress Europe” beneficial to the company.

Jonas Andrules, CEO and founder of Aleph Alpha, said: “Aleph Alpha’s mission is to enable accessibility, ease of use, and integration for big European multilingual and media AI models that succeed the likes of GPT-3 and DALL-E, leading to innovation in interpretation and alignment. The funds are significantly accelerating the process of bringing the latest generation of AI technology into practice and securing digital sovereignty for public and private sector partners in Europe and beyond.”

Dr. Hendrik Brandeis, Co-Founder and Partner, Early Bird: “We are excited to partner with the distinguished team around Jonas and Samuel in their vision to develop one of the most transformative platform technologies of our time and bring Artificial General Intelligence to reality – Made in Europe. They are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the latest research and real-world applications, unleashing amazing potential across industries.”

Dr. Klaus Hummels of Lakestar commented: “The latest developments towards artificial general intelligence – autonomous, fieldless systems delivering task performance beyond human capabilities – especially in the realm of big language models, provide us with glimpses of the enormous promise of AI for the coming. To step up its game to secure access to technologies with enormous and profound transformative potential. We have been impressed by the results Aleph Alpha has provided so far. We believe Alif Alfa has the right people and ambition to deliver generalized models of AI that are as innovative as their counterparts in the United States and China.”


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