House Design For Village

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Here you can see 2000 sq ft floor plan and single storey house for rural area. The total area of ​​the land is 2100 square meters (50 feet X 42 feet) and then the floor area is 2000 square feet.

House Design For Village

This home is perfect for a large family living in the countryside. This floor plan has six bedrooms, two master bedrooms and two common rooms. Each bedroom is 12 x 12 for a total of 144 square meters. The floor is 15 X 15, 15 X 15 with dining room and drawing rooms totaling 225 square feet.

Trending 2 Floor House Front Design In Village

This paper examines the main features of the house plan in the rural areas of northeastern Montenegro, taking into account the Beran, Andrevec and plan models.

In the provincial areas of northeastern Montenegro, people live a modest lifestyle with basic but functional settlements.

The sequence of habitat types is divided into the morphological continuum Habitats: Man’s Natural Environment. Ideal types of nature (Bungalow) and modern private offices. Today, despite the fact that there are not many old houses in the rural north-east of Montenegro, we believe that the national industrialist was important in their development.

Efforts to restore the old and practical type of houses located in the north-eastern countries of Montenegro are fortunately increasing day by day. In relation to the convention, there is an increasing number of individuals who require old house renovations as well as new design frameworks that are influenced by national engineering.

Smart Village House Interior

A rapid practical test will combine positives and previous negatives. Huangpu Village, built as a barracks for the Japanese Army, was the first military village in Taiwan to support the advance south during World War II. Traditional Japanese architecture has a unique history. After Japan’s defeat and surrender, the dormitories continued to be demolished. In 1947, the headquarters of the Army Training Command was moved to Fengshan. General Sun Li Jin and most military officers were to live in a dormitory left behind by the Japanese, originally called “Chengzheng Village”. The hostel was later converted.

“Hanagpo Village” was established in Fengshan after the re-establishment of the Hanagpo Military Academy and Kaohsiung became a military center from the 1930s to the 1980s.

The military village reconstruction project ended in late 2013, and Huangpu Village was to be demolished. Fortunately, various people from the community came together and fought to save the village. City Hall proposed listing Huangpu Village as an urban cultural landscape, which was approved by the review board. The “Residence for Maintenance” project was launched in 2015, after which cultural workers and citizens were invited to apply for temporary residence. HAO Design was responsible for the restoration of the old house, named “J. Y. Live Experience Studio”. We tried to give a unique style to the house while maintaining its unique structure. In addition to preserving the historical context, HAO Design has created a conceptual “Living Laboratory,” a workshop for lectures, drawings, sketches, and cement work. The studio also provided artist housing and exchange, allowing members of the renovation project to use their interior design skills and create an ideal studio lifestyle.

Although renovating an old house is an interesting endeavor, what we found was falling apart. There was neither water nor electricity. Considering the historical significance of the building and its special cultural value, the project team tried to create a new sense of place without causing too much damage. For example, roof tiles were typical of Japanese buildings, but roof leaks were a serious problem. The team had to apply a waterproof coating before restoring the tiles. The famous red gate of Fuji Village was replaced by a modern aluminum gate, so we decided to incorporate the industrial character of Kaohsiung by presenting a red cargo container gate that reflects the culture and landscape of Kaohsiung city. Is.

Village House Front Design: Modern House Design

J. Upon entering the studio through the Y container gate, it is a short walk to the porch. Despite the short distance, we have installed footpaths to guide different widths and added several footpaths. We used gravel and sand in the corners to grow tropical plants suitable for Taiwan’s southern climate. The small porch garden was planted with succulents, Japanese hibiscus, golden barrels, miniature cacti, trees and cranes, bringing vibrancy and dreaminess to the old space. In the garden of the house, we built a small wooden pallet terrace connected by a sliding door and covering an outdoor AC unit. Capturing the essence of Japanese architecture, this outdoor terrace allows people to sit comfortably and enjoy the breeze. To create the stone steps commonly found in Japanese homes, we created a series of “Lego bricks”.

A waterproof tree with a small pink door in hopes of bringing a fun and fantasy element to the space.

Entering the home through an immaculate green porch is reminiscent of a long Japanese house. First, the master bedroom, a Yoshito (Japanese-style bedroom)—J. Experimental Studio. The cupboard is completely secure and becomes a functional wall cabinet when the side panel is removed. It can be used to store books and display radios, typewriters, vases, suitcases and other such decorative items. The roof structure was also preserved, but painted cocoa to mimic the wood colors of the room. The paneling on the wall is covered with patterned wallpaper to preserve the Japanese style. A wooden sliding window overlooking the garden is made of solid wood. The bottom of the window has been replaced with transparent glass, allowing sunlight and an unobstructed view for the occupants of the room.

The entrance room retains the old house’s original ceiling, terrazzo floor and gray walls, maintaining the elegance and simplicity of the traditional era. We’ve set up a track lighting setup here and set it up as an exhibition space. We decorated the space with Taiwanese chairs that were made in the 50s using R-shaped wooden tenons. The classic Japanese Karimoku sofa that was popular in the 60s. Taiwan’s trumpet stools are reminiscent of 70s pop art. And a space-age yellow floor lamp. The interior, adorned with a delicate vintage medicine cabinet and rattan tea table, brings back a taste of yesteryear. The mix and match between Taiwanese and Japanese elements creates a unique yet non-contrasting atmosphere. In addition to decorating the room, project members gather at Washatsu to watch movies. This old house has survived the test of time. By understanding and interpreting it, we now hope to preserve its beauty and reveal the diversity and possibilities of life. As an experienced construction company with over ten years of experience in managing low-cost construction, we will work on the style today.

Simple Village House Design In India

In this article, we will discuss the need for affordable housing in rural India, the Indian government’s initiatives and schemes to meet this need.

We will discuss the interesting combination of modern and traditional architecture of the village residence. Addressing front-of-house design that inhabits tranquil nature.

As we all know that India is poised to become a 5 trillion economy but its heart lies in rural India as the population is rapidly increasing in demand for affordable housing.

Housing is a key component in improving the overall quality of life, focusing on improving the quality of life of people in rural areas.

Inside Dan Abrams’s Stylish West Village Town House

The Government of India has recognized the need for housing in rural areas and has taken several initiatives to meet this need.

Flagship programs like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Grameen (PMAY-G) aim to help rural families in providing affordable housing. There are also various schemes run by the state government of Maharashtra.

Village houses have changed their appearance over time and now the architecture of these houses is practical and attractive.

These homes are simple, make good use of space, and are well designed. Modern building materials and methods have given architects the tools they need to build beautiful and safe homes.

Simple House In Kumrokhali Village, India Editorial Image

One of the most interesting aspects of single-storey village house design is the combination of traditional and modern architectural elements.

Indian cities have a rich cultural history that architects and designers use to come up with new ideas for design.

It is an amalgamation of contemporary architectural philosophy.

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