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Home Design Makeover Online Free – At the age of 16, I decided to start studying interior design for the reason that everyone wants to learn about interior design. My room is dirty and I want to decorate it. So I bought two interior design books: Domino’s Book of Decorating and Elements of Style (obviously Emily’s book isn’t out yet, right???) and “What computer program do professional interior designers use?” Googled it. Google took me directly to a program called AutoCAD, so I immediately downloaded the free trial. My thought process was, if I could teach myself Photoshop, how hard would it be to teach myself this? After hours of watching free tutorials online and playing around with it, I realized it was too difficult, so I used a good old fashioned sketchbook to draw the layout of my room. Flash forward and 6 years later. I started working on an interior design blog –– no –– an interior design blog –– I have a confession to make: I walked into EHD’s office using computer programs that interior designers don’t really do. Know how to use it.

So let’s start by answering the million dollar question: What programs do interior designers really use?? Here at EHD we use several different programs. Julie (who went to an actual interior design school) uses SketchUp and AutoCAD, but mostly Photoshop and Google Slides. I’ll say it again, which is more appropriate for this post. The EHD team uses 3 expensive professional programs and GOOGLE SLIDES. I couldn’t believe the news. It’s a free program that most people already have on their computers and use. If you don’t know how to use it, it works like PowerPoint or Keynote and is very easy to learn. So when designing my studio apartment, I revived my Google Slides skills and started. I ended up with this:

Home Design Makeover Online Free

Now, I have to say two things here. First, If you’ve been following along on my studio apartment adventure; You may notice that this mood board is completely different from the two versions we showed you before. Because I designed and redesigned this mood board about 300 times. I know I “probably” but 300 isn’t really an exaggeration. But one of the main advantages of doing this kind of thing in Google Slides is that it’s very easy to change furniture pieces and you can see the whole evolution of the room if you want to go back to where you started. , you can. I will explain in detail a little later. But how a room is laid out with Photoshop and Google Slides is not a 3-D rendering with “wall” or “perspective”. As you can see above, this is the view from my bedroom wall or living room. Now I will show you another wall in my apartment. We’ll show you a wall that takes it from real life to a real design project.

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I’m sure you’ll get it at this point. But you can do as much as you want. I have walls at every corner; But that’s because of me.

I want to see all the details before I commit to big layouts and designs. So now that you understand exactly what I’m going to teach, it’s time to put it into practice. If you’re into that sort of thing, I’ve made a video tutorial (note: it plays after an ad), but it explains everything, so skip it.

Google Slides is free and easy to use. As I said, Basically PowerPoint or Keynote (which you can use if you want); But Google Slides makes it a little easier to share and edit them with others (this is especially helpful if you’re designing with roommates!), so the first thing to do is to start a new presentation – it should look something like this when you start.

I like to give a page with a title; But frankly, you don’t have to. Click on the little plus sign in the top left corner and create a new blank slide (no text boxes) and you’re pretty much ready to start adding product (yes, it’s that easy).

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The next step is to start creating your space from the ground up (literally), so start from the ground up. Take a photo of your apartment or…

If you register your house or apartment or any design you are designing online. Google it and pull up those professional real estate photos.

So I found a professional photo of my apartment listing and took a screenshot of the floor. Don’t worry if you can only screenshot a small part of the floor due to furniture and things not in the photo. Take as many screenshots as you can. Then drag that jpeg into your Google Slides presentation and copy your image multiple times (as shown below) until you’ve created the entire overlay. Remember that once you add in the furniture pieces (wall paneling, tile, etc.) it applies to so many things that it’s even more important to get it right.

Have your photo stretch and shape the floor (or wallpaper, tile, etc.) to try to fit it across your screen.

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If you don’t know how to take a screenshot on your computer. Where you are going (important). If you’re on a Mac; Press ‘SHIFT’ ‘COMMAND’ and ‘4’ at the same time; Then drag and select where you want to take a screenshot. If you are using PC or iPad or something else. Here you can find an article that teaches you how to take a screenshot on any device, or a YouTube tutorial for your specific device. Once you’ve taken a screenshot, it usually ends up on your computer’s desktop automatically, and you can access it there.

Once you know how to take a screenshot (and where to find your screenshots), You can do the same as you did with the wall surfaces (my walls are white so I left the background blank). Next is to add architectural features to the space. Therefore, for example, If you have a window Take a photo of the window; (or again, take a screenshot of a photo of your apartment/home’s online listing) upload it to your computer; Then drag it into your Google Slides presentation; Cut it. Resize to fit the room. the walls pillars, smoke detectors; You can also use the “Shapes” tool in Google Slides to add trim (don’t forget your trim), etc. Then, if you have that base, this is what it will look like (but frankly, this looks like your place, not mine).

Now that you have the foundation, you can furnish your room to your heart’s desire. It’s easier said than done – trust me! I understand – I’ll give you some useful tips on how to do it (and make it look good). We did the fun part;

First, I recommend starting with furniture you already have/want to use; You can take photos of your items in your apartment or if you have something to sell online. You can screenshot furniture with fragments (the second option is cleaner and better). for example, We have 2 pieces of art and a World Market dining room set that we got off of Craigslist. But luckily they are all sold online, so I took screenshots of each item from the respective online stores. Here’s what our current dining chairs look like online (oh, you’re selling them! They’re so comfortable and I highly recommend them). Then a screenshot of the chair on a gray background (not the whole page).

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I highly recommend looking for as minimal background images as possible (like the gray background in the photo above) before taking your screenshot. This will make the next step easier.

So now you should have a screenshot of your furniture on your computer’s desktop; But it’s not ready to go to your Google Slides presentation; Here’s what you need to do next…

“How to remove backgrounds from screenshots?” This question is still worth millions of dollars. people The answer isn’t Photoshop (although you can use Photoshop to pick up backgrounds, but I often do), this option I’m going to show you is really easy and free. These are instructions for Mac users; But if you have a PC, you can follow this video to succeed.

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