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House Design Assam – It was after the great earthquake of 1897 that the British colonial administrators in Assam developed the Assam style house design. The purpose of this plan was to combat such disasters. Let’s take a look at some Assam home style ideas that you can incorporate into your home:

Authentic Assamese House Designs to Study 1. Traditional and Authentic Assamese House Designs

House Design Assam

These are traditional affordable houses that are very different from those that are fashion and world oriented. Beauty and design here are all-encompassing and practical. The use of Ikra, wood, reeds and clay plaster gave these buildings the strength to survive the passage of time.

Bedroom Design Ideas

You will be amazed at the versatility and durability of these Assamese style houses that never break or get damaged. Its very design reminds us of how our ancestors lived in the world. With this home design, you don’t have to worry about going outside!

You can trace the authenticity and reliability of ancient Assamese architecture in the construction of modern buildings. The focus here is on a combination of natural products. To get the best of both worlds, you can add natural materials such as wood, bamboo, brick and plaster to your modern home design.

As you can see in the picture, the outer walls and roof structure are made in the Assam style of the house. This is suitable for places where the weather can change a lot. Most importantly, it creates another security blanket for you and your family. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of such house designs in Assam.

These houses were also built by the people of the Himalayan region. These buildings derive their names from the Chang tribe of Assam.

An Indian Traditional House Of Assam Stock Image

One of the most important features of these houses is the 5-7 steps to achieve Assam style house design. This is done in order to protect their houses from floods and heavy rains. The painting is traditional, has a special warmth and attractiveness.

Another prominent feature of the Assam style house design is the front porch, large verandah and steep roof. Such designs are preferred by people who like to have large outdoor spaces, such as large balconies or large gardens.

If you have a big family, you can make a beautiful Assam style house with this idea. This layout has a central hall with a spacious kitchen that is suitable for large families.

The walls are plastered with bamboo or reeds or clay. These are low budget house designs in Assam that suit your budget and provide a high quality plan. Don’t miss the extensive use of brick that gives the entire space a vintage feel.

Unique Journey Of Assam Type Houses

It is a misconception that you can use Assam style house design only for mud houses. This luxurious Assam style new bungalow design incorporates the benefits and advantages of natural materials. It uses natural materials such as wood, caviar and dirt that can protect your home from the elements.

Raised on a slope, the luxurious design of the royal bungalow combines modernity with authenticity. You can see that this bungalow design has been adopted by several homeowners today.

This is for you if you want a modern interior design for your living room while maintaining the coziness and warmth of a traditional home. The wooden walls and floor and the medieval style of the living room are the most beautiful parts of this place. It blends perfectly with the architecture of the Assamese house.

With comfortable and soft sofas, warm carpets and large windows, this place is all about comfort and a special charm that is hard to find in modern houses. If you adopt this style, keep the interior to a minimum and focus on the beauty of your living space.

Green Homes: Modern Style 2 Storyed Kerala Home 2450 Sq.feet

The main objective of incorporating modern architecture into traditional Assamese architecture is to respect the environment. While you can incorporate various materials to make your home more weatherproof, you should also invest in things that make the environment sustainable.

Check out this simple brick fireplace with large logs and modern fireplace decor. Don’t miss how the interiors have become modern with the use of light furniture and small accents such as glass, plants, baskets and candles.

Beautiful Assam style house designs consist of fields, slopes and vaults. This could be a great example of a small but successful restaurant.

You can achieve this by combining a low ceiling with wooden decorations. Floor-to-ceiling windows also welcome natural light into the space. The immediate appearance of such a place will fill your heart with joy and make you feel at home.

Craftsman Style House Plan

It’s an interesting and beautiful interior design idea for people who want a space that isn’t modern or tech-savvy. People are turning to indoor units in their modern homes because of the constant beauty, safety and comfort they provide.

This bedroom may be small, but it has all the essentials impressively painted. That’s why many people love them. Assam home design is about shape, design, style and love for nature. These wooden beds, wardrobes and well-designed walls combine it.

Another style includes bright lights and chandeliers on the vaulted ceiling, wooden floors, wardrobes and modern bedroom design. Incorporating a large headboard design is a modern trend in high-end home design.

As in Assam, you can use solid walnut, fir or larch wood to decorate and ensure the authenticity of traditional spaces. For a modern bathroom interior design, you should consider a combination of a well-designed dressing table and unusual wooden frames.

Featured House Plan: Bhg

Using wooden structures in your modern spaces will attract the attention of everyone who comes to your home. Not only will it create a stylish plan, but it will also work, as solid wood is resistant to moisture.

Today, it is not difficult to build a house. You need to use these ideas wisely and apply them in your modern homes to get the best of both worlds. This is why Assam house designs are gaining popularity.

You may be wondering why you would need to design house plans in Assam in cities outside of cities and metros. The idea of ​​Assam house design is not only about safety and uniqueness, but also about using the facts of these buildings in a modern style.

To learn more about Assamese architecture and get expert advice on how to incorporate some of these designs into your modern home, contact the experts at

Assam House Design: Types Of Traditional Houses In Assam

Some of the most popular types of Assamese house architecture are made using building blocks such as Ikra, Chang, bamboo, clay and plaster.

They are built to withstand earthquakes as well as other natural disasters. This includes floods and landslides that affect the northeastern part of the country to stabilize the building.

The roofs of Assamese houses are generally pitched and curved. Such a roof protects the house from heavy rains and floods. These roofs also prevent leaks in the house and the collection of rainwater on the balcony.

The actual height of an Assam style house is 3.5 meters and is usually one or two stories. Standard walls are up to 20% thicker and use different flooring materials.

Cottage Plan: 551 Square Feet, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom

These materials include floorboards in wooden houses and clay plastic in rural areas. Assamese houses have places that protect them from heavy rains. As part of my #RealHomesTour project for #IndianHomes, I interviewed the parents and visited their beautiful and ancient home in Guwahati, Assam.

In the heart of Guwahati Valley, Assam, Thakuria House is a beautiful and impressive three-storied, decade-and-a-half-old building spread over half an acre. Pallavi Thakuria and Nripen Thakuria, the owners of this beautiful and modest four-bedroom house, are pleasant and friendly people as they show us around the house. The rooms here are large and well decorated, and the balcony overlooks the beautiful garden below.

In the design of this bungalow in Assam, the Thakuriyas took the full beauty of Indian decor mixed with modern touches. The result is a streamlined look, heavily influenced by Indian aesthetics, but keeping it modern in every sense.

Ebony, teak and mahogany are common in India among other wood species. This was used in the construction of this Assamese home furniture. Although the furniture design is Indian, the decorations and accents are inspired by British colonial works.

Top Residence Interior Designers In Guwahati

The charm of colonial woodwork permeates every room, Mrs. Takuria is often said to have a passion for woodwork. From the furniture in every room to the windows and doors, to the ceiling in the bedroom, there is woodwork in every room.

“When we were planning the design of the house, I was sure that all the rooms would use solid wood. If you see the master bedroom and continue

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