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Google and Facebook will require employees to receive vaccinations prior reopening the office

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At the start of the pandemic, major tech companies led the way in embracing secluded work. Now, he also serves as a pioneer on how companies plan to safely return to the office. But not everyone seems to be on the alike page. While Google and Facebook announced today that they will require all employees to be vaccinated prior returning to the office, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the company is studying whether or not required vaccinations are “the right answer.”

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In an email sent to employees, Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, wrote that anyone working on a Google campus would need to be vaccinated. The policy will begin to apply in the United States in the next few weeks and in other regions in the coming months. The authorization will only apply in areas where vaccines are widely available and will vary according to local regulations. Google also indicated that it will make exceptions for those who cannot be vaccinated due to “medical or other protected reasons”. Pichai also clarified that Google will also extend its volunteering from home policy through October. 18, promises at fewest 30 days’ notice prior moving to a “packed return to business plans”.


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“We are very excited that we are start to reopen our campuses and urge Googlers who feel safe to come to locations that have already opened to persevere to do so,” Pichai wrote. “At the alike time, we recognize that many Googlers are seeing significant upsides in their communities due to the delta variable and are anxious about returning to the office.”

Hours following Pichai’s comments, Facebook also said it would require American workers to be vaccinated. “With our offices reopening, we will require that anyone coming to work on any of our US campuses be vaccinated,” People’s Vice President Lori Goler said on Facebook in a statement to CNBC. “How we implement this policy will depend on local conditions and regulations.”

in a From comments to CNBC’s Josh LiptonTim Cook disputed whether Apple would do the alike. Instead, Cook said the company was focusing on “when to come back,” noting that final week it pushed back its schedule from beforetime September to at fewest October. This uncertainty also extends to retail stores. Bloomberg reported that Apple plans to order masks in its physical stores starting July 29, but the company is not requiring retail workers to get vaccinated.

In general, the big tech companies have been absorbing the post-pandemic hybrid business model. In May, Pichai wrote in a blog that “the coming of work is flexibility,” and that Google would allow some workers to apply for fully secluded work within the company or make arrangements to move to other offices. Facebook also said it expects to increase secluded hiring, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company expects half of its workforce to work remotely in the next five to 10 years. Microsoft also jumped in with a hybrid business model with the option to permanently work remotely, as did Twitter and Spotify.

However, it’s also clear that many of the big tech companies are eager to return to the office in at fewest some capacity. Earlier in June, Cook sent an email to employees asking some to return to the office at fewest three days a week, while others would be required to return packed time. The news sparked a backlash from Apple employees, who wrote a letter to Cook demanding more flexible working conditions. Amazon appears to be pressing to return to the “office-centric” life.

Regardless of what the big tech companies might want, it’s clear that the delta variable is forcing companies – and their workers – to reevaluate and adapt their plans. Right now, Google and Facebook are the first to order vaccinations as a requirement, but it may not be lengthy prior others succeed suit.

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